Fermanagh 1916 Societies Commemorate Sean Sabhat And Fergal O’Hanlon At Altawark Monument

The 1916 Societies report on a commemoration in Fermanagh.

Altawark Monument
Republicans from Fermanagh, Tyrone and Monaghan recently joined the Matt Fitzpatrick and Sean Mac Diarmada Societies at the Sean Sabhat and Feargal O hAnnluain Monument, at Altawark near Roslea, to commemorate and remember two brave Irish soldiers who gave their lives for the cause of Irish freedom.

The commemoration, on Sunday past, was chaired by Damien Johnston from the Matt Fitzpatrick Society and wreaths were laid from all Societies in attendance. The main speaker was Ex-POW Colum Lynagh from Monaghan, who stated:

I am very proud to have been asked to speak here today in memory of Sean Sabhat and Feargal O hAnnluain. These men like countless others paid the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of Irish freedom and it’s because of that sacrifice that we must continue the fight for an independent 32-county Irish Republic.
He continued:

while we gather here today we don’t just come to commemorate, we also come here to rededicate to the principles of the Easter Proclamation of 1916 and to commit ourselves to achieving what so many have suffered and died for. Today in 2015 Ireland is still partitioned and ruled by Britain, and while their lackeys in Stormont scramble to secure their own jobs by agreeing to implement the British Tory cuts in a severe austerity program, the cause of Irish Unity has been long abandoned by those former republicans.
Colum concluded:
we are a long way from the Irish Republic envisaged in the 1916 Proclamation, but it is exactly because of the men of 1916 and Sean Sabhat and Feargal O hAnnluain that we must continue the cause until we achieve a 32 County Irish Republic.

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