The Troubles Claim Another Victim: Truth Now Added to List of Disappeared

Guest writer Tain Bo with a piece on the disappearance of truth

The troubles claim another victim: truth is now added to the list of disappeared, the falsehood of reconciliation is conveniently the dirt it is buried under...

Have we just witnessed the greatest historical act of vandalism by the British in Ireland in recent Irish history?

Now that the Boston College project has been destroyed in the same manner traditional Irish republicanism was, the message has been delivered to not only former volunteers but to the republican community at large to remain silent and abide with self-censorship: there is no right to record our own history.

The British can now work on fine tuning the mechanism to write the sterile history and effectively erase the collective memory within their own official Truth Commission.

Was the Belfast Project a political truth hindrance and has its systematic destruction paved the way for the British to force the political parties to agree with the British official version of the 'Truth'?

Now that the truth according to the volunteers has been rendered to the historical rubbish bin, will this piece of British handy-work be enough to force Sinn Fein to back whatever Truth and Reconciliation the British government adopts?

It looks like it should be the right incentive now that the British along with the Unionists and Sinn Fein can avoid any former combatant’s history that held the potential to contradict what will become the accepted less-than-truthful truth of the conflict.

The British along with SF and the American Academic institution Boston College can rest a little easier now that the act of Academic Historical Vandalism of the archive was successfully accomplished.

That should be the terrible ending; the ending, although politically convenient, hardly is sufficient. The “dark forces” clearly understood the political potential held within the archive -- the raw “truth”, something they had no control over. That set the wheels in motion for its destruction.

The notion that this was a get Adams campaign is fanciful and makes for great fictional political intrigue but in a stark contrast who better to aid in the destruction of a republican archive than the “republicans” that are part of the British government.

The project was facilitated with the peace-process. Without the peace-process no former combatant would have considered such an endeavour.

How people view the project is a matter of choice, not that it is relevant now. It was born out of the peace-process, it died at the hands of the same process or, more aptly, was assassinated.

It held “raw truth” that would have been beneficial in a Truth and Reconciliation process, only it was deemed politically embarrassing and contradictive to what will become the friendly version of 'Truth and Reconciliation'.

The final insult coming from Boston College now after using the Belfast project can’t wash their hands clean of the matter fast enough in a rush to return what is now officially criminal and terrorist material.

And how do they purpose to return this material? Is it even legal, not that it wouldn’t be suspicious, a list of people receiving post from Boston College, are they joking, adding insult to injury? They should burn it and be done.

It would be safe to say that this campaign was far from getting Adams and more about gagging the past.

Two well loved and highly respected volunteers are now disgracefully branded by SF as liars.

The British con game was well orchestrated and executed.

The con game continues. The real target in this dared be an outspoken critic of SF and the GFA.

Now that we have witnessed the destruction of the Belfast Project, how far will Sinn Fein and the British go to destroy Anthony McIntyre’s credibility as they continue threatening the man for standing up and presenting critical truth?

How far will they go in their concerted attempts to discredit him and their ultimate objective to silence him?


  1. That old saying "you can kill the messenger but not the message "really does apply here,if either quisling $inn £eind or their colleagues in MI5 or both acting in common cause think that the destruction of the Belfast history project will stop the truth seeping out however slowly then they are seriously misinformed.what took place here across these islands over so long a protracted period was nothing more in the end but a dirty ,grubby power play by state agencies,competing it seems with each other, that initself would be enough to see them determined to put a halt to anything like the truth ever emerging, but as in all such matters the truth will surface,but for now those of us who understand no explanation is necessary, those who dont vote quisling $inn £eind .


  2. Bobby Storey an IRA Provo Leader from the past we thought, stands beside a minister of Stormont controlled by the British and bellows “ we haven’t gone away you know “ and then when to more rapturous applause he bellows “ how dare you arrest our leader” . had David Cameron been arrested
    Are these the words of some one interested in Democracy, afraid not they sound more like Fascism?
    Sinn Fein’s minister for the British government agreed completely with every word and more bellowed by this former IRA Provo leader.
    The veil that covers a lot of what these fascists are really like slipped completely, we were treated to the street corner politics that Sinn Fein really only understand
    Why did they allow Storey to use such words, words that democrats would associate as threats to democracy, “how dare anyone arrest our leader” is a very powerful statement
    Sinn Fein has power over the people of Northern Ireland and how they daily go about their lives, are they really the best the Catholics can put in power ,
    Voting in the north has always run along the lines of which religion one is, if your catholic vote for the nationalists parties if protestant vote for the pro union parties.
    Alliance are now an option for voters but will always struggle because of their honesty , they really do try to make a difference but are constantly hammered by the corner boy politics conducted by both Sinn Fein and the DUP
    In most democracies the Minister for Justice would be held by the largest party in power, but no not in Stormont, both parties Sinn Fein and the DUP were deemed either not trustworthy or responsible to hold such a post, my own thoughts would be that because both parties prey on the fears of the general public, taking the post of Justice Minister would not be popular if either had to make tough decisions, so the cowards won the day and the brave Alliance were handed the poisoned chalice
    Imagine for a moment a Sinn Fein Minister of Justice standing beside Bobby Storey (after his outbursts) telling us about the cabal within the PSNI , how reassuring would that be to ordinary decent folk
    Alliance type politics is what we really need but unfortunately because the people from both traditions have different beliefs about the same factious character we are stuck with this false shambles that Sinn Fein DUP and the British and Irish governments call democracy

    1. Absolutely nailed it there, its just a shame so many people are either ignorant or idiotic to see exactly what is going on. Fear brought them to power, fear will keep them in power.

  3. Marty, the problem for MI5/Sinn Fein is they haven't caught up with what year we're living in!
    Now that it's the 21st Century, the opportunity to access the real truth, as opposed to what they tell us is their truth, is made easier by the technology we use daily, sooner, or later, copies of the tapes will emerge, not from Anthony McIntyre or Ed Moloney but probably BC and it will then again become a live issue.
    The two authors will remain vilified by some but only history will decide while the truth, from both Irish and British sides in this will escape.
    Unless of course the brits and their colleagues in Ireland, make expression illegal, again.

  4. "during the interviews mr. adams drank tea, coffee or water Collins repeated the louth td's assertion that the food was of very poor quality and said he was initially tasked with getting sandwiches for his client before arrangements were made for mr. adams to get food from the staff canteen"

    from today's irish news interview with adams' solicitor. is there anybody who has ever heard of such benign treatment before in an interrogation centre?

    pr stunt pulled off by the sinners and the "truth" according to sf is it is all part of the big conspiracy to get adams.

  5. I suppose if one accepts the premise that "History is written by the winners" then it looks like PSF are tacitly acknowledging that the Brits as winners should write the history of the conflict - just like they wrote the history of the empire as some kind of benign project to help "less developed"cultures

    Still as someone just pointed out -the days of truly being able to silence people are gone - internet, social media, etc. has democratized to some degree the distribution and access to information - so whatever history they decide to write it should still be challenged.

  6. Wonder how much Bobby Storey would give for his outburst to have been played by an actor!! Then he could have tried to deny it.

  7. Agreed Gerard youd think someone facing a grilling over a murder rap would have more to concern himself and his brief with than is it two sugars and what type tracker bar?

  8. There is no excuse for serving bad or uneatable food that is a wider issue and it can have serious consequences because when some suspects have low blood sugars they are susceptible to signing false confessions.

    However, there is a niggling question about: "before arrangements were made for mr. adams to get food from the staff canteen" -that must have been a scene from a KitKat ad -interrogators and interrogated all take a break together --how did that work? Well at least the days on incommunicado are gone even if the awful food hasn't.


  9. It was a PR stunt. Last week was a good week to bury bad news.

  10. Frankie,Gerry said" for fuck sake knock the bury shit"

  11. Justin

    totally not. now we know the craic... never going to happen

  12. "How dare they arrest our leader.!"

    "Fuck up Bobby the rest of the wing's trying to sleep."

    "We haven’t gone away you know! "

    "That's it I'm buzzing the Nurse!"

  13. Marty,
    I'm glad I'd just finished my coffee.. That was funny. But on a serious note, the same time as Gerry gets scooped the Ballymurphy families get knocked back, La Mon families told no inquiry, Universal credit creeps closer...Gerry Adams is going to grab the media attention..

    So the spooks bring Gerry Adams in and use the arrest to try to discredit what Judge Young (who has actually read the complete Belfast project) said was
    "bona fide academic exercise of considerable intellectual merit."

    @Gerry Adams..Why don't you make a song and dance about Scap????

  14. And so as the ass-embly stumbles from the latest crisis ,(yip yet another one ,its what keeps them in power)and as Frankie says and rightly so, these manufactured farces are norn iorn,s way of avoiding the real issues,and a distraction to what really is going on,the refusal to allow inquires into state and paramilitary war crimes,
    £4.2 mill to open a giro and the people who really need their giro,s are told tough shit Paddie there,s no money,as for Gerry Itwasntme and his mate Scap did you notice that other tout Sean Maguire standing beside that other tout JII8 Mc Guinness at the unveiling of the prick on the wall?>

  15. Keeping up with the pink giro theme I,m hearing that when Pink Floyd heard that Adams mug was up on the wall alongside Mandela,they re released their top selling album ANOTHER PRICK ON THE WALL

  16. The pink Giro that cost's 4.2million green backs to put on..This morning on the radio Ulster some head said the return should be in the region of 10million BUT it will be years before that happens (if it does)..

    Then Just after (around 8.50) Barra McGrory say's he doesn't expect the file from the PSNI about Admas to be sent for several weeks? They can send every other file to the PPS in double quick time...I wouldn't be surprised if Gerry's file get's lost in the post..

    This photo.. McGuinness looks like he pulled some girl at a Saturday night sock hop While Martina(IMO has a face like a well slapped arse) looks as if she's lost a loved one!!!!

    Martina save the croc. tears...Most people see through them. You didn't have long sad face when real republicans got locked up... A Derry mum Martina, you should read it (like an exam paper<--at least three times)

    @ Gerry Adams...Who was Bobby Storey talking about when he said "WE haven't gone away, you know'..Bill & Ben the flower pot men or the unkowns, some quasi secret armed branch of PSF????

  17. Anthony and Carrie and Ed Maloney are deserving of support and I for one like many others stand with them and say to those that seek to smear their integrity – no-one is fooled by the tout label tossed at them. You are fools and a disgrace.

    It is sad times on Ireland. This whole issue debacle travesty call it what you will can be traced back decades to the ra being rotted from the inside out Now there’s a new mural with the icon of Rot on it.

    Anthony and Ed Maloney are men of integrity – they took all legal precautions to ensure safety of all involved in the recording/documentation of the oral history project. That legalities were not addressed by other parties is not their fault nor can be attributed to them. It is insanity to blame them. As insane as those who crowded around a mural up the Falls and tried to convince everyone Gerry was a hero. Fr Reid’s ‘man of God’ Two devils trying to look like angels.

    This whole oral history project meltdown has enormous ramifications worldwide… Sa an Austrail – plenty of interest as to what is going on including from non academics… I would want (like thousands of others) a documentation of both sides of the Troubles for future generations – it took guts for all who participated in it to do so. As for armed struggle it’s a defunct term I no longer use – sporadic militancy is around when it is futile but not armed struggle.

    The only armed struggle is all those Sinn Fein bastards arms reaching for money – suited, fat with food and self appointed glory. They will go down in history as Irish maggots who swarmed and strutted on the backs of courageous dead men and sought to destroy republicans who have mettle.

  18. In all honesty I can't get the picture of Storey bawling his lungs out of my head, it was so shockingly funny. It would appear that all those video shows he does to 'invited-guests' has him stuck in a time-warp back in 1983. But he did expose himself as a huge man with a political 'pea' for a brain. Adams has also been exposed as Downing Street's fixer. What a mess. The truth wont be defined by the British, there are too many thinking, educated people who have been through the troubles 'mill' and who are not in the SF sell your soul and friends for a council job 'one man gang'. Gary Glitter would be as worthy as Gerry Adams leading that mob. AND THEY ARE A MOB it's what it boils down to. The Bullroot band lead singer Gerry Glitter with Liam on base.

  19. Justin Foster,

    with the DPP (District Provo Police) on display at the wonder wall and Storey looking and sounding like a goon attempting to motivate the less than animated gathering of the faithful in order to be heard above the media along with his very nervous appearance screaming like a little spoilt child was an embarrassment on par with the wee loyalist woman screaming no surrender into the city hall.

    It would be grand to think they grew a pair but given the show they put on was more of a “cult” mess, useless without their leader.
    There show of strength or however you want to describe it was not railing against the machine but intentionally railing against non-SF republicans.

    When Adams was released he set them straight and made their pity gathering even more pitiful.
    I hate to bust Storey’s balls on the issue that he screamed out how the Provos haven’t gone away but just to fill him in the more powerful forces of the British Crown haven’t went away and continue to persecute republicans who don’t hold a get out of jail card.

    The message for the republican community at large is fear the leader or face the wrath of we haven’t gone away DPP.

    Interesting that Adams disclosed the details of his horrendous torture at the hands of the cops who he alleges grilled him on being turned by MI5 in 72.
    Was he putting the truth out in plain sight after all he has been successfully hiding in plain sight all these years?

    The wonder wall display was more blunder as they displayed no confidence and these are the eegits with a vision I think the message was clear fear the party but for now all is well and Storey his happy wagging his tail at the Master’s feet.

  20. What is interesting about the ordeal of political policing suffered by the leader is how he told the brave tale of how he defied a cop that told him to get into a cop car and he would arrest him and drive him a few hundred feet into the station.

    Adams being the defiant Provo tells the cop no and him and his brief walk into the station demanding his own way of being interviewed and how dare them arrest him in a cop shop.
    Not only did Adams pick the time he also picked the way he would present himself on his terms.
    The other funny thing is he moaned about his mistreatment in the same breath as his political policing arrest pre-election.

    I think we should demand from the British government that they treat the visionaries with the due respect they deserve. The law they support should be changed so that any of the SF cabal under suspicion don’t have to endure the torture their messiah went through and should be brought to the nearest Hotel and at their convenience choose whether or not they are well rested and fed before their cops can quiz them.

    For SF gone are the days of waking to an early morning raid and being flung in the back of a pig or wagon. How could we be so insensitive to Adams and his mistreatment?