David Norris in Devasting Form on Gaza in Irish Seanad

A rare bird in the ranks of the Irish political class. David Norris speaking in Seanad Éireann frames the Israeli War on Gaza in uncompromising terms.


  1. Great to hear this from a totally honest man,he has called it exactly as it is and dammed those like bLIAR and Bush and uncle Tom OBama, the time is right for Ireland to form a new International Brigade to help defend and rebuild Palestine,no one else is going to do it,this genocide must stop we need to do everything we can to make it stop.

  2. That's all your asking for, people with a platform, to speak out against acts of genocide and tyranny, it should be a pre-requisite for people in positions of power but unfortunately it happens so seldom, you end up applauding people for doing the basic human thing in criticizing evil.
    Marty I am with you on the brigades, been to protests, sent emails, donated money, but it is not enough we need to mobilise ourselves or evil men will be victorious without so much as challenge, which is pretty awful. My problem is I've no experience of forming likeminded people, I mean how do you even start it?

  3. David, re "My problem is I've no experience of forming likeminded people, I mean how do you even start it?"
    I think you did try to start it already, because in your comment on a previous thread where you quoted the madman Yochanan Gordon saying that genocide is permissible, your last sentence was,
    "Come on people it will be a black mark upon our soul if we allow this to go unchallenged."
    I admit my own suggestion was fairly lame but it was, (and still is,) the only thing i could think of for dealing with that particular incident.
    We all wail and weep, and write so eloquently but you called for action and no one responded. No one suggested anything. And that is the problem. In my opinion.
    Yours in anger and despair

  4. Sarah,

    I think people are responding even if they do not do so directly. Many people who have read David's appeal are involved in some sort of activism. Social media has become an organising principle in itself. I also think the idea of trying to get into
    Times if Israel with a quick piece has its merits. I don't think the author of the response has to be an experienced writer here.

  5. Yes, you're right A.M. I was tearing my hair out back there for a moment. I know that millions of people around the world are very active over this, but the children are still being murdered and sometimes that's all i can see.

    Re the times of israel, i wrote a response to Y Gordon and of course it wasn't published, but still i gave them the benefit of the doubt, thinking they'd likely be disinclined to publish a piece of work by someone who was clearly a rank amateur. That's why i thought perhaps one of the more experienced writers here might want to give it a go, and i'll stick with my megaphone and leaflets in future.

  6. Sarah,

    could we carry your response on the blog? I might write to the outlet myself, not that I will have any more luck than you

  7. Sarah,
    I share your frustrations, and a lot of people are trying to be active as best they can. It is just with the strength of the enemy's propaganda, military etc our efforts seem weak in response. I don't know what we can do that would be assertive, but more importantly effective, I suppose we have just got to keep plodding away. I get down about this, but coming on this site, hearing yourself and others raises my spirits, as well as they can be raised in the circumstances. To finish I don't really know what more we can do, open to ideas. What i think is important is that after this onslaught dies down we don't forget the plight of the Palestinians.
    I think we have got to keep our heads up, I must admit mines has been down for the last few weeks, but we can get more accomplished with a positive attitude, we must resist. I appreciate you taking the time to answer some of my comments. That in itself is an action of sorts. Go raibh maith agat agus oiche mhaiti.

  8. Yes of course. I think it's very likely you'll have more luck than i did re the T of I.

  9. @ Sarah try writing to the following and tell him T of I is not publishing letters from abroad – query why. A way to circumnavigate censorship you could ask him to include what you want to say in his next article &/or contact T of I to clarify why.. Mossad monitors all who dissent in the Jewish community be it with writing or activism worldwide. A tactic Israel uses to Jewish voices of dissent is to call them self hating Jews etc ad nauseum This man is not a light weight...

    Rabbi Michael Lerner is editor of Tikkun Magazine, chair of the interfaith and secular-humanist-welcoming Network of Spiritual Progressives, www.spiritualprogressives.org and rabbi of Beyt Tikkun Synagogue-Without Walls in San Francisco and Berkeley, California. He welcomes your responses and invites you to join with him by joining the Network of Spiritual Progressives (membership in which also brings you a subscription to Tikkun Magazine). RabbiLerner.Tikkun@gmail.com.
    His last article titled Israel has broken my heart: I’m a rabbi in mourning for a Judaism being murdered by Israel

  10. love david Norris... only in Ireland. Got more balls than all the religious twaddle leaders out there put together.

  11. David i love you. You expressed my frustrations exactly. Who is Ireland anymore? I'm so ashamed.

  12. Mary, thanks for that. Re the ADL, they're actually fairly polite compared to Masada2000. They have their very own SHIT list - an acronym for Self Hating Israel Threatening. Most of my close friends are on the list, which is how i know i'm keeping good company!

  13. Sarah,

    could you send me a copy of your letter to TOI if you get a chance and if the request does not sound like a pester!?

  14. Sarah,

    thanks. Will run at 1200. Will carry it as a piece rather than a comment

  15. Maybe if people like Norris weren't such staunch supporters of Israel( as he himself claimed in his pleas for clemency for a forty year old man convicted of raping a fifteen year old boy)then the Israelis wouldn't be so vicious today. One thing he is not is honest,he's a proven liar.
    James O Donnell

  16. Frankie, i could be wrong but i think Kaufman made this speech during operation cast lead?
    How desperately sad and bewildering it is that his words are as relevant today as they were then.
    What on earth does "Never again" mean anyway.

  17. Sarah,

    the good thing about the words from Cast Lead is the ease with which they fit the situation today. That shows a remarkable consistency in Israeli policy. I was just browsing through a book by Chomsky and Pappé called Attack on Gaza from back then. I thought I was reading about today's war on Gaza.

  18. We can all argue back & forth about Israel & Palestine but one FACT is NOT REFUTABLE .
    In 1946 - when the initial mandate
    for the Statelet of Israel was given -It represented approx 21% of the land of Palestine.
    In 2014 - Israel represents around 82% of the land of Palestine.
    Apart from a tiny number of minor settlements on the West Bank & the
    Gaza Strip - Israel controls nearly all of Palestine.
    Very shortly it will be 100% of
    PROPAGANDA WAR . Reasonable people the world over have seen Israel for what it really is.