YPJ General Command Statement

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YPJ General Command Statement, October 14, 2014

To all Kurdish Women,

Kobane resistance entered its second month leaded by People’s Defense Units (YPG) and Women Defense Units (YPJ).We congratulate our great people all over the world , fighting back terrorists in honor and respect for our immortal martyrs as we renew our pledge to keep struggling until decisive victory.
Women Defense Units
Dear people of Kurdistan,
Through resistance we have proved to the whole world that the free Kurdish personality and the liberated woman which based on the free life philosophy, is not going to abandon its land and dignity whatever the cost.
On this occasion, we assure all women, our people and humanity that we women’s Defense Units (YPJ) are going to fight back on behalf of all women and spare no effort in order to defeat woman’s enemy represented by ISIS terrorists.
At the same time we will retaliate for Shenga’s women and all those who were captured and slaughtered by ISIS.
With this mentality and strong will we will make very part of our land would be a hell for them.
Again we took an oath for our comrades; Arin, Rojda, Sema and many others that we will make our bodies bridges for our people in order to maintain freedom and dignity .
Such evil power represents an enemy for humanity as much as for women therefore, all women should contribute to eliminate these forces of slavery.
Therefore, we call upon all women in the Middle East, and in the entire world to stand with our struggle in Rojava as well as to support Women’s Defense Units. Because it guarantees freedom for women and creates a new life for her.
Let the world know that our motto is either freedom or freedom.
We pledge to our people, all women, that we are going to fight until victory.

Long Live YPJ
Long Live world’s women unity
Immortality for Martyrs of freedom
YPJ General Command
YPG Media Centre

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