Tough Tactics on Terror - Let's Round up the Radicals.

John Coulter with a column from last week's Irish Daily Star. John Coulter is a radical unionist writer and an evangelical Christian.

Ireland’s spooks across the island need Dandy Dave and King Kenny to introduce internment of suspected jihadist radicals on both sides of the border if the Emerald Isle is not to have its own Charlie Hebdo massacre.

We are not combating the deadly Ebola virus with a sticky plaster and cough sweets, and as a society we will not be able to protect ourselves from jihadists with a ‘softly, softly’ approach.

So round up all the jihadists, launch a B Specials-style armed community police force, and allow it to use Black and Tans tactics against any and every suspected jihadist radical.

MI5 and the Irish intelligence community also need to stop behaving like frightened pussy cats and become more like the Israeli Mossad or the old East German Stasi secret police who knew everything about everybody.

Look at how the Mossad hunted down the Black September terrorists after they murdered Jewish athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

East Germany may now be part of a united nation, but it never suffered a terrorist campaign because of the excellent intelligence gathering Stasi activities.

The majority of British and Irish citizens want the political gloves taken off and an iron fist policy adopted towards jihadist terrorists from the likes of Al Qaeda, Islamic State, Hamas, the Taliban or Boko Haram, all of whom have been responsible for thousands of murders across the globe.
The Paris slaughter cannot be dismissed as a French problem. The American State Department has already warned there are at least six jihadist cells operating in Ireland because Shannon airport was allegedly used as a refuelling point for US planes taking jihadist suspects to Guantanamo Bay.

Sources within the Brits’ intelligence community suspect that dissident republicans have been trying to link up with Islamic terrorists for mutual training in the same way as the Provos got into bed politically with Palestinian extremists.

While MI5 head spook Andrew Parker boasted that most terrorist attacks in Ireland had been foiled last year, he warned it was unrealistic to expect every planned attack can be stopped.

Oh yes they can, Andy Boy, if you and all your spooks in Ireland act tough like the hero Parker from Spider Man and not the pathetic Parker puppet from Thunderbirds.

Internment became a dirty word in 1971 because it was based on outdated information. But if Dandy Dave and King Kenny can agree sweeping new snooping powers, the spooks can build up a comprehensive list of suspected jihadists to intern.

And that can be the solution to what to do with the Maze site – convert it into Ireland’s Camp X-Ray for processing all jihadist suspects.

And before the trendies in society start screaming about human rights, we need to remember that these jihadists don’t give a damn about human rights – even their own, when they use suicide bombers.

One of the most terrifying interviews I did recently was with a radicalised Muslim. They actually make the so-called republican and loyalist hardmen of the Irish conflict look like pussy cats.

The interview got off to a bad start when I referred to Al Qaeda as terrorists. “They are not terrorists! There are no terrorists in Ireland!”

What about police warnings about dissident republicans who have killed and bombed people, I asked. “Dissident republicans are not terrorists! They are like Al Qaeda; they are freedom fighters!”

But dissidents recently tried to send a letter bomb to the PSNI Chief Constable, I pointed out. “Did the bomb explode?” she snapped. When I said ‘no’, she said: “That’s because there was no bomb; it was all lies; propaganda put out by the American government!”

Who are the terrorists then, I queried. “MI5!” There was no point in continuing given the totally closed mind I was dealing with.


  1. "Look at how the Mossad hunted down the Black September terrorists after they murdered Jewish athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich."

    I AM looking..They shot an innocent man in Norway Ahmed Bouchiki,[1] an innocent Moroccan waiter .
    Did you forget about that John?
    And you can keep your black and Tans.
    I very much doubt anybody will attack Ireland. It's a pimple on an Elephants arse. A small insignificant land.
    Between you and me..I am more worried about rising Sea Levels and what the Gombeanista Free State arseholes are doing about it.
    They could start by giving Biffo the bankrupter,Asshern Both Dermot and Berie bowl da bollox a nice pair of concrete shoes and put them in Tramore.
    We have much more important things to worry about.

  2. You better put your big boy pants on John and activate your brain and spirit if you are gonna conduct interviews with Islamists. The person you interviewed was HONEST from your account of what they stated and did not engage in taqiyya – the art of deceiving/lying to an infidel which is permissible in Islam to advance the cause of Islam andor bring about conciliation. You mock the person you interviewed to the point you come out looking like the clown John by your sheer ignorance alone. You conveniently ignored the atrocities of mi5/6 and Mossad hence negated any real conversation with your interviewee. You were not prepared with knowledge of hadiths nor understood what takfirism is… You were interviewing a person who knows just as we all do that the Palestinians men women and children were slaughtered by Israel with no mercy last year. And as for the Black & Tans – you insult all indigenous Irish – they were evil sick bastards and no glory should ever be attributed to them. The word terrorist is overused – there were/are British terrorists, Loyalist terrorists and then there were Irish republicans who became like terrorists as their backs were to the wall – let your clan and people be decimated or fight back. Britain created the troubles just like it creates war the world over hand in hand with America. Your interviewee from what you state appears to have been clearly trying to tell you her perceptions and the twisted dynamics of war but you missed the whole deal.

  3. followon:Ireland imo would be important as a base for the launching of the Caliphate on Europe. And if you knew Irish history - Irish NB  indigenous spiritual history you would know the monastics came to Ireland from the middle East. There is embedded historical stuff there and more significance to little Ireland spiritually and politically that what many think… but that’s a whole other dynamic. Meself I think we are in WW3 and it has only just begun...
    What you don’t clearly understand is that resistance to the infidel whether literal or psychologically/spiritually in the teachings of Islam is CENTRAL to Islam. It is up to each Muslim to choose whether to enact certain teachings or not. Islam is not just a ‘religious belief’ per say but an all encompassing worldview/ideology that begins and ends with the Shahada declaration of faith. From birth to death. Islam incorporates lifestyle, gender roles, dress, speech, perceptions, politics, societal relationships and interactions with the infidel Their worldview is shaped both individually and collectively by Islam.
    You got this right though RE: They actually make the so-called republican and loyalist hardmen of the Irish conflict look like pussy cats.’
    Yes because IS enacted hate (7th century stuff) for the infidel is expressed through crucifixions, beheadings and washing their hands in the blood of the infidel. Last year IS specifically slit the throats of and drained the blood of Christian victims into bowls… no prizes for guessing why… You can find all such information and demonic videos online if you wish. They like to film their deeds… IS enacted hate at Jews does not involve blood fetish. The hate at Jews is very ironic of course as Iosa acknowledged as a prophet in Islam was himself a Jew. Islamists will tell you there are phoney Jews and the indigenous Jews… (research that one John)
    Bring a Bible with you for an interview like that and show some mettle. Islamists acknowledge Jews and Christians as the people of the book and there is some shared beliefs re the prophets and such. It all ends though when Iosa is recognised as a prophet by Islam and not the Son of God as by Christians. Mary is recognised as holy and the bearer of Iosa in Islam which is why you will see pbuh after their names meaning peace be upon him or her. As a Christian you should state what you believe personally and set the ground for an interview. And if you are an informed and honest person which it appears not – you would have acknowledged the travesty of Christian Zionism – a belief not based on Christian scriptures but an ideology of war utilising the Christ. A person I suggest you listen to is Atallah Hanna Just google him up Whilst I don’t totally go with all he says he is a Christian man of God and respected by both Christian and Muslim. You either believe in your God or you don’t. Christians the world over are willing to die for their faith and are being slaughtered. At the least honour their courage and NB also acknowledge the suffering of Arab nations through wars created by the West. You negated what could have been an excellent insightful interview through your sheer ignorance and breath taking arrogance. I felt ashamed to be a Christian when I read some of the shit you wrote You need to grow a brain John Coulter and get real with God.

  4. this 'christian' was all for dropping nuclear bombs there a few months ago mary, so dont worry about it. reading this drivel hits home just how many stupid bastards there are out there. the brits are the cruellest colonizers on earth because they didnt plant us with english people, if they did we'd be grand now, no, they planted us with the dregs of the bogs of scotland, the bottom feeders of the human family, bullies and liars and thieves and psychopaths. they arnt interested in the truth, northern prods like this mutant are horrible people, sorry, like the islamic fundamentalists, the gift of life is wasted on them. to think of all the children that are aborted every year while 'christians' like coulter can go forth and multiply makes me doubt in the existence of god. really, if it was a load of londoners who were planted here in the 17 th century, within one generation this country would have thrived. but no, it was the dregs of the bottom feeders of the bogs of scotland that were planted here. the biggest cretins in britain were planted here. thanks a lot england.

  5. " and allow it to use Black and Tans tactics against any and every suspected jihadist radical."

    the following taken from APRN 2000:
    "Pat Loughnane was a local IRA leader and Sinn Féin secretary and was active in the local GAA. His younger brother was president of the local Sinn Féin club and goalkeeper with Beagh hurling club. Both men were held in the highest regard in the South Galway area.

    On Friday, 26 November, 1920, while threshing thier mother's corn on the farm in Shanaglish, the brothers were arrested by Tans. More than a week was to pass before the bodies would be recovered and in the intervening period the two men were subjected to incredible barbarity.

    Witnesses, including others arrested at the same time, told how the men were beaten for several hours in Gort Bridewell. From there the two men were tied to the tailgate of a lorry, bound to each other, and dragged along the country roads to Drumharsna Castle, headquarters of the Black and Tans, and subjected to further assaults. At 11pm on 26 November, the day of their arrest, Pat and Harry were taken from the castle to Moy O'Hynes wood, to the spot just off the public road which is now marked by a cross to their memory. Four shots were heard. The following morning the bodies were seen there and the information that Harry was still alive and moaning has always been considered to be reliable.

    On Sunday morning, the Auxiliaries came to the wood and took the bodies to Umbriste, about two miles nearer to Ardrahan. There they set fire to them. It appears that since they didn't burn to their satisfaction they hurriedly tried to bury the remains, but on account of the rocky surface of the earth, they failed in that attempt also, and so they threw them into a muddy pond close by where they wouldn't easily be discovered. To make the discovery more difficult, they threw dirty oil on the water.

    On the following Monday night, 29 November, a party of auxiliaries from Drumharsna called on Mrs. Loughnane to say that her sons had escaped from them. It was a frightening piece of news to receive and all their friends became anxious about their fate. Their sister Nora came home to make a search for the bodies. It was ten days later that the bodies were found and a funeral arranged.

    A local doctor examined the remains carefully. They were badly burnt and what appeared to be the letters `I.V.' were cut in the charred flesh in several places. Two of Harry's fingers were missing and his right arm, broken completely across at the shoulder, was hanging off. Both Pat's wrists and legs were broken. The doctor noted that it looked to him that hand grenades had been put in their mouths and exploded."

    ur a sick bastard coulter.

  6. Grouch

    totally agree with you. Have long maintained the only thing that's kept the hillbilly spawn in the north east here from clearing out to where they came from was an unwillingness by the Irish to give them a sustained taste of what they advocate and inflict upon everyone else.

  7. larry, violent blood thirsty nuclear bombers like this chap are neither irish english scottish welsh nor ulstermen. they are mutant humans who belong on another planet in another galaxy in another universe in another dimension. the only thing that will save them is if god is actually a bigotted orange prod.

  8. Grouch

    The reason for lack of convictions of Prods here during loyalist feuds was because there was never any dental records and the DNA was always identical.