Star Wars theory

Guest writer Tain Bo with a piece on the British police arrest of Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams.

Does anyone speak fluent Sinn Fein? As usual I am having trouble trying to understand the recently described master strategist party. The Star Wars theory is amusing coming from the Banquet man: ‘the dark forces are at work.’ When exactly was it that the dark forces ceased to be at work in the North?

It looks like their own policy of cooperating and insisting that republicans public pass on information to the dark forces has returned to bite them on their chief’s arse.

Mc Guinness, a former Provo, is now boasting that senior members of the security forces don’t agree with the “minority of the dark forces” on Adams detention. There has to be some irony in this as he outs himself as hobnobbing with senior members of the crown forces.

The privilege of betrayal? He gets to phone the head of the dark forces’ at number 10. I would assume that only dedicated high level cooperation with the foreign government that occupies the North would grant such privilege. I can’t recall him questioning the arrest of other republicans.

I am perplexed at SF supporters who don’t question the extent of Mc Guinness’s involvement with the British government and the security forces. If he is pro- Irish unity he has me fooled as he appears very comfortable with his high level British friends.

It’s all in the timing and of course it was the “dark forces” that mysteriously manipulated Adams’ mind and told him to show up at Antrim cop shop with his solicitor. And prior to that they told him to inform us all that he is more than willing to cooperate and vindicate himself.

Adams and his brief arrange this and the SF spin-a-yarn factory goes into overdrive blaming everyone and thing apart from Adams who voluntarily presented himself to the crowns cops.

Why did the master - strategically advanced - mind of Adams not wait until after the elections? Sounds like the romance between Adams and Mc Guinness might be straining. Did Adams pick the time deliberately? With the Banquet man hobnobbing with their queen and apparently running the neo-republican North is Adams feeling the pressure of being usurped by the Banquet man?

You would think they were as thick as thieves and would have discussed the issue of Adams voluntarily handing himself over to the cops? It would appear that is not the case perhaps Mc Guinness is too British for Adams likings.

Is this a sign that the SF leadership are splintering and is that the reason they are blaming everyone else? Did Adams not discuss his voluntary intentions and the possible ramifications it may have on the elections?

From the Banquet man down through the ranks, from all their ranting it would appear they were caught on the hop by their own leader’s decision which is highly suspicious as one would believe something this potentially critical would have been discussed amongst the “trusted” leadership.

The less likely possibility being that it is an pre-election stunt to make sure SF are the news and can sell the sob story to the Free Sate that they are being hounded by the British in an attempt to weaken SF and push them further away from achieving their goal of Irish reunification.

Something for the hard line Shins to chew the fat on: did your leader have himself arrested pre-election is he out to sabotage the rise of banquet man number 2, Marty. I.5?

Odd the shins are as usual blaming everyone and not asking why their leader volunteered and arranged his own arrest. Oh, that’s right, it was the dark forces, the same dark forces that arrest other republicans. The same dark forces that the neo republicans can never praise too much.

Strange how they use language from the days they swear they have left behind. Very threatening language that disagrees with their commitment to peace persona.

Wind your necks in show faith in your leader, obviously he knows what he is doing. Calm down, this is all part of his master plan.

‘There is no place in our society for such militant language.’

Why the lack of faith in your leader’s decision and why look to blame “others” for his voluntary action?

If I was an SF follower I would be asking why the leader made himself available to the crown forces pre-election, why was he in such a hurry to assist the cops as to my knowledge they didn’t appear to be in a hurry to question him? Why was it done in the clandestine manner? Being the leader of SF he should have made it public that he intended to arrange his own arrest.

Reading what SF and their followers have to say they seem a little over eager to lay blame with “others” taken the focus away from the leader’s action, spinning yarns and crying “tout(s)”. By using the same nonsense I could easily say that Adams arranged his own arrest therefore he is a collaborator.

On this issue I don’t believe the hype and don’t believe that number 2 was not aware of Adams intentions. I would take a wild stab in the dark and assume some of his high ranking cop friends would have informed him even if Adams didn’t.

Could it be just a show to keep the unionists happy with Adams extended stay and if he walks away a vindicated man that will be a boost for him and the SF public image?

I am not gloating over his voluntary arrest as the crown forces’ record speaks volumes when it comes to the law and republicanism. It appears more staged than anything else and given the commentaries from the shins that refuse to question Adams’ decision only adds to the suspect circumstances.

Either way, staged or not, perhaps the SF camp may now understand that to the Brits if you have outrun your service to the crown then you are no longer an asset to the occupiers.

Hypocrisy is a strange state. SF shouldn’t be inciting hatred and anger towards others and shouldn’t be questioning the PSNI for doing their job, the same job that SF tells people to support.

On this issue, Adams for his own reasons decided to promote himself and brought the issue to the fore. Perhaps he was informed the PSNI were going to seek his arrest, and his ego and need for control made him jump the gun.


  1. MC Guinness basically said if Adams is released they will continue to support policing if not they will reveiw their support.How can he keep a straight face when political policing is happening daily to activists who dont share his view.Pitty he wasn't as vocal about martin cory and others if adams is charged we might start to hear sinn fein say something constructive about the dreadful conditions in mcgaberry.

  2. RNU candidates Tommy Doherty and Sammy Cusick nail it

    “We have heard shout’s of Political Policing over the past two days from those in Sinn Fein, the same party who spoon feed the RUC/PSNI and MI5 into our communities, with claims that the PSNI are ‘the only show in town’”

    “Republican Activists who oppose the Status Quo are subject to Political Policing on a daily basis. The RUC/PSNI stop, search, raid homes, arrest, assault and intern activists, yet there is a deafening silence from Sinn Fein”

    “They are part of the problem, they have unashamedly acted as cheerleaders for the British Militia when they were assaulting, harassing and interning republicans. Why would any right thinking person want to be part of this corrupt system?”

    “However, we refuse to be selective when speaking out against the political nature of policing in the North which is inextricably linked with the occupation of the Six Counties. Republicans are out to expose and smash political policing each and every time the opportunity warrants it”

    “Irish Republicans are determined and consistent in our opposition to Political Policing, not selective as others have demonstrated when it does not suit their political agenda”

    RNU will continue to oppose Political Policing, Special Courts, Internment by Remand and all the other trappings of Imperialist occupation in Ireland. We call on everyone concerned with human rights and civil liberties to work together to oppose the PSNI and their MI5 Masters in Whitehall or Hollywood.

  3. Sean Smith,

    the leadership in SF is too deeply entrenched in the British policy of dismantling traditional republican opposition to Brit rule.
    They are vehemently opposed to any form of republicanism that does not adhere to the party more appropriate to the egos of the leadership.

    Hailing Adams as a visionary and peacemaker is very questionable as the hardliner’s tend too over exaggerate his political significance to the point of making him an idol.

    Whilst SF and their followers have no qualms about the infallible dictator that doesn’t give them the right to force their beliefs on republicans or republicanism their vision promotes and facilitates the foreign government and attacks anyone who disagrees with Brit rule.

    I sincerely doubt SF would dare offend their British masters and voice any constructive criticism on behalf of non SF republicans.

    Mc Guinness is full of shite and attempting political blackmail they are too deep in the political sewer and can’t change their pro- policing policy as that would mean they would have to rewrite their policy on peace.

    It is pure hypocrisy throwing a fit over their leader handing himself in, now it is the dark forces or as we know them the Brits the other visionaries and peacemakers at work the same people SF couldn’t praise enough.

    SF signed up for this and promote it now the next line will be “the dark forces are out to subvert SF.

  4. JoshC,

    thanks, it is the hypocrisy of SF, a few articles back I can’t remember which one but someone posted “there is a lot of unlearning to be done,”
    I think it was either Aine or Pauline my apology if I named the wrong person but there is a great truth in that line.

  5. Tain Bo
    All Adams ever bleeted about was 'due process' and the law taking its course.
    That was ok of course as long as it involved everyone else on him.
    Their carry on since his arrest is nauseating.
    He never gave a second thought to what other Republicans were subjected to.
    Worse still, God only knows how long we are going to be subjected to that load of shite they were out in force to produce on the International Wall?

  6. Sorry about the typos but very stressed my entire is going to be upended by the unsightly happenings that I am going to have to bypass at the International Wall!

  7. Here is my theory

    Peter Rogers said
    " he would not make a statement to the PSNI as the incident happened south of the border."

    What if Peter goes to the Garda and makes a statement about being ordered to move explosives and the garda ask Martin McGuinness in for a chat and arrest him too.

    Means Gerry could end up in Maghaberry and Martin in Portlaoise during the comemoration in 2016. Higly unlikely but anything is possible.

    (I still haven't ruled out Alien abduction in the search for MH70.)

  8. Chris Geovanis,

    it is only political policing if it affects SF. The other political policing is normal policing as long as it is not directed towards SF.

    As banquet man number 2 and other shins were crying they will “review” their position on policing trying political blackmail banquet man number one upon release made them all look foolish as he vows his support for the police.
    I think his answer says it all SF endorse political policing.

  9. Nuala,

    I was surprised at the low turnout at the international wall which I call the wonder wall as in I wonder why Gerry Adams who reinvents his past as minimal involvement in the RM magically became the leader.

    Publicity wise they couldn’t have bought so much attention and either way it is a win for SF. Adams is the victim of political policing and the dark forces couldn’t have timed it better.
    Charged or released he is hailed as their visionary hero for reasons I don’t understand he is the narcotic that his faithful addicts can’t get enough of.

    2nd fiddle Mc Guinness had to read from a script they probably didn’t want him to blunder and speak of his friends in high places.
    In a dramatic twist on the old questions of collusion he is now collaborating at the higher level passing it off as these are the good crown forces and not the same crown forces as that evil anti-peace, anti-SF rabble that forced Adams to turn himself in.

    Nothing unusual or suspect about Commandant Kelly being afforded the luxury of a visit to ensure the leader was being treated properly. Strange I don’t remember him showing any interest about the health and well being of Marian Price and terrible conditions of her detention?

    The entire show is looking more staged from how fast the scary mural went up to the shameful use of Vol. Bobby Sands, attempting to equate Adams as an Irish republican hero.

    Unfortunately the soap opera will continue only Gerry Adams could turn himself in and then cry foul at being placed under arrest in a cop shop unheard of perhaps one of his cohorts should have explained that process to him as nowadays he is used to signing into flashy hotels and hobnobbing with the upper-class. Not too bad for the former pint puller with limited involvement in the RM.

  10. Frankie,

    that would be great if that scenario played out Marty doing a stretch in the South and Gerry doing time in the North.
    If nothing else it would certainly bring them down from their lofty perches and give them both a healthy dose of reality.

    I am sure the Queen would come visit her favorite Irish son and Adams could entertain his brother with his sunny side of life.

    Peter Rodgers is just another one of the dark forces that is anti-peace and anti-SF another “liar” in the growing list of liars.
    That is the standard line from camp SF you would think people would have to wonder why the list grows and what are the odds that all these people are liars.
    I suppose will be hearing he is in it for the imaginary money.

    If you don’t praise and worship SF then we are all just liars and anti-peace.

  11. Maybe Gerry Adams was brought in under the guise of being wanted for questioning about Jean McConville but it was a cover...They needed to talk to him somewhere out of the public eye and tell him to inform Martin MGuinness to play ball with Peter..

    The press conference is at odd's to what was being said in public by senior PSF members..