Ongoing Persecution of Elderly Republicans

Gerard Hodgins with an announcement of a protest in response to the British police arrest of the veteran republican Paddy Joe Rice.

The Brendan Hughes Commemoration Committee will hold a protest at the International Wall, Falls Road, Belfast, on Monday 22nd December at 10.00am. 

The protest is to highlight political policing and the ongoing persecution of elderly republicans, and will coincide with the arrest of our esteemed member Paddy Joe Rice on charges related to the late Jean McConville. 

The British state is fully aware of where Paddy Joe Rice was when the McConville abduction took place – in the cages of Long Kesh – and this arrest does nothing to serve the interests of justice.  

Paddy Joe Rice is a seriously ill man and the latest victim in the British state’s selective policing of the past which ignores state crimes and abuses.

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