Here's Some Tan notion ... Name Garden After Loyalist Heroes

John Coulter gives his response to the Newry play park named after the late republican hunger striker, Raymond McCreesh.  John Coulter is a radical right wing unionist writer and an evangelical Christian. He is also a columnist at the Irish Daily Star.

I've a Tan-astic aspiration inspired by and thanks to the Shinners sticking to their guns over the naming of a children's park after former IRA hunger striker Raymond McCreesh.

As an unrepentant Radical Right-wing Unionist, I admire the republicans who – unlike the Stoops – would not be brow-beaten by us Unionists into ditching the McCreesh park title even though it was a democratic vote.

I'm a huge fan of one of the most effective British units in Ireland, the ruthless Black and Tans and my aspiration is to have a Black and Tans Memorial Garden dedicated to those who served and died during the bloody War of Independence.

Unionists should take a leaf out of the Shinners' books and start dedicating and renaming parks after loyalists heroes in the same way republicans have stuck firm to their principles concerning Raymond McCreesh's memory.

To many Unionists, McCreesh was the spawn of satan because of his links to the 1976 Kingsmills massacre in which 10 Protestant workmen were butchered by the Provos' South Armagh Brigade.

But to the vast majority of republicans, McCreesh was a martyr and freedom fighter.

Unfortunately, many Unionists seem to bottle up their emotions and try not to make too much fuss about honouring dead heroes.

Republicans like to indulge in very public demonstrations of remembrance, such as the annual Tyrone Volunteers Day.

The Stoops have their knickers in a twist and are talking about giving SDLP councillors who didn't attend the meeting to vote against naming the park a political spanking.

That Stoop sabre rattling has more to do with trying to win back the Newry and Armagh Commons seat with the help of tactical voting from Protestants.

As an unrepentant radical Right-wing Unionist, I fully support the democratic vote in Newry council to keep the park called after McCreesh.

In return, I hope the Shinners will not get hot under the collar for my campaign to have a memorial garden named after the famous Black and Tans, who played such a pivotal role in kick starting the peace process which resulted in the 1921 Anglo-Irish Treaty.

While the Brits hammered the Irish Volunteers and Irish Citizen Army into the ground during the Easter Rising, they found legendary IRA terrorists Dan Breen and Michael Collins a different challenge.

The Tans laid the foundation for the Treaty, and their role needs to be fully recognised. Breen and Collins realised that the British could not be fought conventionally as in 1916. A brutal terrorist campaign was the only strategy, and hence the IRA was born.

The sheer psychotic brutality of the Tans was captured in the cinema with the period award-winning masterpiece, The Wind That Shakes The Barley.

The War of Independence is also known to republicans as the Tan War. Just over 7,000 Tans served in the campaign, and almost one-third of them were killed.

Whether the view is taken that the British agreed to talk to Collins through embarrassment at Tan tactics, or Collins was beaten to the negotiating table because he knew he could never match the Tans' brutality, the fact is – the Tans can never be airbrushed out of Irish history and their role in securing the Treaty.

For this achievement, the Tans deserve a memorial garden. And no doubt with the Somme and Rising centenaries next year, Unionists and republicans will be rushing around trying to rename parks, streets and anything they can possibly change to remember their respective heroes.

If Sinn Féin can win a democratic vote over McCreesh, then hardline loyalists may try and persuade unionist-controlled councils to rename parks commemorating Billy Wright, known as King Rat, who was responsible for planning the deaths of up to 40 Catholics.

Loyalists might also want parks named after Lennie Murphy, the leader – or Master Butcher – of the notorious Shankill Butchers gang, or Robin Jackson, dubbed the Jackal, believed to have masterminded the Monaghan and Dublin bombings in the Seventies.

After all, the British later used Tan tactics to defeat the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya in the 1950s.

What's sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander. Let McCreesh Park remain – and let's get on with building the Black and Tans Memorial Garden!


  1. The new city 'Craigavon' was the new beginning for norn iron I think. Remember that? The new Derry and Strabane council was objectionable to the unionists, as it left London out of it. Prods don't like getting it up them in the manner they dish it out. John may get used to it. SF heading for becoming the biggest party in both jurisdictions. If they are good for nothing else we will have lovely kiddie play areas.

    The lack of evidence connecting McCreesh to kingsmill can be emulated too, John being a tan fan and a loyalist is a mass murderer himself. FACT.

  2. hey john boy, when u pop ur clogs we can call a home for the criminally insane after you - THE COULTER CENTRE FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE. i hope when u die you get to meet all ur black and tan heroes but ul probably be surprised when they call u a daft IRISH prick and disembowel u. keep the nuclear bombs at the ready john and i hope the old gaeilge lessons are standing to you. btw do you know what black and tan is as gaeilge. also i hope if there is a reincarnation you get sent to some country that has never heard of england or ireland and that u get some peace. its what im hoping for for meself.

    raymond mc creesh r.i.p - he would probably have more time for you john than the scumbags in south armagh who beat a young man to death whose only 'crime' was he didnt show the local poachers turned gamekeepers turned oil barons turned land poisoners enough respect. i certainly have more time for u than that bunch of PSYCHOPATHIC MONEY HUNGRY BULLYBOY CUNTS.

  3. larry, i typed in john coulter into google and found this super model bloke with pecs like knockers. then i typed in john coulter great britain and found loads of heads from over the centuries called john coulter but not our lad. i typed in john coulter ireland and found me man. that must really piss him off. or maybe it dusnt coz theyre the same thing to him probably. and john boy, if ur reading this, just know one thing, the AC/DC t-shirt really does make you look hot(and im not gay). could only stomach 1.4 minutes of the great leader for lifes speech tonight, the sight of brain washed zombies creaming their pants at gerry quoting bobby sands was enough. as a life long southerner, i have to laugh at lads i know who used to get all shaky when i bought an phoblacht back in the 80s in the pub down here telling me how AWESOME sf are now. i saw gerry thank this dude from the irish american business community and then i left the building. thats the great thing about adams sinn fein - they can appeal to EVERYBODY - conservative yanky doodle dandy plastic paddy capitalist motherfuckers, palestinians, cubans (whatever they are), south african gangster politicians, lezzer one eyed transvestites, south armagh oil barons, naked trampoline fans, dogs, naked trampolining with dog fans, socialists, the odd deluded poor anarchist with identity issues, men with beards, women with beards, derry mi5 agents (or is it mi6?), the royal family, more south armagh oil barons, no hoper marxists, sinead o connor (sorry luv), the council of foreign relations (im really sorry sinead, actually ive taken u of the list now), conor mcgregor fans (i do think he is one of the most awesome athletes ever and i mean that larry, he is a one-off genius of warriordom, even though his fans made a show of themselves disrespeting jose aldo), abortionists, anti-family neurotics, pro-lifers (but maybe not now), tony blair, jabba the hud, bill clingon, genghis khan, hilary clingon, mao tse tung, alexander the great, the prophet isaiah, the odd fianna failer, the odd fine gaeler - very odd, english marxists, scottish nationalists, welsh tories, inner mongolian progressive democrats, french hookers, german nudists - but thankfully ur average saordonian gaelic marxist-lennonist finds sf deeply unappealing and in fact after tonights lie-fest we have banned them from the airwaves here and right now larry and anto im going to switch off everything and rock out to jim morrison and the boys. god bless comrades.

  4. i vered off from the doors over to dunlavin green. hey coulter, what do u make of michael dwyer? a few more like him and there would have been no massive genocide here thanks to your darling empire and the likes of its glorious genocidal black and tans. God be with the Wicklow Chief. The Indomitable. Listen to it john u sad bastard and weep.

  5. Coulter you're a fucking gobshite... there's no evidence that Ray McCreesh was involved in the Kingsmill killings and you conveniently ignore the fact that IRA weapons were often floated and passed around various units throughout the north to confuse RUC investigators.

    Kingsmill was madness and wrong and anyone that was ever in the IRA will tell you that, but it was an act of retaliation just as Graysteel was retaliation.

    Please tell me you don't have your bizarre rantings printed in a daily newspaper?

  6. ATT John Crockoshit You are a very repeat very sick to the core creature (not a man). One who revels in insulting and attempting to defile but all in all you only equal one big FAIL. Only others as sick as you would crow with glee over the filth you write. Why bother calling yourself an evangelical Christian.

    Who in their right minds would ever want to convert to your version of Jesus. It’s so apparent you are still riding the goat and serve satan so well. Still marching to the beat of hate. You can take the boy outta the lodge but never take the lodge outta the boy… What is beneficial from your toxic blather is that non Irish can see just how deep the generational OO sickness goes and what keeps sectarianism so alive in the 21st century. You are crass, unintelligent, a pseudo Christian and your twisted rationale is similar to the rants of ISIS. Just swop the rhetoric around and you get the same toxicity levels. You are still psychologically washing your hands in the blood of Catholics and loving it. One can picture saliva drooling out your lips with psychopathic eagerness as you bash out your insane reasonings. It’s also obvious you are certain that you are witty, insightful and such. How tragic haha. Britain’s Own – John Crockoshit living on native Irish land.

  7. @ Grouch that was a corker LOL re ‘THE COULTER CENTRE FOR THE CRIMINALLY INSANE’ I imagined a bright orange building with a huge Masonic sign over it and John's bulbous head with a blood soaked halo as a mural.

  8. Taigs will be a majority in the north soon and Shame Fein the biggest party full of the biggest liars and hoodlums with the smallest notion of what to do with the economy. To cover that major flaw they will engage in petty tribal sectarian antics like fleg removal and 'name a swing' after your favourite local hitman. Then we will see how Coulter's Nazi community manage to respect 'law and order'. Things can only get more amusing.

    we have a new land league... not fighting to help Mayo tenants on a quarter acre of shite bogland with 100 filthy wee brats from getting fucked out of a windowless mud roofed hovel onto the roadside...oh no...these ex FF developers are resisting multi millionaires from being evicted out of 8 million euro holiday homes in Ireland when they actually reside in Surrey and have an expensive chateaux in France among other investments. The detachment from reality and Irish history simply doesn't even register with these bastards. It registers all too well with SF because they are trying to upgrade from slum landlords to developers themselves. Having squatted in the SDLP nest in the north they are now targeting the FF/FG nest in the south. Republicanism is not something people of limited time left on this earth could possibly buy is the treadmill to self serving criminality. It has been proven thus several times over...The only political activist the Irish can trust in future is the suicide bomber...there is no road to gombeenism for that warrior....Jihadi Paddy or nothing.

  9. 'Republicanism is not something people of limited time left on this earth could possibly buy into.'

    i know what ur saying larry but i will always associate irish republicanism with 98 and 16. the american constitution was written by men who knew exactly what they were up against - ie not just the crown but the financial cabal also, and they said as much and its inspiring to me to have come across this stuff recently. the word republican dusnt mean the same thing here anymore, i admit that, but im not going to let the linguistic deviants who control sf propaganda now stop me calling myself what i am - a gaelic republican second, and a child of the universe first. am going on a long holiday now lar catch u later bro, i wonder will that solicitor guy go on hunger strike. now that wud cheer me up. mary, johnboy delights in violence, nuclear bombs, ethnic cleansing and genocide. we really should pray for him.

  10. Grouch

    I wouldn't hold Ireland or the USA up as proof if the merits of republican ideology. Quite the reverse. As for Coulter, he still lives back in the 1600s. Without the ascendancy...pray for him only after burying him face down in cement.

  11. the us constitution is inspired by the iroquois confederacy. oldschool native american document.
    "the u. s. constitution is indian law and thats why i love it", russell means, republic of lakota.

  12. Larry you r good value you know… got sharp insights.

  13. @ Grouch re praying for John… He will be/is broken by his own words… his arrogance & ignorance his undoing. He’s off the chain - a big boy and got free will – can stem his own vitriol/get real but chooses not to.
    Re vid the swinging of the chandelier thing is traditional gesture/symbolic to show the angels are present & joining in. Have a good holiday Forget everything and just chill out. (Victory chant psalm) Psalm 135 (Arabic) - Greek/Antiochian Orthodox Hymn - Hamatorua Monastery

  14. Dr. Coulter much like any religious loon ends up with a bad case of Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia!
    Glorifying the Tans speaks volumes for your bible infused verbal paroxysms. I would suggest you visit the House of Commons, petition your peers for assistance in your Boys Brigade uniform, and ask them to rename Trafalgar Square Black and Tan Square and whilst you are there, you might as well get them to replace Nelson’s statue with one of your deluded self.

    If that does not work out, I suggest a site 666 miles of the coast of Donegal. You are behind the naming of the Park; I think that would be a case of insert laughter at any point of your perpetration of terminological inexactitudes.

    Petty and inconsequential, Orange rage and envy, if those sneaky republicans have a Park then of course copy them and demand one for your back-handed whining, but lack the fortitude and pretend that you admire the worthless Tans. In your world, enough time between then and now has past, but not enough to hide the fact that your sectarian cloak is one you hide under your godly attire.

    In case you did not notice the occupied six counties is a memorial an English trophy that lost its luster. There is no difference between the Tans and any other Brit soldiers, same pile, same shite!