Matt Baggott: Fine Words Butter No Parsnips

Ed Moloney questions the genuineness of the call by Britain's police chief in the North, Matt Baggott, to find a new way of addressing the past. It featured in The Broken Elbow on 5 June 2014.

Outgoing PSNI chief Matt Baggott
Announcing his retirement at the end of this month, earlier than expected, outgoing PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott had these words to say to his last meeting of the North’s Policing Board yesterday, as quoted by the BBC:
I’m a great believer, as my colleagues are, in both justice and truth. But dealing with the past is both debilitating and toxic to confidence in today’s police service.

It is time to deal with the past in a different way, which does not ignore it, but moves it to one side and puts leadership, investigation and resolution in different, independent hands.

Well, there’s an easy way to live up to those words Matt. Cancel the new subpoena apparently being prepared to serve on Boston College for the remainder of the archive. Unless of course the real authority in the PSNI lies elsewhere, in MI5 headquarters for instance and you are powerless to stop them?