Lives Can be Thrown Away to Protect Great Reputations

Angela Nelson raises the issue of the Craigavon 2 and urges people to listen to Paddy Armstrong share his experience of wrongful conviction and police and judicial malpractice.  Angela Nelson campaigns on behalf of victims of miscarriages of justice.

Listen to this as Paddy Armstrong speaks of his "Miscarriage of Justice" when police admitted to him that they knew they were not responsible for the Guildford bombings but they were "going down" for it anyway.

Even when the Balcombe Street IRA men were arrested and said THEY did it, those in power still refused to allow the appeal.

Now in 2014 we have two men who are experiencing the same thing...scapegoats for the powers that be, who think that John Paul Wootton and Brendan Mc Conville are small fry's and their lives can be thrown away to protect great reputations within the legal system. NOT IN MY NAME...‪#‎jftc2

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  1. I think the unfortunate thing here is the RUC are once again charging on intelligence, and unfortunately in this case convicting on it too. The two lads probably now full well who sunk placed them in the loop. There may be many more who put them there they are unaware of.

    But the RUC really do need to stop the old practice of jailing people on nothing more than tittle tattle.