1916 Societies Back a 'Yes' Vote and Scottish Independence

TPQ carries a statement from the 1916 Societies on the upcoming referendum in Scotland. It featured in the blog of the Societies.


The 1916 Societies take this opportunity to forward best wishes to the Scottish people ahead of their vote for independence and encourage all those with a vote to use that vote, to vote ‘Yes’ and vote for independence. We commend all those who have made the ‘Yes’ campaign such a positive contribution to progress, not only in Scotland but at a much wider political level, including here in Ireland where the idea of complete Irish independence is once more gaining traction on the strength of the goings on across the Straits of Moyle.

We are also proud of our own involvement in the Scottish campaign, particularly the efforts of the James Connolly Society Scotland who have worked tirelessly for years now to promote the concept of an independent and republican Scotland free from London’s interference. While of course we recognise that the terms of Scottish independence, as laid out in this referendum, do not necessarily correspond to how we might define the concept of sovereignty we would still endorse the notion that a country and its people have the right to self-determination and believe this referendum amounts to just such an act and in that sense is a step in the right direction.

Ultimately though we consider much will remain to be done – regardless of the result – and this campaign is merely a staging post on the road to true independence. We see it as a political vehicle that can allow Scotland to go on to complete the task of building a sovereign, independent republic, the type of republic that would be an example to the rest of the world of just what is possible if a people are granted the opportunity to determine their own destiny free from external impediment, as should always be their democratic right.

The broad independence campaign has been highly instructive for those of us who hope to see a similar plebiscite here on these shores and we in the 1916 Societies trust such can be moulded around our ‘One Ireland-One Vote’ concept. We remain committed to achieving a full British withdrawal from Ireland and see an all-Ireland referendum as a possible route to securing that end. It is then our firm belief that the time has now come for both Scotland and Ireland to stand as free nations before the world and we call for a resounding ‘Yes’ on 18th September and for a corresponding 32-county referendum here in Ireland to speed that worthy cause.


  1. New slogan appears on mountain

    A new slogan which has appeared in west Belfast.

    Black Mountain, which has become a near-permanent home for political slogans, created by placing giant white letters on the slopes, has recently seen the words ‘YES SCOTLAND’ appear.

    Previously it said “Viva Ireland” and during the visit of the Giro d’Italia cycle race in May it said “Fine Dominio Britannico”, which is Italian for “End British Rule”.

    Kathleen McCabe, 64, a retired playgroup teacher from west Belfast who backs independence, said: “They’re always putting something up that mountain. Any controversy at all will go up on that mountain.”

  2. Nice one Frankie.
    I particularly enjoyed the Italian one.

    But careful now. The Black mountain might find itself under the broadcasting Ban Section 31.
    The BBC will have to get an "actors Mountain" to voice it. They probably get that Volcano in Iceland!!!