May-Day ... May-Day

Guest writer Larry Hughes with a piece on the political fall out form the arrest of Gerry Adams.

To someone like myself who has long since stopped buying into the SF line and indeed the notion that for Ireland, republicanism is the Holy Grail and the only true way forward, events over the Adams arrest last week were fascinating. Republicanism has become a catch-all, tired and much abused political ‘philosophy’ which all manner of carpetbaggers can legitimately claim as their own. Worse still physical force republicanism it seems to me always ends up in the same stable at the end of the political race, namely the runners up enclosure; usually led there by scoundrels of the highest order after good men have been executed, slaughtered and betrayed. It was with this in mind that I watched events unfold over the four days Gerry Adams spent in the RUC custody suite in Antrim.

Big Bobby Storey was wheeled out to put the wind up the establishment and I’m sure they didn’t need a TV to hear him in England he roared that loud. How dare they arrest the leader of Irish republicanism? How embarrassing! It became evident that something would have to give. It was a question of was the RUC still calling the shots or would the English establishment rally to the aide of their new decommissioned, neutered and quarantined ‘republican’ partners in Ireland?
The best that can be said for all the tout scandals and paedo facilitation that has gone on and the endless lies coming out of SF this decade or more is that the RUC were trumped by the British political establishment and a wee loyalist mob were totally clueless for the world to see live on Sky News. Then we had the press conference after Gerry’s release. For his part Adams wasn't as smooth as he obviously thought he was yesterday. Perhaps in his haste to make political capital he hadn’t given himself, at 65 years of age, sufficient time to get over 33 interviews at the hands of his new best friends. Had he done so he would not I’m as certain as is possible with a chronic liar, have allowed himself to look so inconsiderate and self-obsessed. 

He tells us he was sitting in his cell thinking about Bobby Sands anniversary today and that the food was terrible in the Antrim interrogation suite, but not terrible enough after day two that he didn't fold and get it into him. No white-house chef, how awfully awful. It was an insight into the man’s personality and probably lets us see how much genuine empathy he had with Bobby Sands and his family back in 1981. Or indeed for his sister when her shop in Dundalk had its locks changed on her in a panic by the Provos to show their trustworthiness to their new found friends and establishment masters. A sociopathic display if an example is required for psychology students globally.  

In all of this the McConville family whose mother was dragged screaming from her home and murdered in 1972 awaited the outcome of events. What emerged over the four days surprised and shocked many. Not only did the family know some of those who abducted their mum personally, they have had to suffer this knowledge in silence for decades without any help whatsoever. This beggars belief when we consider Martin McGuinnes on the steps of Stormont with the RUC head honcho calling people engaged in physical force republicanism ‘traitors to Ireland’ and for people to give any information they have to the police. At the time many felt it was a case of ‘careful what you wish for’.

SF is now in the precarious position of having to decide if it will support the McConville family in their quest for closure. IRA volunteers involved in the incident in 1972 may be worried that indeed the SF leadership will do so. There is a precedent for Gerry Adams placing his career before all else. Indeed there are several. The 1981 hunger-strikes when votes became the name of the game and more recently when his brother and dead daddy had to be dispensed with for the greater good of the SF leaders political survival. Surely SF must assure the family they are under no threat in this new dispensation of total support for the RUC? The only people to emerge from the last four days with any integrity were the McConville family. How can anyone fail to feel a heartfelt sympathy for them? Let down by the political establishment from the very top live on Sky News no less.

On the election front what we have now is a sectarian electorate in the north once again primed and ready to go. SF will feel the RUC have been slapped down and the Orange mob made fools of again. In the south we have a society sick to the teeth of the FF/FG/Lab corruption which is grasping like a drowning man for any chance of a change, an alleviation of any sort from the economic nightmare they are enduring. In the midst of never ending austerity and chronic negative equity the parties in government have introduced multi billion euro bailouts for bankers. They have refused to jail those bankers recently found guilty even as people are jailed for having no TV licences and are having their homes repossessed by the very same banks. Bankers’ bonuses continue without shame, paying themselves millions for failure. On top of property taxes are proposed water charges in a country that hardly goes two days in a row without rain. Yes the time is certainly right for a change in the south of Ireland. It very likely will happen and SF will do extremely well this time out unlike 2007. 

Gerry may feel recent events have helped claw back some of the embarrassment he suffered at the hands of Michael MacDowell back then. But change that sweeps in paedo facilitators, proven British agents and perpetual liars and self-servers is hardly changing anything at all; is it? If SF and FF are what republicanism continually morphs itself into then I’m happy to say to Gerry Adams, I may represent no-one, but you sure as hell don’t represent me!


  1. an interesting and well written critique

  2. Great post Larry.
    Noone took one shred of delight in what happened to Adams, but the great player was played.

    He was shaken and stirred, so much so he belittled the Deputy in full public gaze leaving him to squirm to journalists in the aftermath.

    The Adams show rolled into their Balmoral and no one in that room counted for anything only him.

    The RUC/PSNI have a right to examine evidence. But do they have the right to shirk their responsibility of collecting evidence in relation to state sponsored executions?

    Sinn Fein were so carried away with making election gains, they totally overlooked the fact, that the refusal to have an inquiry into La Mon or the Ballymurphy massacre was allowed to pale into insignificance by the shadow caste by 'Fear an Phobail'.

  3. a great piece these views need wider circulation. PQ is a refreshing, insightful and at times witty platform.

  4. A solid and accurate observation Larry a cara ,what makes me laugh is the reaction of the paid employees of quisling $inn £eind, they arrived en masse to engage in idolitary at the mural of an eejit who regards himself as something between Bobby Sands Steve Biko and that other fucking eejit Mandela, he knew what the result of that the farce that was played out the over the last few days would be ,aided in his media response by special advisers from Downing st no doubt, he wants to escape from under the Damocles sword that the Mc Conville war crime is,and in doing so he will hang anyone and everyone out to dry as long as he saves his own skin, hopefully Pete Rodgers recent revelations will now come to haunt both him and his cronie Mc Guinness, like a dominoe effect that past has,nt gone away,

  5. u can represent me and im sure a few other tpqers larry oldstock. marty - glad ur wide to mandela the great faker-bullshit artist. thought i was alone there. yeah they'll probably wipe the floor down here in elections. so many sound aul grassroot sfers down here , its just sad they all turn into north koreans when kim il gerry is around. keep her lit larry.

  6. Excellent analysis Hughsie, one of the best pieces I've read in relation to this whole sorry saga. I think Nuala makes a very relevant point in that in the mad rush to make political capital they forgot all about Villiers and Ballymurphy but in truth it shows them for the self-obsessed pigs that they are

  7. These former republicans have accused us of betrayal and sell-out and have said we should be shot because of our support for the Good Friday Agreement and policing.

    From Gerry Adams press conference...Less than 24hrs later his family receive death threats???

    Something doesn't add up..

  8. Must we repeat the same pattern time after time?

    Can't we exercise our brains and our franchise and vote these sleazy SF frauds out ... Vote anything and everything but SF.
    Vote for the Prods too...anyone and everyone bar S(leazy) F(rauds)!

    These treacherous pricks are like a malignant tumour that needs to be cut out and eradicated.

  9. Why doesn't Adams just resign and go the f**k away once and for all - why don't the rank and file of PSF wake up and stop being political groupies and grow a pair.

    BTW the death threats are to their political careers but nobody has had the balls to pull the trigger on that.

    Great post.

  10. For his part Adams wasn't as smooth as he obviously thought he was yesterday.

    Is this the consensus afterwards Larry?
    I hope so, when I heard his speech I thought it was the type of thing that is lapped up by less cynical people than myself (which is most people). In any case, if this didn’t elicit the required sympathy, the latest strategically timed ‘death threat’ should.

  11. I thought the party 'leadership' looked so sycophantic when Gerry returned at the press conference it was truly embarrassing. I wrote before some time ago about the Ballymurphy Massacre and that the Batang Kali Massacre relatives in Malaya were refused an enquiry after 64 years campaigning. Some SF twit accused me of being a 'tout' for asking why Gerry wasn't fully behind the Murph' community then. Well we saw why, he's thinking of his old mate Bobby Sands while he writes his release speech eating his 'awful' dinner!!

    Here's a guy who has Gerryiloveonlyme down to a 'T'

  12. Larry,

    Great piece I agree with Nuala there is no gloating when the crown forces scoop any republican that is including the SF camp even though I can’t agree with their power grabbing conquest of the Irish people.
    Even though Adams reinforced the SF policy of “political policing” Irish republicans should not be cheering the crown forces on.

    I think the message of representation needs to be voiced more something that the non Sinn Fein public need to promote and articulate clearly that SF does not represent us.
    The semantics endorsing political policing is just an affirmation of supporting British rule of course they will deny that but the SF language against other republicans would say different.
    As they act much the same as the Brits and don’t even attempt to disguise it.

    The wonder wall spectacle along with the scathing hate campaign speaks volumes for the egocentric leadership you would think it was Adams who was abducted, executed, and secretly buried.
    It is impossible that everyone else is deviating from the truth and Adams is beyond reproach.

    Obviously the dark forces decided this was a case of Justice for Adams and to hell with the truth along with the strong message to any victims of the bloody past don’t expect your horrific loss to receive any truth or justice.

  13. Great post and great comment! There's no such thing as bad publicity and PSF have certainly undone themselves. Blessed is the mundane indeed. The other SDLP, the new FF, the soon to be new FG inspires nothing except immigration, sectarianism, cronyism, and all the other usual maladies of neo -colonialism.

  14. Grouch,

    I think you will have to expand Sardonia, if SF keep expanding their British republicanism, Irish republicans won’t have a yard of Irish turf to stand on.
    I am applying for my non-passport and non-membership in the non morning or non night which ever arrives first.

  15. Tain bo I agree that there can be no gloating when the po-lice grip a republican,but putting that waster Gerry Itwasntme into that category stretchs reality to far a cara,

  16. Tain Bo

    As I said at the start of the article 'republicanism' isn't an issue. Any delusions towards that have been poisoned out of me by SF years and years ago. I'm in no way a cheerleader for anyone's arrest or conviction. I just have an inability to empathise with Adams. I'll explain why.

    Say your neighbour was found out to have covered up for his brother raping his niece since she was 4 years old. Not only covered it up but was said to have promoted the brother politically and within community youth groups for a decade or more. The police it turns out knew all about it but for whatever reason did zero regarding the matter. If a man like that came to your door looking for your vote, what would you say to him? Would you be inclined to even talk to him?

    Now think what kind of a person you would need to be to not only consider talking to and voting for someone like that, but to actually IDOLISE him as your leader.

    Now think again of all those faces at the SF leadership table at the recent press conference.
    There's something very dark and scary about SF and the people in it. I'm not talking guns, I'm talking total lack of moral fibre.

    My lack of empathy for Adams has nothing to do with republicanism, some bullshit IRA code of honour, or the 'troubles' nor even the precious peace process. Those are all just issues the dark sinister people in SF hide behind whilst carving out careers for themselves.

    It's about what depths you are prepared to sink to as a human being, and I personally wont sink that far, imperfect as I am. The words republican and peace have nothing to do with it.

    I hope the McConville family get justice at this stage I really do in my heart. That is the only change that the arrest and media circus surrounding the arrest of Gerry Adams affected in me.

  17. Larry, good call....

    Glenalina-Bull says:
    1:57 PM, September 14, 2012
    Nope- still can't get through an article without politicking to attack the wrong side. Larry "Mi5" Hughes just can't help himself.

    Glenalina, still reckon larry is attacking the wrong side????? I've re-read Larry's piece and he called it right 18mths ago or so..

    Gerry Adams this is your life....and the guy has GA down to a T..

  18. Larry

    You are right on the core issue --will SF ensure the Family safety if they give what information they have to Police. I think it would do the Family some justice.

    It is possible that whatever evidence the family can give might not amount to sufficient or reliable evidence that would convict anyone. Of course things like lack of evidence have not discouraged NI Courts in the past.

    I think another injustice done to the family which is often overlooked; after the IRA disappeared their mother the State abducted and disappeared Mrs McConville's children from each other.

  19. Tiarna,
    Both Helen McHendry & Michael McConville know some (if not all) of those involved in the abduction of their mother.

    It is possible that whatever evidence the family can give might not amount to sufficient or reliable evidence that would convict anyone

    I'd say they (the McConville family) have very daming evidence but as Michael McConville has said he wont give the names to the PSNI because it is possible some members of today's PFR , who were once PIRA volunteers will see him as touting and while he probably wont be disappeared like his's possible that either himself or one of his kids etc. could be fatally injured in a 'hit and run' car accident or other..

    I think another injustice done to the family which is often overlooked; after the IRA disappeared their mother the State abducted and disappeared Mrs McConville's children from each other.

    The social services splitting up a family pales into nothing when compared to what happen to Jean McConville.

    Adams needs to give the family the green light to give the information they have to the PSNI as the Stormont deputy 1st minister has called upon people to do in the past. Enough Little Britain antics,

    There is a bigger chance of you placing your 'X' beside a PSF canditate than that happening..

  20. Larry,

    I would trust SF as much as I would trust the RC Church covering up and shifting blame seems to be a common trait.
    It is amusing that a man who says he was never in the RA is now the great leader.
    There is something lacking or something we fail to understand why they put this very dodgy character above all else and worship him with a god like status.

    I can see why he was very endeared by some priests they seem to share some shady goings on.
    That is why they use the load of balls green book code as they seem desperate to keep the lid on the dirt within the SF leadership.

  21. Marty,

    I agree with your thought as it is difficult to say republican and Adams in the same line.
    I remain indifferent to his sideshow staged detention however if we agree with policing then we find ourselves in the SF camp and they have been consistent in agreeing with the cops when it comes to scooping republicans.

    The cop language of insufficient evidence is not a vindication of his alleged involvement that clause means they have him if they want him but for now he serves the purpose and his supporters are praising him as a true Irish hero.

    Personally I believe he is guilty as sin and find those who stated he give the orders more believable.
    More believable as SF continues to dishonor the volunteers and they do it with such bitterness all to defend Adams and shift the focus away from his dirty dealings.

  22. Tiarna,

    That is a good point but like those who ordered the murder they had no regard for the aftermath and the state had no concern for tearing an already grieving family apart.
    It is a tragic set of circumstances and the latest insufficient evidence is just another slap in the face for the family and their right to find out the truth.

  23. Tain bo provides a very realistic view by depersonalising the example about reactions to child abuse. there are many common threads appearing in all the recent views the one that stands out is the 'hero worship' for gerry taking this a step further and one could describe sf as a cult with the beard as the idol.

  24. Tain Bo

    You touched on something there that had crossed my mind after seeing Fr Alec Reid on the Vincent Brown show stating he believed Gerry Adams was a man sent from God. The thought which has since crossed my mind is did the Liam Adams scandal and prolonged cover-up help bond Fr Reid and Gerry in some sick way. We will never know.

  25. Quisling $inn £einds giving the Mc Conville family protection is akin to leaving alterboys in the clutches of Brendan Smith or some other pervie priest.if I was them I,d ask for a ppw like those in quisling $inn £eind carry and take my chances,

  26. Frankie

    "Both Helen McHendry & Michael McConville know some (if not all) of those involved in the abduction of their mother."

    Helen McHendry's evidence is hearsay as she was not present. The Evidence of Michael is afflicted with his age at the time and did he know all of the people involved or did another sibling id them and the names have become fixed in his mind over the years? Their evidence as compelling as it might be will likely be open to other weaknesses.

    I do not agree with you that traumatized children torn apart under the circumstances by a bunch of social workers is not a significant feature of the horrific ordeal that they went through and probably still profoundly affects each of them. In fact social workers have poor record of being caring or thoughtful individuals on how to deal with or treat children --especially abused or traumatized children. They are generally known for making a child's life worse, and not too many children afterwards grow up with anything good to say about their social worker. The only chance such children ever have is if good foster parents or adoptive parents fill the void of the real parents and the social workers are kept away as much as possible.

  27. marty

    or the odd Sinn Fein cummain in Liam's control. ?? You have a very valid point with precedence!!

  28. Tain,
    I know the damage social workers can do and the long term damage they do by seperating brothers and sisters. But at least today the McConville family still have each other. What they don't have is answers to what happened to their mother.
    And it wasn't the social workers who started the mess. I don't like social workers. I don't trust them.

    While Helen McKendry's evidence is hearsay.. Michaels isn't. If you watched you mother, father or other being dragged from your home when you were 11/12yrs of age..The faces of the people who dragged whoever from your arms would be time stamped forever in your memory. Michael was there. And a week later taken away beaten with bars/poles and stabbed in the leg...

  29. Cannot disagree with any of this Lorenzo, especially the attitude, and political/economic need of our fellow Irishwomen/men in the twenty six counties stuck with an unappealing alternative to the bowsies who have raped our opportunity for decades.
    The family of the late Mrs. McConville are due answers but, if Gerry(s) and others had dealt with this as they said they would years past, they would now not be in the mess they seem to be in.
    BTW, are ye still here or have you managed to escape?

  30. frankie, i spotted that glenina spoofer a while back too, knobend. tain, saordonia is an actual state, a very real geographical location in the west of ireland but it is also a state of mind. welcome to my country tain, you have the freedom to roam the wilds of saordonia, both real and unreal.

  31. menace

    Regardless of my own reasons for having lost any remaining shred of empathy or respect for SF I do believe they will have an exceptional election result in the south. Tonight on RTE we were told water charges on average 250 euro per year per household are being nailed down into law this week. AND if you don't pay the bill your water will be cut off. I just can't believe the insensitivity and contempt towards the electorate in the jaws of an election.

    Make no mistake SF will rattle their cage this time out. My viewing RTE tv should answer your question I think.

  32. I don't understand paying water charges. This rock we live on is 75% water!!!!!!

  33. Frankie

    it rains nearly every day!! They are going to leave people on the breadline. Pay rises and expenses to themselves of course. I can't figure it all out. But the amount of people looking into councils, Europe and the Dail kinda shows you where the smell of money is coming from....politics.

  34. Sean Bres,
    It could be coincidental that his arrest came at the same time as Villier's statement all the noise around Gerry took the sting out of the tail.

    Robinson now wants to meet with the Mc Convilles. Perhaps he would be better served meeting with the many hundreds of families who's innocent relatives were cut to pieces by Loyalists.

    Republicanism is in the dock again and again and again.
    Those names have been with the police and the security forces for a lifetime .
    M15 and MI6 who we are told read this blog will be nodding their heads in agreement.
    There is more to this sorry saga than a fine tooth comb would extract.

  35. Larry,

    '..a wee loyalist mob were totally clueless for the world to see live on Sky News.'

    Regardless of who was protesting outside Antrim Police Station on Sunday evening, a perversion of the time honoured tradition of innocent subjects of cause celebres exiting places of detention by the front door to affirm their innocence of that to which they have been accused to an awaiting press and public acclaimation was prevented. It is immaterial that Chewbacca's itinerary of innocence was curtailed to having to leave by the rear door, as is befitting of a blameless culprit, by the presence of Loyalists or any other group. What is important is the message that was conveyed internationally - statesmen and figures of national unity and reconciliation are not spirited away via back doors but the chief suspect in the abduction, murder and secret burial of a mother of ten was forced to.

  36. yes, it rains every second day, the country is full of rivers and lakes, we are surrounded by seas and ginormous fuc*ing oceans and we pay for it. the colonel lived in africa and had the sahara as his neighbour yet he managed to drill down into the wells miles beneath the sahara and piped it up to his people. God be good to him, he died fighting unlike his former friends who gave up the arms he gave them, surrendered, then disowned him in the dail (ferris u poacher turned gamekeeper wanker) and ended up toasting the tyrant who bombed the shit out of his people. we are a shower (not sure if the pun is intended) of numpties here.

  37. Frankie

    Yes a face or more could become fixed in his mind and he may know for sure who somebody was but that will be hotly contested and my point is that his evidence may not be a walk-through. Identification evidence is not cast iron evidence. Look at the Colin Duffy case from some years ago where a witness claimed to know Colin Duffy and positively identified him in a police line-up but then later could not distinguish between him and one of his brothers.

  38. Larry,

    The RC Church and SF very dodgy outfits I am beginning to believe that Adams for at least one priest is a gift from god.
    That statement could easily be interpreted in different ways. It is just a wee bit suspect that the former man of violence underwent a more impressive transformation than St Paul on the road to Damascus.

    SF calling for the Pope to visit Belfast again a little suspect definitely not a call of the devout but a more suspicious political need for validation.
    The relationship between certain priests and the not so holy SF is a very questionable one.
    Perhaps I am wide of the mark and it is a genuine call for absolution let’s just say the Pope would be a very busy man if he takes their confessions.

    I suppose nowadays the upper-class party can call for a visit from the Pope now that all the past is being gagged.
    Not to piss off the practicing Catholics but I hope the Pope does the proper thing and keep a straight face when saying “thanks SF, but no thanks.”
    That would at least put an end to their shameless self-promoting via religion.

  39. A Chairde, the reason for the water charges, along with re-introduction of rates, pension levy, health levy and universal social charge is simply, the governments of the Republic are doing what the franco-hun axis in Brussels tell them, they have been told to introduce higher taxes and to charge people for living in their own homes and to pay for their water consumption, despite this previously being covered in already high taxes.
    Larry, as you know, we're already on the breadline, whether we live in Lifford or Strabane, Jonesboro or Ravensdale, I can recall 2011 being canvassed by both FG and ILP candidates both of whom I asked, 'will you get rid of the USC'? they all told me, 'yes', I'm still waiting and am so pissed off myself and colleagues, all in low paid jobs, are busting our balls to pay off the foreign gamblers.
    As I've said before, SF will make hay with their opposition to the household charge yet, they do so in Lifford while, a couple of hundred yards away, and in the same parish, they impose on ordinary workers the highest increase in household charge anywhere in the six counties.

  40. Menace,
    Of course you are spot on. However, this sorry state of affairs has been allowed to happen because there has never been a credible opposition to British austerity measures in any part of this country.

  41. Frankie,

    that is one happy light the McConville family have. Agreed it wasn’t the social workers doing then again social services don’t always act in the best interests but usually end up latching onto the quick fix.

    What happened to the woman was callously vicious and what is happening to the family is outrageously cruel the Paramilitary law still hangs over the family and anybody that agrees with that is sick.
    They shouldn’t have to endure the threat of something they became the victims of they didn’t do anything to deserve such horrendous treatment. Being exploited and bounced from pillar to post.

    No closer to justice in what looks like protecting someone in a high place this family have the right not to trust anyone. The Provo law is something they have great reason to fear along with the system that repeatedly denies them the truth and justice they deserve.

    This is a mess all seemingly to protect those on high it is highly unlikely that the cops have no idea but more likely they are forbidden to go after the protected ones.

  42. Robert

    I hadn't looked at the crowd/mob in that light but I had cringed at the thought of him stepping out of Antrim barracks like Mandella coming out of jail. So I concede you nailed that one.

    Tain Bo

    I'd much rather see Peter Robinson invite the Pope. It would have seriously much more impact that them SF turds asking him to the North. Also, (for Peter) it would have the huge bonus of assisting him in his quest for middla class papish voters. (That's the downside)


    If SF get into government at next election and then they will do a Labour/FG and LibDem/Tory in Uk and it will be the people left shafted AGAIN.

    1. This might come back to haunt me but I'd predict a new rainbow FF, Sticks pr what's left pf them and we ourselves with Gerry putting Mary Lou McMiddleclass as Tainiste
      Fionnula, agreed but, where dowe ffind credible opppsition? Of you speak out about FG/stickies austerity you're sodelined as subversive, if ypu opppse SF opposition you're labeled dangerous dissident, the elite political classvhave it sewn up and dissent is banned from the airwaves

  43. Menace,
    I don't know where the opposition lies. I just know if they are not found the choice between heat and eat will become universal.
    Look at those in Government. Here in the North they earn incredible salaries and for what so that the people receive mediocre representation, if any.
    The circus at the weekend provided evidence of the need to get shot of these people and ensure they do go away once and for all.

  44. Foinnula, I am not disagreeing simply putting the reality that all the political elite have the game sown up and the potential to break through is limited, I myself will be voting for independents but I cannot see they will make the same impact they did in 2011 in the twenty six while in the six people not to trust what they don't know.
    There must be some way people can get the message across, I spend mornings discussing this with colleagues in Dublin all in agreement for change but, other than commit resources to mass publicity, how can the hegemony be broken?
    Finally sorry for the spelling, on phone in Belfast city center at the time.

  45. Fionnuala/menace

    getting close to the time when 1916 societies and disillusioned republicans and nationalists get together with a broad front electoral (non violent) programme with the aim of getting alternative representatives elected.

    kind of Anti-H-block 5 point plan and put people forward to promote it.

    too soon yet, SF coming to end of their rope. A labour type flop in the Dail for them will be the crescendo before their crash!!

  46. I hope you're right Larry but, the sheeple you refer to are too easy led, the big test for how thick Paddy's actually are will be the FF result this year, if recovering I'm emigrating since the present 'croppie lie down' arrangement is not what my Granda's cousin got himself executed for in 1916.

  47. menace

    hang in there. make a note of all SF promises/lies in this and the next election and put them in cold storage.

    Paddy only wants a few bob in his pocket and a fair crack of the whip. 600,000 holiday homes in Donegal and Scap living the high life in Italy while SF agents try to call others touts for not being sheeple has gone out of fashion like flared trousers ffs.

  48. Fecks sake Larry I hope I can rely on yourself for assistance on that of you've finished the study

  49. menace

    archives being compiled every day...building building. sure isn't that what UK/SF wanted torpedoed? all that investment, jigsaw work murder and agent placement they spent decades on up in smoke if people don't buy the 'lie'.

    I haven't gone anywhere ya know, nor will I be switched on and off the way Gerry switches Bobby 'I gotta believe I'm a RA-man' on and off. Course I'll help ya.

  50. Oh, and on a less serious note Larry, I know where you're from so less slagging the auld flared trousers, they will make a come back!

  51. Go raibh maith agat a cara, I'll give ye a bell next week so.

  52. menace said " the big test for how thick Paddy's actually are will be the FF result this year,". yes u hav it sussed a cara. i gave up a while ago on paddy. and i try my best not to be cynical and apathetic but ive met one too many me fein pseudo-patriotic croney wanker down here in the repukelic to have much hope. the only thing that gives me some comfort lately is the articles and comments on this and a few other sites. thers a few decent paddies out there. somewhere. like ur comment at 2.41 larry.

  53. menace
    do well. Wednesday onward, I get my IMF 'bailout' then. ive no Armani suit though, flares would need to hurry up!

  54. I was looking at an Aston Villa footy forum to see their reaction to tonights match (they lost 4 nil to the noisey neighbours)
    Anyhow I found this thread here on it..

    On of the posts goes like this..
    You can be arrested and released without charge. It's just as likely to be publicity stunt by him to force their hand

  55. Frankie

    I just read that link there this morning. We don't appreciate enough the English working class insightfulness. We tend to think English = anti Paddy. But having worked teaching abroad with quite a few working class Englishmen they are pretty well clued in and a refreshing source of chat/debate. Good to see comments like those. It doesn't surprise me in the least.