Outside The Box: Take 6

Sean Mallory looks at Syriza's climb down and teases out some lessons for the North. Sean Mallory from Tyrone is a wry and sometimes caustic observer of politics both nationally and internationally.

Fear Greeks bearing gifts

Under more favourable circumstances perhaps yes but not this time for they have none to give but plenty to seek.

Freshly elected Syriza, a disparate group of ‘left’ and not ‘so left as that’ parties, headed by Alexis Tsipras, and primarily full of promises of rebuff to the financial institutions of the EU, has been kicked painfully in the groin by those same institutions it planned to rebuff, has had its tail roughly placed between its legs and told to bugger off in to the political wilderness – well, not quite for a few months yet but the road trip looks more ominous as every day goes by.

Initially welcomed by every European socialist outside MacDonald’s on a Saturday afternoon as the answer to austerity, Syriza, has now had its ‘cloak of promised rebellion’ ripped from its political body to reveal Clegg and his reneging Lid-Dems cowering underneath. An outcome that the famous cricketer Martin McGuinness is yet to witness with his delaying welfare cuts program. Sinn Fein, once the purported guardians of the working class in the North and once having voiced its stern opposition to the Tory welfare reforms (cuts to me and you) has like Syriza, lambasted the hand that feeds it only to return to nibble the crumbs held in its palm.

Tsipras, likened and hailed as the modern Alexander the Great has yet to fight and win any battles contrary to his public statements. Greece’s four month stay of execution was not fought for and won by Syriza but grudgingly bequeathed by an enemy that takes no prisoners except that is, those that can pay for their lodgings.

Not a battle nor a tactical withdrawal to more favourable terrain. It was simply a surrender to a fate that will take place in the not too distant future. How considerate of the enemy to grant you four months grace to contemplate your fate! Greece is on death row and the atmosphere is one of dread for the future. Depraved and abhorrent mental torture of the Greek people. Capitulation leaves you bared and vulnerable to all.

A similar future now in store for the general public in the occupied six county orange state – the £400m deducted from the total fund from Westminster as a result of transferring control of corporation tax to Stormont, will never be recuperated by lowering this rate to attract investment and so it must be recuperated by other means – CUTS. McGuinness, who announced that he is inspired to carry on working by the fortitude shown by the British monarch, Elizabeth, dismisses such economic analysis as enemies of the peace process. Though, after that remark about her majesty inspiring him we must ask when will the Mad Hatters Tea Party at Stormont end?

With the Greek banks haemorrhaging billions of funds and those trustees of Stormont about to deliberately leak £400m for the benefit of business, they like Syriza, must come up with reforms or more precise, cuts, that will please its masters and allow it to live. The Greek people are to suffer even more humiliation and inhumane conditions and all to pay the masters gambling debts. Will Syriza succeed where others failed? Will the North under Stormont’s tutelage evolve in to the global economic powerhouse as publicly outlined by Robinson and McGuinness? The answer for Greece is most likely not and as for Stormont, their party backers in business will fill their pockets with the extra income and certainly won’t be wasting it on investment when you have Invest NI to do that for you.....but you and I will suffer for words are hard to butter on!

Tspiras is no Alexander but unlike Alexander his fate does lie in the West. The legacy of the Trojan horse, so malevolently gifted to Troy by the Greeks, has been returned triple-fold to the Greeks as the Troika horse?

As the paper flyers of the socialists flutter and litter the town squares of the various EU cities, extolling Syriza as the leading example to follow in the battle against the banks and austerity, are swept up by the city municipal workers, who would have thought that financial institutions, non-mandated, would be in control of EU policy towards it members and neighbours? The independent States of Europe are being dictated to by cash flows and not people. I wonder what John Hume would say about this now? Are we all really European or are only the bankers?


  1. Good piece Sean. Has Syrzia just delivered its own people the Rabbitte punch?

    This guy is always worth a read. You can almost feel him thinking his way thru matters.

  2. Had high hopes and also serious reservations that reality would come calling for the Greeks situation. Sadly there seems no knowledge of how to run your own country left in 2015. It will be no different after SF do well here soon, and peoples disappointment will dissolve what little faith in politics that remains.

  3. This is the point Larry: Sean has said what many suspect but will say "More tea Vicar?" when it is mentioned.

    There is only one place for the Left in the current juncture - in opposition where they can scrutinise, expose, build trust rather than devalue everything in the grab for office.

    Just imagine had Gilmore had the patience plus the integrity and refused to go into coalition with Fine Gael as a condom. He would be the next Taoiseach if he wanted to.

    You make a key point about the dissolving of interest. It is not the ruling class that causes that but the opposition who can think of nothing better than giving a Rabbitte punch to the electorate.