Press Release: Gerry McGeough Conviction Unsafe


Aiden Carlin Solicitor has described The Hallett Review into the ‘On The Runs’ administrative scheme as proof of the material non-disclosure before, during and after Gerry McGeough’s trial.

Commenting on the Report, he said:

Questions need to be answered as to why none of the six High Court Judges here who heard evidence and made rulings on various aspects of our client’s case - Disclosure Judge at Trial (Lord Justice Coghlin); Trial Judge (Mr Justice Stephens); Appeal Court Judges (Lord Chief Justice Morgan, Lord Justice Higgins and Lord Justice Girvan); and Judicial Review Judge (Mr Justice Treacy) - received the nature and extent of significant material made public today? Instead, Gerry McGeough’s repeated calls for full disclosure of the ‘On The Runs’ administrative scheme appear to have been met with silence from the NIO, Prosecution and Sinn Fein.

Gerry McGeough’s Solicitor concluded:

Our client has always maintained his innocence and shall be factoring developments since the acquittal of John Downey into his pending Supreme Court Appeal. In addition to the recent headline facts disclosed about Gerry McGeough's case, there are important aspects of European and domestic law which say his conviction is unsafe. Not least, the evidence adduced at Gerry McGeough's trial from an alleged asylum application made 30 years ago in Sweden. The receipt of such evidence at his trial was a breach of common law rules and Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights (right to a fair trial). EU law recognises the need for a common policy of protection for asylum seekers yet in Gerry McGeough's case this was also repeatedly ignored.

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  1. Seems like very good work on your part Aiden, if we didnt have a few good lawyers like yourself challenging these things we would be at their mercy altogether