Not Moving on

Guest writer Helen McClafferty with a piece on British double standards.

The Brits are good at extracting their pound of flesh from republicans, but when it comes to prosecuting their own for the cold blooded murder of innocent civilians during the Troubles they decide “It's time to move on". I think what Mr. Hain is really saying here is that it’s time for “others (the Irish) to move on”. From my perspective, none of the following signs listed below indicate that the British are “moving on” at all:
Post GFA: Gerry McGeough arrested and incarcerated on 38 year old charges. Marian Price and Martin Corey interned for several years without charge or trial. Stephen Murney arrested and incarcerated. Ivor Bell awaiting trial on 40 year old charges. British Government allows PSNI to subpoena the Boston College Belfast Project tapes and is still pursuing what is left of the remaining tapes from this academic project. Diplock courts in NI continue to exist when according to the Belfast Agreement they were to be ended in July 2007. 

Cold, hard facts and proof of collusion by the security forces with loyalist death squads in the murder of Pat Finucane, Rosemary Nelson, the Dublin-Monaghan bombings, Ballymurphy massacre and the Derry Bloody Sunday victims have all been presented to the British Government and yet they refuse to prosecute those responsible, knowing full well who the culprits are who carried out these atrocities.

And yet, Mr. Hain has the audacity to tell everyone else to “move on” while the PSNI continue to arrest and incarcerate republicans on 30-40 year old offenses and continue to subpoena academic oral Irish history tapes pertaining to the Troubles in order to use against Irish republicans who are vocal opponents of Britain’s continued occupation, the PSNI/RUC and Sinn Fein’s total support of the status-quo.


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  1. SF lead the good ship republicanism into the Harland and Wolf dry dock. So the RUC have set about having fun with it. But the reality is all this tinkering by 'victims' (not all lily white by any means)will result in a renewal of conflict. If people want to uncover 'evidence' and expose touts, why not address the ones in front of them already. Adams, McGuinness, Morrison,McCartney et al? Storey and Kelly are possibly stuck in the middle of a wee nest of sewer rats but how could you be certain of anything these days. This victimhood thing is going to set it all off again.