Galvin Honour Welcome

A letter from Gerry McGeough to the Irish News welcoming the announcement of Martin Galvin's upcoming role in this years New York St Patrick's Day Parade. Gerry McGeough, is from the AOH Division 207, An Bréantur, Tír Eoghain.
I was delighted to read that Martin Galvin has been selected as an aide to the Grand Marshal for the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York City. 

A man of proven integrity and principle, Martin has never wavered in his commitment to the ideal of a United Ireland free from British interference and he is seen by many as being firmly in the tradition of those Irish-American leaders who have consistently stood for Irish independence down the centuries.

Mr. Galvin is held in the highest esteem among traditional republicans throughout Ireland and when speaking to a large crowd at a recent event in East Tyrone he made a huge impression upon a whole new generation of Irish nationalists. 

In addition, he has done Trojan work on behalf of the Ancient Order of Hibernians in New York and has helped facilitate close contacts between both wings of our trans-Atlantic organisation in recent times.

Finally, in light of Martin’s now officially recognised role in the forthcoming New York parade, it goes without saying that all those who march behind him de facto share in the “England out of Ireland” theme that he promotes.

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  1. How about an America out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lybia , Guantanomo march ? No Irish Americans would turn up. They approve of Shannon hosting more American troops than the 6 counties have British troops !