‘Irish Water Act’ And ‘Stormont House Agreement’ A Fundamental Betrayal And Sell Out Of The Irish People

A piece from the website of the 1916 Societies on the Stormont House Agreement.
Meath Society
Paul Scannell, National Organiser with the 1916 Societies and Chair of the Tomás Allen Society in Meath, has spoken out against the signing into law of the Irish Water Act in the 26-Counties. Condemning the refusal of the Southern political establishment to take heed of the Irish people, he told those gathered at an impromptu protest at the residence of Michael D. Higgins:

‘He’s not my President, he’s not President of Ireland but President of the Royal Oireachtas (Ireland Inc.) – an English Crown construct imposed on the Irish people by an English King, loyal to his heirs and successors. He proved that again by signing the Irish Water Act against the wishes of the Irish people. He betrayed the people for his masters in the City of London.’

With Ireland in the thrall of foreign imperial interests and further austerity measures planned for both the 26 and six-county states, it’s plain that public representatives – on either side of the British-imposed border – have no notion of heeding increasingly desperate calls for a shift in direction and a move towards an economy and a republic that will serve Ireland’s interests, and not those of an elite banking class.

For the 1916 Societies this demonstrates a pressing need for an all-Ireland response to the austerity programmes of Stormont and Leinster House, and to the savage cuts being hammered into the Irish people by these institutions. We need to organise, empower and put faith in our own communities, not corrupt, spineless politicians – who will pass the buck, blame someone else, convince us they’re fighting our corner, only to surrender when called upon, in return for their paycheck.

Speaking in Belfast and comparing the Irish Water Act to the Stormont House Agreement of last week, Aidan Ferguson of the Sean MacDiarmada Society in Ardoyne, and also an Organiser with 1916 Societies, described the need to dismantle the entire rotten political system through a joint approach to political campaigning that takes no heed of partition or its corrupt institutions.

Describing a need to restore sovereignty to the people and the decision-making processes that serve the people, he told 1916societies.com;
‘We simply can’t rely on any of them and the behaviour of the ruling establishment, whether its the recent Agreement to implement swingeing cuts at Stormont or the signing of the Irish Water Act, surely proves the matter conclusively. The Irish people can only depend on themselves at this point and must marry the struggle in places such as Ardoyne or the Bogside to that of the people in Dublin, Cork, Donegal or wherever – one Ireland, one approach.’
With communities and peoples rising up from Dublin to Missouri, from Catalonia to Bahrain, we need to start drawing the connections and positioning ourselves on the side of progress. Now is the time not only to set out what kind of society we would like to live in but to begin anew the work of creating it. An opportunity exists at this time to create the type of radical dynamic not seen in Irish politics for generations, arguably since the days of partition.

Massive change is occurring all around us, we need to open our eyes, embrace it and become part of it. Progressive sections of society, ourselves included, must now exert meaningful pressure on the existing establishment – north and south – and those who crave acceptance by it.

Together we can smash the dominant austerity-narrative crippling Irish society, engendering a true paradigm shift and a move towards a re-constituted Irish republic, a republic worthy of its people and in the tradition of those like Tone and Lalor, Pearse, Clarke and Connolly, and the others who’ve shown us the way, in whose politics remain the solutions to the ills afflicting Ireland in 2015. The time is right for a New Republic – working together, across and throughout our country, we can make it happen.


  1. Jim Gibney should read this. The article he wrote in the Irish News this morn was a great laugh...

    "Those in the north who are dependent on welfare assistance will not experience any loss to their benefits due to tory cuts. "

    Can't wait to see how this will come about.

  2. Not sure where to stick this thought.. So I'll whack it up here.

    If irish Republicans take power in Ireland (get elected or other)..

    Will they tell the banks to get lost and start priting interest free money or will they (if they are in power) simply keep the status quo and ask the banks for money that has interest attached..?

  3. no they wont frankie coz the vast majority of irish republicans dont seem to want to go there. why, i dont know. its a no brainer, but this is a conservative country and is actually the last place on earth where something like that might happen. iceland maybe. ireland no. one bark from the media that this country is so addicted to and we will run for cover. i dont believe there will be any resistance to corporations and banks from this little isle. bar the add few. i think its the fluoride people shud get wide to and not the water.

  4. Grouch what we can keep doing (no matter how futile) is keep fighting the fight and explaining to people the evils of the banking cartels...

  5. heer heer comrade. yes, theres a hanful of sovereign gaels out there who are wide to this but the vast majority of people do not want to face up to how these guys roll. ive given up on trying to get former comrades into this. there is a great oppurtunity to get people educated on the net but people arnt comfortable with 'conspiracys' - even when its in front of them.the central banks have the power not the governments and some are reluctantly getting to grips with this. but frankie, kennedy got a bullet in the head after he printed a few greenbacks/ there is no irish politician with the balls. sorry. i hate sayin it, but this is a very conservative and at the same time, reckless, country. i had the privelege of meeting a woman in 1989 who published a book about the banks - eu/imf etc. her name was deirdre manifold and i was the typesetter of her book - towards the new world order - , my first ever job in a new job - i was 19. nobody took her seriously frankie coz she was a devout catholic who opposed abortion etc vociferoulsly. she was in her seventies at the time and in her little book she talks about, and remember this is before the internet - freemasonry and illuminati, rothschilds, bank of england, rockefeller,
    the trilateral commission, the council of foreign relations, skull and bones, money manipulation, the fake left-right paradigm, zionist backing of the bolsheviks, wall street and hitler, marx being the ultimate false prophet, the destruction of the family and the power of the media/education. a truly great woman she only died a year ago. she was ridiculed and took it all in her stride. especially from the trendy lefties. one thing though that she was absolutely right on (and to be fair, its not just her theory) is the false doctrine of marxism (on which she wrote another book). how people can still read the communist manifesto and not see it for what it is, is absolutely beyond me.
    Deirdre Manifold R.I.P.

  6. Fascinating comment Grouch. Can you get me a link for that book because it sounds like a reflection of my own take on how this corrupt world is truly controlled and by whom. Marx the ultimate false prophet is right, if only people would realise the true agenda

  7. bres, amazon wud be ur best bet. towards world government was the name of the book. imagine what a lonely road she was travelling back in those pre-internet days. and im glad im not the only one here who sees through that diabolical bag of vomit karl marx. a bollox who never did one days work in his life, a bone idle parasite whose annual pension placed him in the top 2% in terms of personal income, a complete snob who wouldnt touch the proletariet with a barge pole.

    "There is a mafia in the underworld about which the world is told. But the mafia of the underworld destroy only themselves. They cannot touch those who will not buy their drugs or whatever else they sell. They cannot exact tribute from the man in the street. There is a mafia of the overworld which can and does exact tribute from the whole human race from the cradle to the grave, by its system of creating and lending what it claims the right to call money, at such high interest rates neither capital nor interest on a world scale can ever be repaid. The majority by far of the taxes we pay is their tribute. This oligarchy owes no allegiance to any country. It claims the world as its oyster.It creates revolution and anarchy worldwide, and when the opportune moment comes it sends in its communist bullyboys to take over."
    taken from Karl Marx Prophet true or false by deirdre manifold.

  8. Sean,

    My take is this.. If any Irish Republican party/collalation or other can convince me that 'if elected' they'll print intrest free money then they'll get my vote and probably Grouch's too...

  9. outlaw usury. intern the money manipulators. interrogate them for years. then put them on a space shuttle and send them into a black hole. but above all else, pray for protection from these evil pukes,they have huge power right now and will not be brought down by conventional methods. humanity must crush them but they are experts at false flags and pitting us against each other. non violence is a must and not for pacifist reasons. the militant reps are a total disaster on every front. the gaels will endure but im not sure about the irish.

  10. Frankie,
    If they print interest free money they'll get one in the head, Lincoln, Kennedy. There are only a handful of countries in the world that don't have a Rothschild controlled central bank. Sinn fein or any party across the 32, republican or otherwise stand up to private banking? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah they'll just continue to fight for the crumbs from Longshanks table.

  11. Grouch,
    I agree with the non violent angle but it wont work, goes against human nature, for it is easy to pontificate, but, when push comes to shove, if i get hit i am hitting back.

  12. I agree wholeheartedly about the need for an interest free and sovereign currency Frankie et al and it's a position I think republicanism needs to adopt. Until we control our own money supply and central banking system we control nothing. Sadly much of this goes over the heads of most

  13. dont get me wrong, of course weve the right to defend ourselves. i will put a pike through the middle of the forehead of the fucker who tries to vaccinate me for their controlled viruses. im talking about armed struggle, if thats what its called.