Stop Tory Cuts Campaign Exposed as a Farce

Joe Matthews, PRO Joe McKelvey Society, Belfast with a piece on the Tory Cuts from the 1916 Societies Website.

Over the course of recent months New Sinn Fein have led a campaign of hypocrisy, lies and deceit by promising voters they would fight Tory cuts against the working class people of Ireland. For the purposes of duping the public they presented a hardline image of a party fundamentally at odds with the ruling British establishment in an attempt to to hide what amounts to a complete political failure on their behalf.

As this week comes to an end it becomes official that New Sinn Fein and the DUP, at the behest of their political masters in London, will sign an agreement to impose up to £850 million worth of cuts, meaning over £1.2 billion worth of Tory cuts will have been imposed by Stormont since 2011. These savage austerity measures will hit the working class people of Ireland with unimaginable severity. Thousands of workers have been told to brace themselves for job losses, pay cuts and benefit cuts. Our supposed human right to a decent education and healthcare has been threatened, with top healthcare officials warning that peoples’ lives will be put at risk.

Stormont parties, chief among them New Sinn Fein, have tried to cover up these cuts as ‘funding redistribution’ while loudly claiming they represent the ‘best deal available’ (a clear example of doublespeak). The disingenuous hardline stance promulgated by the Sinn Fein party – incredibly right up until only days ago – has been exposed as political farce, with their ‘Stop Tory Cuts’ campaign now publicly in ruins. It’s worth considering that the only people who will suffer will be the working class people of the six-counties and not the politicians, who themselves have just accepted an 11 percent pay rise. They could not be more out of sync with their electorate.

The republican position has always been that Stormont will not and does not work. Even though we are told otherwise by the administrative parties and a compliant media, Stormont is useless and powerless – nothing but a puppet government for overpaid politicians with their strings tightly controlled by the right-wing government in London. Its purpose is to provide a veneer of legitimacy to continuing British rule in Ireland rather than to bring a level of local accountability to the decision-making process. We can see clearly now that none exists on the issues that really matter.

As Irish republicans it is our duty to understand and promote the reality a better ‘deal’ and a credible alternative remains available to the Irish people. As Irish republicans we are committed and dedicated to the creation of an all-Ireland republic that serves the interests of its people rather than those of an elite banking class whether in London, Paris, Berlin or wherever. A republic for the people and by the people; a republic economically and socially sovereign. We must continue to offer this republic as the way ahead for all the people of Ireland, north and south of the British-imposed border. Indeed we must step up our efforts to see this republic realised.

With mass demonstrations already organised in the 26-counties – where over a 100,000 people stood in opposition to water charges – we must follow suit, take to the streets and put pressure on the failed and corrupt puppet administration here in the north. The Irish people must understand we cannot trust these administrative political parties. It’s up to ourselves to politicise, organise and mobilise, to bring about true change in Ireland and rid ourselves of the failed and corrupt political and economic system that continues to choke us all.

We must develop a true 32-county socialist republic worthy of all its citizens to replace the failed partitionist arrangements that offer nothing but continuing austerity for the working people of this country. That is the only ‘deal’ worthy of our people and we will accept nothing less. In our view the time is right for all the people of this country, acting as one unit and regardless of British-imposed divisions, to be allowed determine the future of this island and set in place a republic deserving of the name.


  1. A fiend of mine who's in SF posted a stop the Stormont cuts article on his wall. I put ??? as a response and noticed the post was deleted soon after. Do these guys, no harm to them, even know what fucking planet they are on?

  2. Ask any of those bastards who claim to represent us if they have private medical cover for themselves and their families and wait for a stuttering attempt at distraction .the people hopefully should now be aware that their "peace at any price" comes with a hell of a price tag ,the only thing equal on this island is that the poorest and working class are being equally fucked by politicians north and south, was there ever a better time for a complete national strike and civil disobedience right across the board both here and across the water , if these bastards and their lackeys are not faced down we may get into practicing tugging forelocks again and "Yes Sir ,No Sir" quisling $inn £eind represent no one but themselves they really are "ourselves alone " and in partnership with those right wing thugs in the Dup they will weep crocodile tears and pay visits to the pickets while as stated live the high life with their inflated average industrial wage and inflation proof pensions..we need to be organising on a community and cross community basis a plan of action failure to do so will bring us right back to Victorian times just where these bastards wish to take us...

  3. SF policy is to get elected. After that there is no policy or plan. The party/cult faithful don't have a life of their own. Knowing what we know about the personal lives of those at the top of SF it is clear the only agenda is self enrichment however they choose to disguise it.

    It beggars belief the state of society here, but I think it is getting to the stage where a large enough number of people will look to find a way to sweep the fat leeches off society's back at last. Someone said at that stage the books should be opened up and an examination of where the hell all the money has been going and just what depth of fraud and criminality has been going on carried out.

    Westminster was to have an investigation into MPs expenses looking back over the years. Files and data were immediately shredded and lost. So I recon any sweeping changes would need a storming of the Dail before the scum can destroy the evidence of their criminality.

  4. LOL Larry there more chance of getting the guns used by the paras to murder the people of Derry and Belfast into forensics than there would be at getting any investigation into the misappropriation of public money,ffs you would have a better chance of Mi5 admitting that they used Kincora as a boys knocking shop ..Remember the Robinsons and their criminality,that pales into insignificance compared to what the whole fucking lot of them are pocketing..