Tragic World of Black Comedy

Guest writer Chris Fogarty with some thoughts on the continued imprisonment of Michael McKevitt, whose legal efforts to curb the state's ability to continue imprisoning were referred to recently on this blog.

Ireland's best of our era are either dead, in prison or, like Gerry McGeough, out but subject to the whims official criminals.

Meanwhile those who sold-out are in gov't (in one of the same criminal gov'ts).

It is like some kind of black comedy that one of the MI5/FBI team who blew Omagh was the key "witness" that the perpetrators used to railroad McKevitt. That "witness," David Rupert, would not have been acceptable as a witness in the States. He was a three-time bankrupt in which all of his filings were blatantly fraudulent. He defrauded the parents of two of his four wives. A NY State Police affidavit introduced into evidence at McKevitt's "trial" averred that "Rupert is a life-long criminal."

When the FBI was severing Rupert's contract he had begun to have a book written exposing their crimes. The Chicago Sun-Times reporters he chose to write it for him kept minutes of their meetings. In it was the following; "Given your background aren't you concerned that your testimony (against McKevitt) won't be credible?" And Rupert's answer: "Neither my testimony nor the evidence will make any difference; it was the State that selected which judges will hear the case." (It was to be a no-jury, three judge court.)

Rupert's answer indicated his knowledge that "the fix was in," and that transcribed question and answer became an affidavit that was read into the judges' faces at that "trial." Mary and I attended it. It was in the self-same room where, almost exactly two hundred years earlier, Judge Lord Norbury sentenced Robert Emmet "the Darling of Erin" to be hanged and decapitated. The main difference in the two procedures is that while Emmet denounced the jury as corrupted, McKevitt got no jury at all.

MI5/FBI agent Buckley, excepting a brief trip to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing murder site (where he and his FBI colleagues performed his specialty by framing the innocent Security Guard Richard Jewell for it) had been working in Ireland for MI5 since about 1994 until the evening of August 15, 1998. The MI5 handlers of Buckley/Rupert demobilized them that evening (of the Omagh massacre day). MI5 had selected Agent Buckley after Buckley had gotten the Chicago news media to blame a suburban Chicago triple murder on the IRA (a harbinger of Omagh). Those Chicago murders were perpetrated with FBI Agent Lewis' 357 Magnum wielded by 16-year-old David Biro; but Lewis was not prosecuted for failure to report the gun missing.

Similar cover-ups occurred in Omagh; the police "lost" the tape of the phone warnings, then "lost" the log book into which such calls are transcribed. The bomb car was owned by gov't agent Paddy Dixon and would have been satellite-surveilled if the perpetrators had wanted to avert the massacre. When those extremely "negligent" RUC were all promptly awarded George Crosses it gave off such a stench that every RUC was promptly awarded one.

Maintaining that pattern of official crime, last year the FBI gave its "highest" award, the Peter medal to life-long criminal David Rupert, the man who helped MI5 murder 29 in Omagh, without which the Neo-Cons could not have perpetrated their unspeakable crimes. These series of crimes of increasing lethality have made an international pariah of once-proud America and may well have bankrupted the nation. Blow-back is not yet completed.

The Omagh atrocity was long-planned. It had the following result; It permitted the demonization of the IRA which, in turn drove home the GFA and its surrender of the Six Counties to Britain which, in turn freed up Britain's military our of Occupied Ireland, making them available elsewhere which, in turn enabled American's criminal Neo-Cons to make war upon Islam, murdering well over a millions innocents and costing $1.5 trillion for the Iraq crimes alone. The Neo-Cons could not have gone to war without the "international community" which was essentially only Britain.

Tragic World!


  1. Was it Irish Republicans that made the bomb and brought it to Omagh or was that the FBI/Mi5 dream team too?

  2. Did Noraid plant the Boston bomb ?I reckon it was a test run. Fogarty's family have a proud history in Vietnam , like many Irish Americans.

  3. Alan,

    did you see the link you requested to the comment re the email?

  4. Are you referring to this Anthony...

    Alan said...

    No mention of collusion between the Garda and IRA mentioned in the damning Smithwick report. in a reply to an email that I sent him asking why he never condemned American imperialism in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Galvin said that no matter what attrocities they committed, he would never criticise the USA military. The very definition of hypocrisy. Fort Shannon, LOL.

    12:14 PM, December 04, 2013

  5. Yes, Frankie. That's the one. The first link I provided the other day wasn't working. Martin Galvin has challenged Alan to stand over his claim.

  6. My mistake. It wasn't Galvin. I am still waiting for him to provide legal representation for the prisoners in Guantanomo, I have never heard him criticise American actions over the past decade in relation to the " war on terror".Over to him.

  7. Alan, no offense but I think it would be a good idea to quit while you think you are a head....

  8. Alan,

    if that return had have made it over the net it might have been "over" to Martin Galvin. But it fell far short of that. Make your case by engaging rather than stalking just to reiterate what you have already said. On this one you have conceded the initiative, elevated Martin onto the high ground, leaving it over to you. If your problem really is US foreign policy, fine. Unfortunately, for your case, it sounds more like trying to bash another commenter. Sure, it happens here but we prefer that it doesn't.

  9. My question is very simple- why do irish Americans criticise policies pursued by the UK govt , yet they rsteadfastly refuse to criticise the American govt when it implements eqivalent policies- the H blocks and Guantanomo being just 1 example. At least the men in the H blocks were usually given the chance of a fair trial with legal representation of their choosing. Isn't Guantanomo part of the island of Cuba ?
    Point made, no chance of obtaining a rational reply. Case made and won. Easy.

  10. At least the men in the H blocks were usually given the chance of a fair trial with legal representation of their choosing

    Alan are you smoking some illegal substance, did you get dropped on your head as a kid or are you living in a parallel universe? Genuine Question..

  11. At least the men in the H blocks were usually given the chance of a fair trial....
    By chance of a fair trial, you mean the conveyor belt to the H-Blocks, starting at the interogation centers via non-jury Diplock courts?

  12. Given a choice of Guantanomo or the H blocks, which would any of you choose ? I didn't say that everyone on the H block got a fair trial. At least there was a chance of leaving the latter in one piece.
    I get the feeling that my original statement linking UK and US human rights abuses touched many exposed nerves.I didn't receive a satisfactory response. I was right all along.

  13. Alan,

    I seriously doubt raw nerves were touched. People more having a laugh at you chasing around after Martin like a sandwich board man.

    I don't think many people pay that much attention to your comments given that they conjure up an image of stalking rather than engaging. Martin Galvin seems to have called you out and perhaps that is a raw nerve touched. You have been trying to prove yourself right ever since and to what end? Chill out and write a piece for us on your view of how Irish America falls far short of what it preaches through what it practices. Nobody going to bite your head off for having an opinion. Besides, most people on this site, I guess, have no time for US foreign policy or its abuse of prisoners including torture and using a British devised framework to try and justify it. You might just find yourself among more like minds than you think.