RSF Resignation

A statement from republican activist Cáit Trainor announcing her resignation from Republican Sinn Féin. She had served as the party's Vice President.

As of today 19th November 2014 - I have regretfully resigned my position as Vice President of Republican Sinn Féin and withdrew my membership from the organisation.

Republican Sinn Féin have recently moved away from a position that I firmly believe in, which is non co-operation in any manner with the Parades Commission and RUC to commemorate our Patriot dead, and as such their policies are now at odds with my principles. If I were to remain a member it would be dishonest to both Republican Sinn Féin and myself and would serve no good.

The contemptuous behaviour by some members of the leadership towards me since the Ard Fheis of 2014, when I showed my opposition to this move has been truly startling and nothing short of an attempt to censor me. Attempts were made at the Ard Fheis to remove the motion put forward by my own Cumann confirming that we would not use the Parades commission from the Clar, this was the first anything untoward was made apparent.

Within days of my opposition to rejecting the motion I was castigated, suspended and attempts made to cover this up as a personal rather than a political matter. As a person of integrity and honour I have never been afraid to stand up to those who are unjust and this is no exception.

I wish to make clear however that I feel no animosity towards Republican Sinn Féin. It has been my privilege to have been a member and I have the utmost respect for countless people I have worked with. For my part I will continue to be a political activist and work towards the independence of our Country of which we all hold so dear.  


  1. Cáit Trainor someday you will find out that republicanism on this island is a myth
    Free thinking is banned
    Democracy is also banned
    They are all fascists and the leader must be obeyed

  2. Republicanism is the pass-time of chasing disinterested British Protestants and trying to convince them that you love them.

  3. No, there's way more to this than Trainor is saying. There are real and legitimate reasons why the RSF leadership did not back her at the end of the day.

  4. GG Green can you enlighten us please ????

  5. Dirty washing,hanging,public and don't spring to mind.

  6. she seems like a sound lady. marxist-lennonist sinn fein could be the place for her now.

  7. Let's hope she doesn't walk away from politics altogether.