Don’t Reward Israel for Gaza Massacre

An appeal from the Palestinian BDS National Committee forwarded to TPQ by Steven Katsineris.


International donors have pledged $5.4 billion to rebuild Gaza after Israel’s 50-day assault last summer that killed 2,254 Palestinians, including 538 children, and caused widespread destruction.

But studies show that at least 45% of the aid pledged by international donors will go to the Israeli economy. 

Take action: Tell the UN: Don’t reward Israel for Gaza massacre

The companies that are set to rake in profits providing materials for the reconstruction of Gaza are corporate criminals. Companies like Nesher and ReadyMix pillage Palestinian natural resources and participate in the construction of illegal settlements.

It is time the UN feel the extent of public outcry as details emerge of the UN’s complicity in keeping Gaza under siege and the ways in which Israeli companies will profit from the reconstruction of Gaza.

Take action now and send a message to key UN officials urging them to stop Israel from profiting from Gaza’s destruction and to adopt a procurement policy that exclude corporate criminals from tenders for Gaza reconstruction.

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The Palestinian BDS National Committee

PS:  If you live in Europe, please also visit to take action to demand that the EU suspends the EU-Israel Association Agreement, the free trade agreement that allows Israel access to EU markets and programs.


  1. There seems to be a problem with signing the letter/petition.

    I keep getting an error message.

  2. From Steven Katsineris

    Sorry Simon, this sometimes happens to me, error message, then later works fine. I just tried it and its okay now, so hopefully if try again it will work.. Steven.

  3. No worries. I tried again but got a different error message. I will wait until later and try again.

    I suspect the only way Israel will allow aid in is if they get the lion's share.

    If the UN allows this it is another reason for it's reform. Israel should be paying for not profiting from it's apocalyptic style terror.