Not Seeking Permission

Sinn Féin Poblachtach/Republican Sinn Féin have forwarded an item that appeared in Saoirse. It features in TPQ as part of a wider discussion initiated by the resignation from RSF of Cáit Trainor.
  • THE following statement was received by Saoirse  and other media outlets on December 3 and was carried in December Saoirse. It may be of interest to your readers:
The leadership of the Continuity Irish Republican Army state categorically that its position regarding the seeking of permission from either the British or 26-County States has not changed. 
The Republican Movement will never seek permission from either the British or 26 County states to march in any part of Ireland. Neither will it engage in any way with the Six-County Parades Commission. We note that this position is shared by Republican Sinn Féin. 
This position was misrepresented in certain quarters in an attempt to undermine confidence in the leadership of the CIRA. We reiterate our unyielding allegiance to the All-Ireland Republic, proclaimed in 1916, endorsed by the people of Ireland in 1918 and acted upon by the First All-Ireland Dáil in 1919. 
We deny the legitimacy of both partitionist states and deny their right to administer any part of Ireland. We renew our pledge to actively resist the forces of British occupation and to defend the Irish people’s right to national independence. 
 (signed) B Ó Ruairc.


  1. I dont mean to shite on your parade but catch a grip. Whether you like it or not this is 2014 and a few years back the majority of people, of the whole country voted against violence when they endorsed the GFA. I dont like the way things went but I cant live in a delusional world.

    You are pissing into the wind and the only persons affected by this are yourselves alone. FFS if you want to be a bad boy, be one dont hide behind a pile of shite.

  2. Feel te love,

    it raises the horrible paradox of a republican absolutism - where the people are treated much as monarchs treated them.

  3. Who ever alleged that the CIRA had involved itself in this matter of recognition ??? It would appear that the "name" is now being rolled out to seek to intimidate those who have now left RSF. Its rather "Provoistic"kind of like the old chestnut often played in the good old days of the Provies remember the one "Do you not know who we are ? lol

  4. Mackers no matter how many times I wish away reality, It is always there, at the end of the street, waiting to hold my hand.

    If I owned a car and went out every morning, stuck the key in the ignition and failed to get it to start, because it is beyond repair. I, at some point am going to have to face the reality that, I either get a car that works or find another means of transport.

  5. Feel the love,don't let the bastards grind you down. Too many cunts have owned that car before you,but a few good machenics should soon get it going again. If they don't,which they will,you tried.

  6. Dixie 1916,

    it got summed up one time as the 'do you know who I am gang?'

  7. That must be the 'war news' then. A statement issued.

  8. Absolutism is about as stable as a one leg bar stool the paradox is more interesting with acknowledgement through the process of denial we deny it sounds more like they are wishing it away which sounds good in theory but doesn’t work in practice.

    Tossing in the word deny doesn’t lessen the acknowledgement of the authoritarians they are denying.
    Not seeking permission doesn’t have that neo-revolutionary tone but reads more like a scolded child defying the parents.

    Probably worst of all is the mimicking tone of absolute authority sounding alarmingly similar to the authoritarians they are denying. The needle is stuck in that SF/Provo grove and putting a new sleeve on an old record doesn’t change the song.

    A suggestion, pick more defiant words and make your statements more approachable or at least master the art of propaganda as you might think it sounds like a lion roar but the reality it is more like a gnat farting.

    Absolutisms’ are not very appealing alone and less appealing when confounded in a paradox.

    The only one true absolutism is we all die… Sin é, agus oíche mhaith

  9. Another small group of republicans arrested with gear. Some people are getting extremely wealthy filling up the jails and not as much as a shot fired. Money for nothing and yer kicks for free.