Sinn Fein Votes for Tory Cuts

Michael Doherty sharing some thoughts he tried to inject into a Sinn Fein discussion but seemed unable to get them past the censor. 

I posted the comments below to the Derry Sinn Fein Facebook page in response to their poster and petition campaign against "Tory Cuts". It appears to have been removed, so I'll post on my own page and hope for a response ...

In March 2011 the NI Assembly four year budget was voted on.

The budget vote was carried with the support of DUP, Sinn Fein and Alliance votes together with a single independent - the North Down unionist Alan McFarland.

"It is intended to save a cumulative £4bn by the end of 2014-15." (BBC News)

If we then jump to 2014 we hear of further cuts of £78 Million, and how they will affect Derry more than other places.

Not enough money to finish Radiotherapy Unit at Altnagelvin

No money for Magee Expansion

These cuts were passed by the NI Executive on 31st July 2014.

A majority of ministers passed the deal on the June monitoring round. However, the two Alliance ministers voted against it and the Ulster Unionist minister Danny Kennedy abstained. They said the issue of welfare reform had merely been postponed. (BBC News
  So there you have it. In March 2011 Sinn Fein voted for £4 billion of Tory cuts between 2011-2015. In July of this year they voted for £78 million  in immediate cuts as part of this earlier deal. If you are really against “Tory Cuts” why does Sinn Fein keep voting for them?


  1. I wrote a like wise article back at the start of the month on health and cuts

  2. For some reason these pieces about double standards draw a large amount of readers.

  3. Could be as simple as this... When they read about the double standards and double speak from PSF or other in black and white it confirms what they are thinking..

    They are being screwed....

  4. Thought this from Dixie was too good to miss!!

    Nick Clegg in Downing Street: "Sniff. Sniff...whats that I smell? Is something burning?"

    David Cameron: "Some Sinn Fein chaps left a petition opposing cuts. I told Carruthers to burn the blasted thing. "

    Nick Clegg: "McGuinness won't be a happy Chappie when he hears that. He jolly well shan't."

    "David Cameron: "I'll tell him Her Majesty was asking after him and he'll piss his trousers with excitement and forget the whole fooking thing."