Torture Incorporated Back in the Dock

Jim McIlmurray, Spokesperson for the Hooded Men and their families welcomes yesterday's development in the campaign for full exposure. 
Dear supporters and friends of The Hooded Men,

This is a  tremendous day for justice following today’s ruling that the Irish government will be bringing the British government back to the European Courts to seek justice for the Hooded Men.

I would like to express our sincerest thanks to all of you for your kind and generous support throughout our long fight for justice.

For us, it is still unbelievable that we can now expose the use of torture on 14 men from the North of Ireland in 1971 in the European Courts of Justice. 

Our sincere thanks also go out to everyone in our support team, archivists, Committee on the Administration of Justice, The Pat Finucane Centre Amnesty International and all the groups that championed our case over the years.

I would like to thank the legal team of Kevin Winters and especially Darragh Mackin who brought the case into the Irish courts in the past week.

Thank you very much for your support


  1. It came somewhat as a shock that the Irish govt would have the temerity to go back to Europe with this case given their track record in standing up to British terrorism,well done and good luck to everyone involved, Jims models of the torture those men endured are something to be seen ,like everything he does it is in the finest detail ,

  2. Dare the hypocrites complain. They have been pontificating for years that there will be no amnesty for the past, that justice must be done: now let the gander take the sauce he insisted on everyone else having

  3. Can't help but wonder as to what degree they (Government parties) were looking over their shoulder at the continued rise of Provisional Sinn Féin.

    Edmund Burke emphasised the integral role of oppositional parties, the necessity for other political groupings to be in a position to offer an alternative to monopolies of power.
    Seems this is indeed what the rise of PSF and the independent left is, at long last, affecting in the South.

    Ironically, if the Brits bitch about it Anthony, the more nationalistic the Government parties will come across. All the fcukers in Leinster House will be looking to counter PSF's perceived advantage in that regard, particularly so with the next election most likely to coincide with the centenary celebrations.

  4. No doubt the West Brits in the Dail have been given permission to allow this. Taking it is forty some years ago,those primarily responsible are probably dead or senile now anyway. For justice to have been done it must have been seen to have been done. It hasn't. Anyone who thinks a positive outcome for the victims will change anything is unfortunately deluded. The Brits continue to this day to inflict torture on their opponents and will continue to do so with impunity. The one positive will be that a few more civilised people will see them for the scum they truly are.

  5. This is incredible for all concerned and the part Jim Mc Ilmurray played can never be overstated.

    The awful tragedy is that three of those who endured this horror did not live to see this.

    Forty three years is a long time,. Not for these men though, as the horror they endured remains as vivid as it did back then.

  6. "The awful tragedy is that three of those who endured this horror did not live to see this".

    Misdirection Nuala, though I'm not an actuary, I'd hazard a guess that it wouldn't be unrealistic to expect 20% of any given sample of 20+ year olds to be dead after 43 years.

    Its pathetic and disengenuous to hang on to such a time lag considering the First World War started in 1914 and the Second WW ended in 1945. A time lag of a mere 31 years. Get real Nuala, get over it!

    Wasn't awful what happened to poor Oliver Punkett?

  7. Pat

    there maybe West Brits in Leinster House or maybe in the Dublin Parliament.
    The Dáil however was an All-Ireland Parliament.

    Your misnomer is one of ex-Provo's not of republicans. You're new around here and I've exercised some restraint.
    Though I'm no longer a republican old distinctions are hard to drop!

    Bí cúramach agus ag faire amach .

  8. Henry Joy,
    Maybe if you would get off your conceited ass and actually go and read up on the case and the cases of the men now dead, you would find some died a considerable while ago and their deaths are interlinked with the torture.

    'Get over it' bogus shallow people like you would never have endured an inkling of what these men went through.

    Britain is entitled to be brought to book for torture, just because people like you rolled over and over and over doesn't mean everyone did.

    And before you come back with your convoluted claptrap, drop the name as that one being linked to you is odious.

  9. Henry, I beg your pardon,so sorry to have decided to contribute to this site without clearing it with you first. But for us with a small amount of education would you be so kind to give us the benefit of your vast experience and superior intellect and explain what the fuck are you talking about. Don't worry about restraint as I for one won't give a fuck what you say. Nor probably anyone elce. Suppose you support the touts as well?

  10. Henry,

    . You're new around here and I've exercised some restraint.

    On the other thread where we are playing who knows more big words you state you are not personally hostile to anyone here, needing to restrain yourself sounds hostile in that veiled threatening manner.
    Not exactly welcoming of the bloke is it?

    If you have something to say to the man spit out the marbles as he doesn’t sound like he is swaddled in cotton wool.

    You seem to be doing a wee bit of agitation here; I will put that down to you being out of sorts since you said you were getting sliced by a white coat.