Christy Walsh Hunger Strike: Day 11

Christy Walsh on Day 11 of his hunger strike with a copy of an email he sent to Stormont First Minister Peter Robinson and his deputy, Martin McGuinness.

Dear Messrs
Robinson and McGuinness

Today represents my 11 day on hunger strike.

At various hearings and decisions His Honour, Mr Justice Weatherup, had cumulatively directed the Minister to reconsider the legal assistance he was being given with particular regard to his own independence; any conflicts of interest; and, how he might be being externally influenced.

On 10th June 2011 the Weatherup J directed what each party was to do by a certain date; I was directed to make a further submission to the Court by 12th September 2011. I made the following observations in my submission:

  • 30. The Justice Minister has clearly discredited himself because I, and this court, are aware that Mr Tony McGleenan has been representing the DoJ, the PPS and the PSNI and so there is obvious collusion or common purpose against me between all three agencies.

34. As senior counsel handling the case for all three agencies Mr McGleenan has not advised the DoJ or the PPS to stop continuing to pursue the malicious prosecution against me or they have declined to take his advice. I have provided enough evidence of corruption and bad faith within the PPS that the DoJ are willing participants or they do not care what wrong has been done.

Thus, David Ford was not uninformed or unaware that he was being unreasonably biased and prejudiced against me on the strength of prosecutorial misconduct. He just didn't care if he was abusing his authority or not or how questionable the evidence he was relying on actually was. 

The failure of each of you to respond to the serious matters addressed to you both gives rise to a reasonable assumption that David Ford knew he could count on the First and Deputy First Ministers to back him up if he got caught. 

Yours Sincerely
Christy Walsh


  1. Anthony, Thank you again for you support and for carrying these for me.

  2. Christy would you consider standing in a relevant constituency (or more than one and where you might impact on the vote in some way) in the fourth coming election?
    1) It would demonstrate and highlight that you were and are innocent as you dont have a criminal conviction that would prevent you from standing
    2) You could very well attract a sizeable vote in a certain district or districts that may impinge on those who would do you down (eg Naiomi Long is depending on a few anti unionist Short Strand votes)
    3)You would be giving people a good reason to use a vote that might otherwise not have been used. It could be a shot in the arm (bad turn of phrase) for all those who are still oppressed and show up there still is no justice and especially when an individual has to take on the system time and again to get some semblance of justice.

  3. Christy I'm going to guess that a lot of people are confused by all this ,as there is a lot of legal jargon involved here. Are you on hunger strike to have some Brits charged?
    Is it not the case that the Brits saw you,at the time,as a republican activist and wanted you out of the way?
    You were not the first and wont be the last. If you are an opponent of Diplock Courts as you say, why don't you use your energy to help those presently imprisoned by those courts instead of this seemingly selfish hunger strike

  4. Christy why exactly are you on hunger strike? What are the demands? There are way too many gaps in this story of yours.
    The Brits, for all their badness ,are not stupid. Why are they investing all this time and money fighting you on this?
    This case must be going on 20 years,correct?
    Well as an opponent of Diplock courts,as you claim, why dont you use your energy highlighting the cases of those presently incarcerated by said courts instead of this seemingly selfish hunger strike

  5. Diplock Courts comments:

    Dear MSSpikeMilligan

    Where are you reading all this legal jargon?

    Had you read the material like everyone else you would readily have grasped that the misconduct of David Ford and several barristers is what all this is about.

    Thank god the Bloody Sunday Families did not follow your logic and after so many years give up on their own case and throw their weight in behind subsequent cases that followed theirs -even though there might be no comparisons.

    Ford's concern is that "If Walsh's application succeeds it may gain a higher profile and raise questions over other convictions." If we follow the logic in that statement then Ford believes my case holds the key to other wrongful convictions.

  6. Christy/ Diplock courts, It is quite honourable that you are now tying your protest to the broader issue of injustice in the north but you still hav'nt explained how the Brits can end it to your satisfaction.
    Please explain? If they apologise for misconduct in YOUR case. Is that it ,end of hunger strike?

  7. Msspikemilligan

    That the Power Sharing Executive cease using false evidence to criminalise me.
    An investigation into prosecutorial misconduct. An investigation into professional misconduct of Barristers. And Nationlists involved in controversial cases against the state should be able to engage lawyers without them being intimidated and thus undermining the adminstration of justice.(I presume you are aware that lawyers in other cases have also claimed to having been intimidated for handling cases -perhaps those you suggested that I give up and follow.)

  8. Diplock courts,dont see were I suggested you give up and "follow" anyone but I'll let that go.
    Good for you,so basically your 'demands' are the resolution of Nationalists grievances since partition.
    My concern is your demand that three fools resolve your 'demands'. Fool #1, Ford, probably harmless,does what he's told. Fool #2, co-founder of the Third Force and fool #3, who was prepared to strap a small time army food contractor to a 600 lb bomb. Empathy does'nt seem to flow here!
    Good luck with your endeavours.

  9. The origins of hunger strike in Ireland you were to place yourself at the front door of your oppressor! Maybe chain yourself to the front gates of strormont !

    Other than am the media will not cover this case! You need to force them to take notice! But there have been recent case with regards to hunger strike in malighilain Gaol the state has sectioned people in a mental institute so be ready for this!

    I've heard christy articulate his argument in some public debate! It is clear that he had suffered a miscarriage of justice!

    But after you are able to
    Make this point I hope that he ends this hunger strike as his case highlight decades of state criminal conspiracy and corruption , I think the quislings in strormont and their over lords at mi5 hq not to mention Westminster will gladly allow christy to die!

    Hope u can raise the profile of this christy but don't give them what they want!

    End the strike get your self back to health join forces with individual like cait train or Garry Donley and begin a campaign to highlight your case the craifavon 2 and many more!

    Christy use the head get your self and come out fighting! Ard mor achara!