They've 'Scot' no Chance! Republic Would be EU's Whipping Boy

John Coulter with one of his regular Irish Daily Star columns. It featured in Newshound on 29 July 2014

An independent Scotland will not result in Irish unity.

The Achilles' Heel in Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond's dream of a Yes victory in September's independence referendum is that a Scottish republic would be part of the rapidly failing European Union.

The rise of Nigel Farage's anti-EU Ukip suggests the majority of Brits will vote to leave the EU in the planned 2017 In/Out referendum.

Given traditional Euro-skeptic support in Ireland, north and south, the Brits will want a nation to team up with when what's left of the UK dumps the EU.

A Scottish republic will become the EU whipping boy. Scots must vote to leave all the Unions, both the UK and EU.

Otherwise, by the end of this decade, Scotland will be going bonnet in hand to Brussels asking for bailout money in the same way the Dáil had to plead for euro millions to keep the Irish economy afloat.

Even if Scotland votes to remain in the Union, London will make those naughty Scottish nationalists pay heavily in new taxes for daring to defy Westminster rule.

The race is tight in the polls – around 10% dividing Yes and No camps – so the Old Firm voters of Rangers and Celtic could decide the outcome.

Unless, of course, the Brits are planning a series of regional English parliaments as part of an 'England Alone' policy.

The Scotland referendum comes slap bang in the middle of commemorations to mark the centenary of the start of the Great War in 1914.

The pro-Union camp will counter the memories of previous Scottish victories at Stirling and Bannockburn with images of the role and sacrifice of Scots at the Somme, Ypres and Cambrai – some of the bloodiest battles of World War One.

This same pro-Commonwealth lobby in the London Establishment will be using identical tactics with the Irish Republic by reminding Southerners of the sacrifice which thousands of Irish nationalists made in the Great War, too.

It will be a case of 'Okay, you can remember those who died in the failed Easter Rising, but a lasting tribute to the dead, wounded and those from Ireland who served in the Great War would be for the Republic to rejoin the Commonwealth!'.

From now until 2018 and the centenary of World War One ending, stand by for a palace-load of English royals invading the South to ram this Commonwealth message home.

With Sinn Féin on the rise again, many non-Shinner Southern nationalists may be taking the political view – better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven! Or, better to rule in Commonwealth Hell than serve with Shinners in Dáil Heaven!

Shinner guns can be spiked if the Dáil joins forces with Westminster to push a Commonwealth solution, especially if England faces the threat of Islamic radicals setting up Sharia law communities in Britain.

With the Anglican Communion losing ground in numbers to radical Islam in England, could the long-term plan be for a future King Billy to relocate the Blue Bloods in Ireland?

Dump the Scots and EU, keep the Northern Unionists and Welsh in check, and set up a new Christian home in Ireland.

Sounds to me like the foundations of the Empire Mark Two have already been laid!


  1. That article didn't make any sense to me, jumped about a lot, bit of fiction, bit of guess work and a bit of fantasy. It didn't explain to me how the break up of the U.K wouldn't help the nationalist agenda.

  2. Being fair David, Dr. Coulter does make an interesting point, as I'm sure Anthony would tell you, the Free State is filled to the gills with gobshite's who would say, yeah, OK, to being in the Commonwealth, many in Kildale St make the point of increased, non eu trade opportunity, so if the fourth reich does go tits up, there'd be some home for them.
    The point of the loads of their german royality coming over during the next few years is right as Betty is due outside the Post Office in O Connell St. in April 2016 so what he is saying makes some sense, we can wait and watch, another chance for Marty to meet the woman who signs his cheques.

  3. Menace,
    I don't know, being no fan of the free state myself, I would be stunned if any of them began advocating to be part of the commonwealth, how would they sell it? Having said that they have voted for a banking autocracy, well, after some gerrymandering of course. I just don't see how that could gain ground.