That "Special Uncle"

Guest writer Carrie Twomey commenting on a recent tweet by the President of Sinn Fein, Gerry Adams

Is this man utterly tone deaf? One of his nieces, who greatly admires him, in a private and sweet gesture sent him a poem. Her behaviour is beyond reproach. However, was there any need whatsoever for Adams to publicise it in the midst of the current furore he is involved in?

This is the uncle who reported his niece's mother to social services when she spoke out about being raped by his brother (and never reported his brother to the police or social services, and continually ensured he was employed in youth services north and south via his party), who gave his niece a book he dedicated to her rapist father, who tweeted this on the evening after he was challenged in the Dail by the Taoiseach on the Cahill case. He appears to feel hard done by currently, and is apparently seeking sympathy for all the troubles he has.

This is the same sociopathic man who tweets in baby talk, posts about teddy bears and rubber ducks, baths, bed, and children, whose home in Donegal is called Tir na nOg (Land of the Young). How many red lights need to flash before the penny drops?

The dark heart of the Troubles, between the British Intelligence services and their own powerful abusers, the care home sex trade, the Catholic Church abuse and cover ups, and the paramilitaries... makes you wonder what Adams is really protecting because it's not republicanism, or Sinn Fein, or the IRA. But it is a dark secret he, and his allies, would prefer to disappear.

Tweet & Poem quoted in tweet


  1. Great analysis! I think you are absolutely correct in saying there has to be a much bigger secret Adams is trying to protect. He is certainly playing the fool and pandering to the audience to distract them from something. I was watching him and wondering what it was I was seeing in his behavior that seemed so odd and crafty. It fits now. He is certainly a sociopath. I hope all of his and the other's horrific secrets are exposed fully.

  2. Gerry is a master at hiding the truth in public Carrie..

    I know is 'off topic' but I feel sorry (wrong words but I hope you know what I mean) for the 1000,s of young men who went to prison and some gave their lives because they believed in Gerry & Martin..

  3. A number of people impacted upon me tonight in the Cahill coverage on various TV channels. Jude Holland came across like a dyed in the wool and rampant SF supporter on RTE. I'm surprised he hasn't been elected. Tommy McKearney was on with a female journalist, McDonald I think (?) on BBC. She was very decisive whilst I'm afraid Tommy reminded me of all that was wrong with the old left wing politics; he seemed to be trying so hard to say so much, he almost said zero!

    Then there was Martin McGuinness who I confess to endlessly having a wee pop at. He did what he has done quite consistently, he left me thinking 'the man is talking simple logic and makes sense'. How does he do that? He says he believes ms Cahill and that the alleged offender should be under scrutiny in a court rather than the issue being politicised.

    Gerry and Liam Adams and their dad are really out of bounds politically. The article by Carrie here touches on the reality of that family I think. Frankie, I agree with you 100%.

    Maybe before it's too late, Martin should clear the decks before there's nothing left for starry-eyed (totally blind)Mary Lou and Pearse Doherty to inherit.

  4. Sinn Féin: Maíria Cahill 'should meet with Gerry Adams' face-to-face

    'A Sinn Féin minister has said Maíria Cahill, the woman who claims she was raped as a teenager and later interrogated by the IRA, should meet with the party's leader Gerry Adams.

    Carál Ní Chuilín was speaking on BBC Northern Ireland's The View programme on Thursday.

    Unless I'm missing something Mairia Cahill has already proposed to meet Gerry Adams "openly' and for everything to be recorded by independent journalists to keep it transparent.....

  5. Larry,

    it is Jude Collins rather than Jude Holland. Somebody put the Squeeze on you to say that!

    Jude was poor, there is no doubt about that. But I still harbour a grudging admiration for his willingness to state his case publicly and not hide behind a mask. If he has something to say about you, he will up front. And the vile abuse he at times took on his blog for having the courage to state his views ... it was something else.

    That said, I invariably fundamentally disagree with him, finding his reasoning woefully inadequate. And last night his argument was very weak.

  6. Maybe I was thinking of 'Jules Holland'?

  7. I think someone needs to go 'Up the junction for some vit. C from a orange. It was Jools who played with Squeeze..

    I think his brother Jude made the coffee (which I need more off)..

  8. All political careers end in failure, but only a few end in the sort of creepy mess that Adams finds himself in.

    At the end he signs off XOXOZZ. Wtf does the ZZ mean?

  9. From Mike Brown

    One of the most incisive, humane pieces of journalism/comment this year, and probably the most incisive.

    That's my view of Carrie's article. I actually don't want to read it all any more because his conduct in this particular instance is turning me.

  10. Powerful piece Carrie....

    I posted some questions on Judes blog last night which of course he ignored.

    His latest piece...

    'Prime Time last night and the case of the emperor’s thumb'

    ....was absurd to say the least but I picked up on this line from his piece...

    " If Mary Lou McDonald, Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams have declared they believe Ms Cahill’s claims are true, they’re entitled (for whatever reason) to do so.."

    So I asked him in regards to it...

    "Do you believe in the interests of justice that those three should give their reasons to the Review into the three cases linked to the alleged rape of Máiría Cahill?"

  11. In the same Jude Collins piece I came across this from Mary Nelis...

    "Well said Jude. No evidence. I believe the man in question was her cousin’s husband but he was acquitted of all charges. No one knows what happened unless they were present during this year long liaison between Cahill and Morris. It would be realistic to suspect that the intelligences services know but as in the case of Kincora, they will maintain their political silence, in the knowledge that the establishment politicians, North and South will do the dirty talking for them, whilst ignoring Kincora and all the other political scandals useful to maintaining the status quo."

    So I asked Mary...

    "Mary can you provide proof of this ‘this year long liaison between Cahill and Morris’? After all Mary Lou said that “this assertion is shameful and cruel” therefore why are you insisting on spreading it?

    In furthering the smear you refer to the ‘intelligences’ (sic) services but could you, and I doubt it, answer the questions below which I put to Jude last night in another piece which he ignored….

    Why was a rape case hidden behind the facade of an IRA membership charge? Surely not to give fanatics the chance to claim Mairia Cahill was a tout?

    If Morris was innocent why was he moved to Letterkenny? Why did the other 4 keep their distance from him?

    And why did the PSNI claim they had no record of a man who was a former prisoner?

    And why does everybody keep pointing the finger at Gerry? Thats 3 women now.

    And If Martin McGuinness believes Mairia was raped should he take his reasons to the review into her case?"

    Will I get answers? Well I'm waiting to see if I do or not.

  12. Cue Bono,

    maybe he was listening to ZZ TOPs Gimme all your lovin' though a more plausible explanation would be X and Z are side by side on the keyboard and we all know how prone he is to making mistakes. A rush job to show how much he cares about kids but as Carrie points out he is fishing for sympathy in messes of his own creation troubled by the fact “they haven’t gone away, you know” but of course he knows nothing and is as innocent as his convicted brother.

  13. Tain X & Z are only together on QWERTY keyboards not AZERTY.. My guess for the double Z is sleep...

  14. Either way it is extremely creepy.

  15. Frankie,

    could be sleep as in (zzz) as in silence?

  16. Cue Bono,

    agreed, it is extremely creepy!

  17. Larry,

    'Then there was Martin McGuinness.. he left me thinking 'the man is talking simple logic and makes sense'. How does he do that?'

    By pulling the wool over your eyes!

    I suspect that you are susceptible to McGuinness' reasonableness and logic, in this instance, due to a quite naturally negative predisposition towards an alleged rapist. I doubt if the wisdom of prosecuting a sex offender would have been any less approvingly recieved had the source been Willy Frazer.
    In a party not known for autonomous thinking it was interesting that his entrance to the scandal was prefaced with the remark 'personally speaking..'. Sinn Fein don't do personal opinion - it's an exotic location - an aspirational once in a lifetime trip incompatible with party membership.
    Given that the other sheep had been bleating the settled upon mantra,'We believe that Mairia Cahill was raped' for a number of days before his intervention it was less than convincing to hear him attempting to pass off as personal reflection deflection arrived at via a process of organised lying and cover up.
    Not for the first time the party leader has been implicated in allegations of having covered up the rape of a child - not by his political opponents but significantly by the victims. The idea that this issue is not political is up there with the one about the weather being no place for the meteorologists.

  18. Carrie,

    'This is the same sociopathic man who tweets in baby talk, posts about teddy bears and rubber ducks, baths, bed, and children, whose home in Donegal is called Tir na nOg (Land of the Young). How many red lights need to flash before the penny drops?'

    The Tir na nOg revelation has just lit another red light - it sounds like a 'Neverland Ranch' operation!

  19. Robert

    'Sinn Fein don't do personal opinion - it's an exotic location - an aspirational once in a lifetime trip incompatible with party membership'.

    'The Tir na nOg revelation has just lit another red light - it sounds like a 'Neverland Ranch' operation'!

    Just made my Sunday.