No Laughter of Our Children

Sammy Cusick on his Facebook page describes a British police raid on his home yesterday morning. The PSNI raiders subjected his 11 year old daughter to psychological harassment. It is a disturbing echo of a recent incident in Derry where a child was left distressed after PSNI harassment of his father. Sammy Cusick was a candidate in the North's recent local government elections.

Yesterday morning just before 8am a large number of TSGs entered my family home. I was arrested and brought to Antrim under section 41. I wasn't told why I was arrested. While away from my wife and young girls the PSNI attempted to question my 11 year old daughter Sinead Cusick about a bomb in Belfast city centre. My wife had to twice stop them questioning her, the young child was hysterical throughout. As my daughters went to school crying at the thought of me being arrested and their home being searched the PSNI members outside were laughing at them. My home was searched for 4 hours and all laptops and mobiles were taken in this pointless raid.

While in Antrim being questioned about a bomb that I had nothing whatsoever to do with I was constantly threatened that if I didn't admit to doing the bomb they would arrest my 11 year old daughter and bring her to Antrim for questioning.

At 3pm yesterday the PSNI came back to my home and again asked Christine Cusick, my wife, if she had changed her mine and would allow them to question the wee girl. They were told in no uncertain terms to fuck off. Young Sinead who was standing beside Christine shaking with fear was told by the PSNI female officer that the longer she didn't help them ( the PSNI), the longer she was responsible for keeping me in the barracks. At that stage the door was slammed in their faces.

For the remainder of the night young Sinead was crying uncontrollably believing that she was responsible for me being held inside. She couldn't attend school today as she was so traumatised.

36 hours later and after hours of pointless questions not one piece of evidence was put to me. My experience and more importantly the experience my wife and young daughters went through particularly young Sinead is one of the worst experiences of political policing I have ever experienced. I'm left wondering was this just a few bad eggs or was this the darkside I keep hearing about?

I would like to thank all my family friends and comrades and neighbours for all their support shown to my family. I must point out that many people have questions to answer which I will expand on in the coming days but I want it on record that not one elected rep came near my door during the raid or to check on my family. The same people who were absent in showing any empathy or support to my family will sit this week with the same force over tea and buns and pretend that policing now is acceptable and their constituents fears including the child abuse of my 11 year old daughter will not even pass their lips.

For anyone who supports the PSNI/MI5 you want to go and hang your fucking heads in shame.


  1. Pig Service of Northern Ireland Alan?

    It is seriously disturbing that this is happening to children. Were the Catholic Church doing it there would be a public outcry. Sammy Cusick has detailed it in a manner that is shuddering.

  2. All I can say is I'm glad my kids are far removed from the o6c..

    Sammy I hope your wife & daughter are feeling better.

    And if that doesn't tell people that there is something very wrong with policing in the o6c..Then I don't know what will. I can get my head around an adult being arrested (even wrongly arrested) but to threaten kids.. People know my views on child abuse. 30 yrs bread & water and once their time is up they're shot at dawn.

    I'm sure people will call it for what it is 'political policing' etc.. It reads like child abuse in my eyes.

    The video itself is frightening and not for the squeamish.

  3. Go to Ombudsman for Children who is there to put the voice of the child first. Then go to a lawyer.

    As I do not know you all I can say is that you might be a suspect but your children are not and are not to be subjected to interrogation at home, the street or station.

  4. And who said the RUC have gone away that is so sad to watch there is no reason for the cops to cause a young child such distress. I wonder what the gutless thugs would say if their own children were subjected to outrageous harassment.
    It is not an isolated incident as for the past few years my nephew and some of his young friends have been subjected to stop and search, their crime, they live in the Bone and Ardoyne.

    I agree with Frankie, it is unnecessary child intimidation and abuse.

  5. Maybe so called dissidents should end their armed campaign and these unfortunate incidents could be avoided in future.

  6. Tain Bo you say gutless thugs?

    You could also say these officers put themselves on the frontline (putting themselves and their families at risk) to help keep this wee part of the world safe for all our children to prosper.

    People who involve themselves in firebombing hotels and the like are yesterdays people.

    Time to wake up.

  7. Andy,
    you are having a laugh with they put themselves on the frontline. That was what they signed up for and are paid to protect and serve the people on NI? That should not include the right to intimidate children.

    I don’t agree or support the present militant republicans but still there is no reason for the cops to pick on children.

    If it was your child or a family member’s child would you say the cops acted responsibly? I don’t care which side of the divide, if cops are intimidating children it is wrong and should be challenged.

    In the case you are saying that the child is guilty by implied proxy was this child involved in firebombing?

    I agree it is time for the country to wake up but part of that awakening would include the cops.

  8. Anthony,
    it's an odd kind of peace when the cops are trained to turn children into informers and then boast publicly about it. And yet the media, believing that any price is worth paying to protect the process, will not speak out. I've said elsewhere that Northern Ireland is a training ground for tyranny. A huge part of that is the acquiescence of the population. Threaten them with a return to the 1970s and they'll say "We don't care. Do what you must. Whoever you haul away must have done something. Or their kids have. Or their kids have valuable information. Or it's worth using children as pawns to get at their parents." We're being told that we have to sacrifice our own Humanity. The peace process has become a totalitarian ideology, the very words a thought terminating cliché.

  9. Tain Bo.

    They are on the frontline for the greater good of all NI citizens.

    The kid being upset is unfortunate, nobody has set out to annoy children.

    To suggest anything else is mental.

  10. Andy,

    the kid being upset is not unfortunate it is completely unnecessary, how you or I or any adult view it is one thing but the child wouldn’t understand why the armed men are doing what is supposed to be there job.

    You didn’t answer the question was this child a fire bomber? And how does that even add up to a defense in this incident?

    I will have to side with being “mental” on this one, only as the cops are heavily armed, well trained, and should have displayed a higher level of discipline.