Ukraine is Totally Justified in Defending its Independence.

Steven Katsineris with a short piece asserting the right of Ukraine to protect its independence. Steven Katsineris is an Australian freelance writer of articles on Palestine, Cyprus and the rest of the Middle East region, political prisoners and human rights, environmental and social issues. He has been actively involved in the Palestine solidarity movement for over forty years. Steven Katsineris lives with his family in Melbourne, Australia.

Russia claims to be defending its national interests in its so-called sphere of influence in Eastern Europe and expects the world to accept this as natural order of things. This policy denies the fundamental rights and wishes of the Ukrainian nation and people to determine their own affairs.

This is precisely what is wrong with the state of the world. It is a place where the USA, Russia and China reserve the right to dictate the affairs of countries in respective (and extensive) “their backyards.” It is a world where the national interests of big powers matter and wellbeing and desires of smaller nations and peoples to live in peace, dignity and safety do not.
I do not support any of the major powers, or their “right” to interfere, intervene and dominate smaller countries bordering them or in their region. It is wrong for the USA to treat small countries in Latin America, the Pacific, Middle East and elsewhere in this way, or China to do this in East Asia. And that goes for Russia in eastern Europe and central Asia. The policies practised by powerful nations has been the cause of far too much suffering, millions of deaths and enormous economic, social and environmental destruction.
Ukraine is totally justified in defending its independence. And it has every right to make new friends and alliances to balance its chances of survival living next to Russia. It took a brave and principled stance for world peace by getting rid of its nuclear weapons. It was given guarantees by the world community that in doing so its territorial integrity would be respected. The world needs to therefore stand up for Ukraine. We should not allow any of the big powers or their military blocs to continue to bully other countries. We need things to change, to find a better way to solve the world’s problems.


  1. This article sounds like something written by Coulter claiming the most loyal of loyal loyalists really have a right to walk all over their nationalist neighbours. The Nazi extreme right wing conservative scum now running Ukraine deserve what they are about to get. A dammed good thrashing. Unfortunately a lot of innocent people have and will suffer.

  2. It would be great if the CIA, World Bank IMF and the FSB and Moscow would all fuck off out of Ukraine.
    But let's look at Poland.
    The solidarity movement started off in the Polish shipyards.
    Now there is no fucking Polish shipyards.
    So that went well didn't it.
    And what do you think will happen to Ukraine industry if the Euro shitheads win???
    Privitaisation? Closure just like Poland.
    The EU bans state aid for industry so the big corporations like Volkswagen and others can go right in and close industry down.
    At least the Russians don't give a hoot about that. They'll buy Ukraine goods irrespective of whether the plants are granted state Aid.
    My message to Ukraine...Stick with Russia...You might just keep hold of your factories in that case.
    Go with Europe and expect to be owned and deindustralized.

  3. Don’t have much sympathy for Ukraine either, they mustard up the 14th Waffen SS division to fight on the Russian front during ww2, too bad they backed the wrong horse. Ukrainians also worked alongside SS police divisions and are guilty of war crimes in mopping up unarmed civilians in the rear, poles, jews, gypsies etc.