Sean Heuston Society Dublin Host Successful Education Day In National History Museum

A 1916 Societies report on an education day organised by one of its branches.

In the National History Museum

Earlier this month, January 10th, the Sean Heuston Society Dublin hosted a pair of talks on the life of Anne Devlin and the experiences of female revolutionaries in Irish and British prisons. What was our opening education day of the year was held in the National Museum of Ireland, formerly Collins Barracks.

Historian Micheal O’Doibhilin and Belfast ex-POW Nuala Perry gave two excellent talks, setting out their analyses, followed by feedback and open discussion from the floor, in the form of a question and answer session. Contributions from the floor provided an extra dimension, with a range of insightful opinion on the matters at hand, from the life of Anne Devlin, to the living conditions of female political prisoners in Ireland today, to the personal experiences of those in the audience relating to the narratives discussed.

The Sean Heuston Society convey our gratitude to the speakers and guests for making this a memorable afternoon and look forward to announcing plans for our second and upcoming educational day of 2015.


  1. I think both Micheal and myself are equally grateful to the Sean Heuston for giving us the opportunity to tell our stories.

    It was a great day and very memorable for all the right reasons.

  2. Maith thu Nuala, I heard you stole the show

  3. Sean,
    Micheal's talk was great and emotional and brilliantly received.

    I spoke after Micheal and I think mine differed in the fact it was more contemporary.

    I loved the day and we both impressed by the fact the Society left to engage themselves in work to highlight and prevent further evictions.

    If there were show stealers, then it was Sean Heuston themselves, but thank you Sean.