You Really Can Make a Difference.

Guest writer Steven Katsineris calls on people to go the extra step and don't leave activism to a press of the "like" button on Facebook. Steven Katsineris is an Australian free-lance writer of articles on Palestine, Cyprus and the rest of the Middle East region, political prisoners and human rights, environmental and social issues. He has been actively involved in the Palestine solidarity movement for over forty years. Steven Katsineris lives with his family in Melbourne, Australia. 

While likes and people’s comments and feedback on Facebook or other social media are a certain good, if there is some action you can do to help some of the dire situations going on around the world then please take a little time to act. Go to a protest rally, a march or a meeting or talk, write or message your friends, family and to other people about these issues. Signing petitions, writing letters to newspapers, politicians and companies, may seem a small thing and unproductive, but it does make a big difference, especially if they see its not from the usual known activists or organisations, but ordinary people who are concerned enough to write to them or sign a petition. Likes are nice, but actions can change things.

So, if you want to stop occupation, repression, injustice and human rights abuses in Palestine, West Papua, Cyprus, Kurdistan, Western Sahara, Ireland, Turkey, Puerto Rico, China, Syria and elsewhere in the world, to help support indigenous peoples and political prisoners, stop poaching of endangered animals, protect threatened species, save native forests and other habitats from land clearing, etc, get active and play a part. These actions are also a strong expression of solidarity to those who are oppressed, dispossessed, displaced disinherited, suffering and struggling for survival, freedom and justice. Most importantly, your words and actions help make other people aware of vital issues the mainstream media and the ruling elite want to neglect and hide.
Even if it didn't make a difference, you are at least trying to do something. But I firmly believe it helps others to question what they have been told, to see the true situation and it adds to the pressure on those in power, when they see that people are starting to wake up and see the way things are and are willing to speak up. Politicians, companies and others are then sometimes forced to listen and alter policies when they see the mood of the people is changing on issues.
And while words are certain good, concrete actions are even more powerful. So please keep foremost in your mind that you can make a real difference in your community and society by doing something, even a small act is better than doing nothing. Your deeds have a ripple effort and can yield positive results. From such small beginnings, much bigger things grow. Oppressive regimes, imperial wars, colonialism, racism, poverty, inequality and other social injustice will continue to exist until we challenge the system that perpetuates them. And freedom, justice, independence and fundamental change only ever comes when people refuse to avert their eyes and not be silent, but become empowered and resist.   

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