Human Rights Bodies Must Intervene in Maghaberry Lockdown

TPQ features A Statement by the President of Republican Sinn Féin, Des Dalton, on the current situation in Maghaberry Prison.

The lockdown and attacks by the prison warders on Republican prisoners in Maghaberry jail, Co Antrim marks a serious escalation of the ongoing attempts by the Stormont regime and their British masters to criminalise Republican prisoners.  

The announcement today (February 3) that visits are being cancelled, thereby cutting the men off from their families and outside communication is a sinister development and can only further raise concerns over the welfare and safety of the Republican POWs.  

The oppressive regime and isolation imposed on the Republican POWs is a gross denial of their human rights and is an attempt to deny their political legitimacy.

As a matter of urgency we are calling on independent human rights bodies such as the International Committee of the Red Cross to intervene.  

Republican Sinn Féin pledges its continued support and solidarity with the Republican prisoners and their right to full political status. 


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