Work Harder to End Racism. Learn Lessons of Holocaust

John Coulter with this week's column from the Irish Daily Star in which he has raised the issue of racism. It featured in Newshound. John Coulter is a radical right wing unionist writer and an evangelical Christian.

Tonight I won't sleep for fear of nightmares because tomorrow has become one of the toughest days in my life and has been for several years.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 27th January 2015) is International Holocaust Memorial Day when many across the globe remember the six million who perished in Nazi death camps in the 1930s and 1940s.

But it will have added significance as tomorrow marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of one of the most notorious camps, Auschwitz Birkenau in Poland, where more than a million humans were murdered.

After almost 37 years in journalism, I thought the Irish conflict had enabled me to experience every emotion imaginable. Wrong! I still have nightmares about the visit to that place of mass genocide; that's why I want to stay awake for all of tonight, so the nightmares won't come back.

As I started on the Auschwitz tour to write my article, I was physically ill. Passing through the camp gates with its sickening iron sign in German, I had to rush back into the visitor's centre and vomit.

Hitler's SS had its genocide machine at Auschwitz down to a fine art – butchering 3,000 people every half hour. Just imagine everyone killed in the Troubles dying in only 30 minutes.

Nothing in life ever prepares you to confront racism. I once spent 18 months researching a two-part series on links between republicanism and the evil Ku Klux Klan in the US.

But one of the KKK's supporters lived in Ireland and within hours they had traced me, forcing me to leave the North until the heat of the story cooled.

Officially, I was taking my annual leave. In reality, I was getting out of Ireland on the best plane available. I stayed at a camp site in Jersey. Ironically, the Klan nearly had its own vengeance on me because I almost blew myself apart lighting a camping stove!

One of the creepiest moments of my career hunting racists came when I interviewed former British National Party (BNP) MEP Nick Griffin, then Chairman of the National Front (NF), over lunch.

He was accompanied by a few senior cronies. He handed me a booked entitled Attempted Murder, which basically was a rant about people opposing the NF.

I almost puked over Griffin during that working lunch when I discovered a half page on myself, claiming my articles exposing the Front were "lurid publicity designed to frighten the NF away from involvement in Ulster".

I've always pondered if Griffin knew I was the John Coulter criticised in the NF's 'wee black book' and this was his way of letting me know I was being watched.

Or maybe it was just one of those strange coincidences in life where Griffin happened to give one of the NF's strongest critics a copy of its silly, but sinister wee book.

Worse was to follow when after another of my exposes, the NF retaliated by publishing my name and home address along with a photo of me in its hatesheet, National Front News.

The Front did its homework well, carrying precise details of my employment, university career, trade union role and details of my dad's political activities.

The RUC gave me lectures on personal security, but eventually I knew I would have to leave home as the NF shoved a copy of the hatesheet with this 'expose' on me through my home letterbox.

Then a Klan source from the Knights of the Invisible Empire took great exception to an article I wrote entitled 'The Orange Swastika – the rise of new millennium Loyalist Nazism.'

This so-called Grand Dragon arrived at my doorstep, issuing the immortal words: "You don't blow my cover, and we won't blow up your house!"

My message to politicians, church and community leaders is simple – I have personally suffered for my stand against racism, so please do not bore me with pious words of condemnation.

Take positive action and get those tougher laws I want against hate crime. I don't want racism to become Ireland's new sectarianism.


  1. nuke coulter, if it wasnt for u id never have known about irish republicans and the kkk and jihadis. i never realised we were so bad.

    according to the jewish encyclopedia in the 1930s there was 3.5 million jews in europe. go figure.

    as for holocausts you can research the gaelic holocaust of 1840s, known through generations of revisionism and denial as the 'potato famine'. food taken to ports under armed guard by over 70 dragoons of brit army (helped by gallant ulstermen) as millions starved. upwards 4 million died to some estimates. go vomit on that you nuking noddy.

    u are part of the greatest genocidal criminal cartel in human history - the brit empire. bold hitler thinking he could take over that mantle. bold boy adolph.

  2. You have to hand it to the Brits.
    They have spent £60 million on some museum of sorts to mark the holocaust
    But Where are the museums to their Irish genocides of Cromwell or An Ghorta Mhor..or indeed the museums dedicated to the Boer War concentration camps...Or the Indian mutiny where they strapped hapless Indians to heavy artillery and let them pull their bodies apart
    The purpose being that according to the Indian religion, they couldn't get to heaven unless their body was intact..Ergo the Brits engaged in Psy-ops to humiliate them.
    Go figure,no money to recollect crimes that they were DIRECTLY involved in.
    British Self rightousness-The Best in the World.

  3. Good to know John can read German. He could have corresponded with Lord Londonderry the great Ulster Nazi. Careful John, your playacting will have you eligible for SF membership.

  4. Is Europe going to have to go to war again to prevent Germany screwing it into the ground?

  5. Europe is t war and has been for about 7 years. This time it is financial warfare. Every country being engineered into never ending debt and dependence. No need for Blitzkrieg when you can turn the financial tap on and off. That realisation wasn't lost on the Yanks after WW2 which is why they are Israel's gimp. Couldn't help wondering, seeing as 6 million Polish Catholics were also gassed in the concentration camps, did this fact have any part in Coulter vomiting? 12 Million Catholics gypsies gays and other sub humans were exterminated... but of course wailing for the Jews gains more PC brownie 'nose' points.

  6. I hate to say it, but this article sounds more about John Coulter and what he did in his life than it does about the Holocaust.