The late Brian Mór, early every Sunday with his inimitable take on Freddie & Friends.

The Adventures of Freddie & Friends

The late Brian Mór, early every Sunday with his inimitable take on Freddie & Friends.


  1. I wonder how much Freddie and his friends actually got... A recent report in the Newsletter...

    ' An NIO file released at the Public Records Office in Belfast which contains details of payments to RUC informants in 1985 shows that the money came direct from the NIO — not from the Police Authority.....

    The file appears to be related to payments for informants passing on information about ‘ordinary crime’, with references to officers in the Drugs Squad and Crime Branch.

    It is believed that a separate — and much more sensitive — account existed for the payment of paramilitary informants, although some national security informants may have been managed across more than one RUC department.

    The file does not contain details of the identities of individual informers and in almost every case even the name of the RUC officer receiving a payment to be passed to them was not recorded.

    However, the file shows that one officer was paid vastly more than his colleagues. The man — Brian Cummings (although it is unclear whether that was his real name or a pseudonym) — was paid up to £69,000 in a month from the account. The file contains month by month breakdowns of outgoing payments, as registered with the bank.

    For example, in February 1985, there was £57,925 paid out of the account.

    Among the payments was a £39,000 payment to BR Cummings (also entered in other places as RB Cummings), who consistently had the largest figure in the monthly returns. In January 1985 he received £30,000. There is also mention of a £69,000 cheque — around £200,000 in today’s money — dated December 12, 1984 to B Cummings.

    As the end of the financial year approached, a March 1985 note in the file, from a J Shackleton, seemingly an NIO official, stated: “We provided for £1.375m, of which £1m was allocated to ‘B’ Account. '..............

  2. Anywhere you can get those prints online? I think they are great and would like to buy them is possible...E.

  3. Eoin,

    are you just looking a collection of them to download? That should be easy enough to get for you