Shinners Can't Rewrite History: Republicans Died For UK

John Coulter with his regular Irish Daily Star column. It featured in Newshound.

Why is Sinn Féin so pig-headed about insulting the memory of Ireland's true republican dead?

And that's not taking into account the tens of thousands of republicans with Irish ancestry who herald from Commonwealth nations, such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Then there's the hundreds of thousands of republicans of Irish-American descent who served, were wounded, maimed or were killed fighting for the Allied powers.

On Armistice Day, on 11 November 1918 at 11 am, the guns of World War One finally fell silent.

If you were to believe some Shinners' accounts of the two World Wars, no Sinn Féin member or supporter ever fought for the Allied cause, let alone died in battle.

For an organisation like Sinn Féin which takes so much pride in remembering its republican dead, its stance on republicans who died wearing Allied uniforms is hypocritical, if not downright baffling.

Is Sinn Féin seriously trying to tell the people of Ireland it is snubbing thousands of dead republicans simply because the party doesn't like the British Army?

Sinn Féin's desire to 'disappear' these republicans from Irish history reeks of shame at its underhand actions during both world wars.

While thousands of republicans were being slaughtered by German bombs, bullets and shells, Sinn Féin was secretly in league with the tyrant Kaiser Bill to get guns for its ill-fated Easter Rising.

The Irish Catholic Church actively encouraged republicans to join the fight against the Killing Kaiser because the bishops knew what kind of tyrannical society this German nutball would create in Ireland if he defeated Britain.

An even bigger shame was the republican movement's secret dealing with Nazi madman Adolf Hitler.

As with World War One, thousands of republicans signed up to fight the evil of fascism. As republican blood flowed, the IRA sneaked into bed with Hitler.

How many Irish people would have been slaughtered like the Jews of Europe had Hitler defeated Britain and Ireland had become a Nazi satellite state?

The best way Sinn Féin can honour its true republican dead is to use Armistice Day to issue a public apology for the IRA's links to Kaiser Bill and Hitler.

And it wasn't just republican servicemen and women who died in the world wars. Both conflicts also claimed the lives of dozens of republican civilians who died during the Zeppelin and Gotha raids on Britain in the First World War, and the Nazi Blitz on British cities during World War Two.

Given the IRA's links to Kaiser Bill, was it any wonder that the pro-Treaty Free State Forces got stuck into the IRA during the Civil War, executing more IRA men than the British during the War of Independence.

Sinn Féin should use Armistice Day to announce that it is striking a medal which it will present to the families of republicans who fought for Britain.

In terms of a hard body count, more republicans have died fighting for Britain against Germany in the two world wars than have been killed fighting against Britain in terror campaigns.

It's time for Sinn Féin to grow up and honour Ireland's true republican fallen.


  1. coulter a chara, could you write an article about the british monarchys links to the nazis and perhaps some info on their own germanic-transylvanian blood. then we can contrast and compare who is the biggest german nazi. my moneys on elizabeth saxe coburg gotha and her husband philip schleiswig holstein soderburg von glucksburg to win. also, can you tell me the last time there was a british arse on the british throne and roughly how much have they made out of opium (poppies) over the centuries to the nearest 100 million. thanks.

  2. Hardly a black and white issue. Lord Londonderry and half the British establishment and not a few Royals were 'in bed' with the Nazis during the 1930s. Also, when the Nazis began their intimidation of Jews a British Cabinet Minister remarked they weren't anything as bad as Cromwell was to the Irish.

    Think John would be best to avoid getting on a high horse regarding Nazis. Talking of which, he should check out recruitment figures for WW2 among 'loyalists'. There's a real disgrace if ever there was one!!

  3. As for the present SF leadership they have done as much as they can for the Westminster Government. Like Custer and his last remaining buddy at Little Big Horn Adams and McGuinness are standing as the last of their troops get toppled over (exposed as spies)and the circled wagons is fast becoming a gang of two. Which of them will be outed first is now the only question remaining.

  4. "Our hero,s" could have been doing with a few republicans to help them out when they were running with their tails up their asses at Dunkirk. Heard the water is still polluted. No self respecting pig would join the British army never meaning a republican,to discribe them as scum would be a compliment. But you probably know that already.

  5. “ No self respecting pig would join the British army never meaning a republican”
    …like James Connolly and Tom Barry ?

  6. Grouch, Larry, pat. I agree with all what you wrote.
    There is a photo online on King Edward the abdicted.. giving Hitler the Nazi salute when he flew to Germany to meet the Furher.
    And he was earmarked to take the throne should operation Sealion have taken place,
    Churchill knew of a least one member of the house of Lords who was passing secrets to the Japanesse during WW2
    William Forbes Sempill. aka Lord Sempill.