Within This Crazy World Through Which we Journey

TPQ continues with Davy Carlin's memoir of life growing up in West Belfast. It has a particular relevance given the current Israeli war of terror against the civilian population of Gaza. The writer, Davy Carlin, was active in the Belfast Branch of the Ireland Palestine Solidary Committee.

And as the battle was unfolding in the 70’s Falls Road style, a song being played in another part of mind pulled me back from memory and back to the Black hack of 2012.

And on the journey back in mind, I remembered my time on the Palestinian Solidarity Committee, and thought of Israel’s still brutality against the Palestinian people.

I also thought of how other countries see ‘united world stands’ against them, if it is believed that they have done wrong while for Israel they have and are continuously still breaking numerous International laws and rules – with little or nought come back

Then my journey paralleled through to 9/11 and to those various hidden hands of control and manipulation that were also behind such slaughter and cover-up.

Then to the illegal war in Iraq I went, and thought that while many of our poorest get jailed for not paying fines those responsible for the murder of up to 1,000000 human beings are being paid £1,000 000 {and more} to give talks on the values and freedoms of Western Democracy through to the embracing love and compassion of Christianity.

I further thought how in recent times how an African Nobel Peace Laureate and an Irish Nobel Peace Laureate have called for that once British Prime minister Tony Blair and that once President of America George Bush to be brought before the International Criminal Court for war crimes, for that sacrificial slaughter – for the murder of so many innocent.

Yet who will have the greater chance of facing jail, a person not paying a fine or those ‘world leaders’ responsible for the murder of up to a 1,000 000 human beings?

I think we know that answer within this crazy world that I’m presently journeying in.

Then I thought of how a person might get done for doing a few days work on the side to try and put a decent meal onto the table for his kids as opposed to the banks and those hidden behind them that had recently created a situation that drove 10’s of millions into despair and poverty, with many people taking their own lives still.

Indeed seeing many of those who created the situation reeking in more and more wealth – while destroying more and more lives.

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  1. Well things are much more crazier than you can imagine.
    In relation to Bush and bLiar war crimes. I agree.
    But we have to go back further to 1991. and the First "gulf War".
    I have just read that the USA bombed the Iraqi civilian water supply on purpose , knowing that this would cause many deaths. AND If that wasn't enough they put the spare parts needed for this water supply on their sanctions list.
    We are truly been ruled by criminals.
    So here's the quote from this article..
    "..The justification (that Iraq's Hussein violates international law with his weapons of mass destruction and is thus a menace to world peace) seems a bit ironic in light of US actions in Iraq these past eleven years.

    Case in point. Article 54 of the Geneva Conventions clearly states that destroying or rendering useless items essential to the survival of civilian populations is illegal under international law and a war crime. Hard then to explain the 1991 US bombing of electrical grids that powered 1,410 water-treatment plants for Iraq's 22 million people. An excerpt from a 1998 US Air Force document, entitled "Strategic Attack," chillingly explains: "The electrical attacks proved extremely effective ... The loss of electricity shut down the capital's water treatment plants and led to a public health crisis from raw sewage dumped in the Tigris River." A second US Defense Intelligence Agency document, 1991's "Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities," predicted how sanctions would then be used to prevent Iraq from getting the equipment and chemicals necessary for water purification, which would result in "a shortage of pure drinking water for much of the population" leading to "increased incidences, if not epidemics, of disease."

    So basically, in defiance of international law, the United States knowingly destroyed Iraq's water supply, then for the past eleven years has prevented the contaminated drinking water from being treated, even though it was obvious those most affected would be millions of citizens doomed to preventable disease and death. If that's not a material breach, what is?