Jean Mc Conville: The dogs on the street know who did it.

A piece from the blog Vixens With Convictions on Sinn Fein intimidation and smearing in the wake of the arrest of Gerry Adams. It initially featured on 5 May 2014 and is reproduced by TPQ with permission.

There couldn’t have been a more intimidating sight to the children of Jean Mc Conville than the scores of republicans who turned up on Saturday afternoon, and who congregated at the top of Derby Terrace in the Divis estate in West Belfast, and spilled onto the Falls Road to listen to speeches at the unveiling of a wall mural dedicated to the Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams.

A few yards up again, old comrades of Brendan Hughes, from D Company, or “the dogs”, as they were locally known, were out with flags and black regalia, commemorating in the memorial garden.

Graffiti had also appeared that week citing “Boston College Touts”, in strategic places on the Falls Road.

Intimidating, because Michael McConville had that weekend, given an interview to BBC Radio Four, in which he stated he couldn’t hand the names of those who he believed to be involved in his mother’s murder to the police, because he “would be shot”.

Sickening, because the location of the rally, and the wall mural, is a few hundred yards from where Jean McConville was dragged from her home, in front of her screaming children.

Michael McConville was further asked why he felt there would be reprisals for him if he named the members of the IRA involved. “Everybody thinks the IRA have gone away,” he said “but they have not.”

At that rally held by Sinn Féin, a former IRA head of Intelligence, Bobby Storey - now the chair of Belfast Sinn Féin, told the gathered crowd he was sending a direct message to both governments and the “cabal,” adding the following phrase “we aint going away, you know”. Those were carefully chosen words. Bobby Storey should be asked to clarify them.

There was no public outrage at this fact. A few newspaper columnists picked up on it, but there were few hard questions asked of Sinn Féin about the perceived threat to Michael McConville, which he had explained publicly the previous day.

Sinn Féin used their brass neck to hold a rally where they turned the victim in the Jean McConville case from the widowed mother of ten who was murdered, to Gerry Adams. Key figures made sure they were in attendance. There, was Sue Ramsey, seen laughing and joking with her sister, father and other close friends. There, was Martin Mc Guinness, suited and booted.

There, was Martina Anderson, looking like a grief stricken woman, forlorn and clutching onto a poster of Gerry Adams with Nelson Mandela, looking, for all accounts and purposes like a relative holding a missing person poster.

The irony was not lost. Are Sinn Féin completely devoid of all traces of humanity? Gerry Adams, by that stage, had only been away from the republican family for a matter of days. Jean Mc Conville, the real victim in this case, in case anyone had lost sight of that fact in the resultant Sinn Féin spin, had been missing for years from her children. She is 42 years dead this year. Her body wasn’t found until 31 years after the IRA secretly buried her after breaking her bones and shooting her dead. Her children were all split up and taken into care. The effects have been far reaching across the Mc Conville family, and they continue to this day.

What ordinary decent person could be failed to be moved by their plight? But – for Sinn Féin, it wasn’t about supporting the McConville family in their search for justice and accountability for their mother’s murder. It was about making a martyr and a victim out of Gerry Adams. It was about applying political pressure to try and thwart the criminal investigation. It was also about an election campaign. Adams gave a press conference, flanked by key election candidates under a Sinn Féin election poster. Wall to wall coverage resulted. The press conference by some of Jean McConville’s children was swallowed up in the media furore.

Michael McConville should have nothing to fear from the IRA. He is publicly protected in the sense that should anything happen to him, people will know exactly who was behind it. Republicans are not stupid. They have succeeded in the short term, to have their leader released to the delight of his supporters. However, the court of public opinion will be with the family of Jean McConville throughout the rest of this murder investigation. Sinn Féin should report the names of those who were involved themselves to the police, in a show of solidarity with Michael McConville. If they really do support policing, what’s the problem?

After all, the dogs on the street know who did it.


  1. he stated he couldn’t hand the names of those who he believed to be involved in his mother’s murder to the police, because he “would be shot”.
    This is one of the inconsistencies within their campaign,because if you accept that after 40+ years there are no forensics for the police to pursue, then they are ultimately asking for people to come forward and name names to the police. Something they won’t do themselves.

  2. No punches pulled there!! Great article. The bit about Martina Anderson looking as if she was holding a poster for a missing relative truly sums up the people in SF. Boy that stops you in your tracks for a second!

    Mr McConville certainly has the moral high ground. Personally as someone who hit the bottle hard for well on a decade I can only look at the man and how he continues to conduct himself with such dignity with a sense of wonderment.

    The shinners and the IRA issue has become tedious, like a nun crossing a zebra crossing 'now you see her now you don't now you see her now you dont'. If Gerry is the only one in SF with reliable loyalty to the RUC what is he doing as leader?

    Time to get justice for Mr McConville and his long suffering siblings. God bless them and best wishes say I.

  3. Daithi,
    Michael McConville has passed the names on to Gerry Adams. And as best as i can can make out Jean McConville has passed the naes to the PSNI..and they confirmed to her it's the same names they have..

    My guess is still still this, next year when Ivor Bell is in front of a judge it will all come out. I don't think the powers that be or the spoooks are to bothered about the Euro elections (or the super council ones either)..They'll bide their time and play their hand during the general elections on both sides of the border..

    "This hasn't gone away you know"

  4. Larry,
    What is justice for the McConville family? do you want volunteers to go to jail for executing a tout in 1972? or do you just want Adams inside? what about Ivor Bell? should he go to jail? where does it stop? does everybody who feels wronged during the war by republicans now get prosecutions, because lets be honest the Brits are never going to see inside of a cell.
    I have no respect for some comments on here. They are criminalising the whole republican struggle in the eyes of some observers in the pursuit of Adams, who practically is never in any danger of losing his freedom. Personally i don't think there is any crime to answer for. She was a tout and she was executed. It is pretty black and white for me. What else were you supposed to do send her to England, Scotland and let touts destroy the army just because they were mothers? In my opinion she had to go, the whole disappearing nonsense was the problem here.

  5. Having followed recent events it is hard not to empathise with the Mc Conville family. It was and is equally disturbing to watch the SF spin machine kick into gear.

    SF look to have little direction without the stewardship of thier venerated leader. It should be of concern to all that SF is obviously a one man show and incapable of being other than reactionary to events when GA falls of the radar.

    For a long time now people from within republicanism have been trying to elevate thier leader on to the same iconic status as Castro,Mandela and such like. There is some simularities but there is no equivalence.

    Irish republicans and nationalists need to take a long thoughtful look at how things went from trying to push the brits out of Ireland, to a campaign of mindless hero worship of a man that has led republicanism back to the well of subjugation.

    I do understand why Michael would still feel the hand of those that murdered his mother, around his throat, choking out of him the ability to go to the police. Bobby Storey advertised well the fact that they are still in existance and have no intention of going away. That said, why has this burden been placed on the victims. The police know just about everything now that happened over that week. There is not much they do not know about the untouchable mr Adams, after all, they made sure he was surrounded at the highest levels with informers.

    The whole judiciary have abdicated thier responsibilities to the real victims of the past forty years. This is policy of a government who has failed a law abiding constituency, to preserve a dirty peace.

    If victims want justice they will have to step up and make it happen, give the government and perps no where to hide. The state has failed victims.

  6. David Higgins

    There is no point in you getting irate with me. Martin McGuinness stood at Stormont and called people traitors to Ireland. SF have consistently called for people to provide information to the PSNI. Gerry Adams in a humiliating slap down (imo) to Bobby Story stated clearly he supports the PSNI and reiterated the IRA HAS gone away and is not coming back.

    I have a very high degree of empathy for the McConville family in all this. Those in SF and those who follow them must square their own party-policy circle on the issue of information to the PSNI.

    I wouldn't advocate supporting the PSNI. They do not investigate Robinson and the Third Force with Brian Nelson and S. African arms to kill Catholics. They'd have to investigate themselves if they did.

    SF have abandoned all non-SF nationalists to the PSNI and are shocked that the beastie came for them too. If Adams falls on his own duplicitous political sword I'll shed no tears.

  7. David Higgins
    It is your belief Jean Mc Conville was a tout , is that because you have first hand information , if you have such information you should take it straight to the nearest PSNI station as per the instructions given to us all by the Sinn Fein leadership.
    The very people that ordered the abduction torture and murder of the poor mother of ten then labelled her a tout are now calling for anyone with information about the abduction torture and murder of Jean to contact the PSNI
    So you should really take a long intake of breath and realise that its not the people on here that wants the volunteers’ locked up it’s the very people who controlled the Provo’s and are now in control of Sinn Fein
    Remember also Martin stood beside the Chief Constable and called republicans Traitors
    The Provo’s who had touts at the highest command told us that Jean was a tout and we are supposed to believe them , we are also told that Gerry Adams who attended meetings on behalf of IRA volunteers’ ( maybe he made the tea and swept up) was never a member of the IRA
    The IRA says Jean Mc Conville was a tout
    Gerry Adams says he wasn’t in the IRA
    Question is giving information to the PSNI not called touting ???

  8. David Higgins.
    FairPlay to you for having the courage to come out and put this whole sorry saga and the consequences of calling for 'hang em high' into perspective.

  9. David touts did destroy the army ,touts ran the army ,touts still continue to run quisling $inn £eind,giving Gerrybroy the names of the people he sent out to carry out this war crime is like asking Thatcher to investigate the sinking of the Belgrano,any damage Jean Mc Conville as a tout could have done pales into insignificance to the damage those bastards have done and continue to do..

  10. In my opinion the disappearing of Jean McConville exemplified the evil mindset of someone who would go on to callously keep a hunger strike going, at the cost of six lives, in order to win an election.

    Of someone who while encouraging IRA volunteers to continue the war was seeking ways out of that war behind their backs with their enemies.

  11. David,
    Personally i don't think there is any crime to answer for.

    Disappearing someone is a war crime. Same as Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy, Kingsmill and a host of others in between. You can say different but most would agree with me (if they are honest with themselves).

    I don't think anyone should be jailed for pre 98' murders but they way things are panning out thats whats happening to former Republican & Loyalist combatants purely because of how badly PSF negotiated the GFA, St. Andrews & Weston Park..

    The whole raison d'etre of the provisionals was to force britian out off Ireland by hook or by crook and they didn't. In the end the provisional leadership settled for what was basically on offer in 1974 and in the process of settling for a lot less than their objectives their leadership have allowed former volunteers to be criminalised.

    Gerry Adams still runs a real risk of going to jail for 2yrs if it can be proven he had anything to do with the murder and disappearence of Jean McConville and or Ivor Bell admits under oath that Gerry Adams was his OC (Gerry Adams basically fingered Bell last week in his press coference).. This still has a long way to go....

  12. David Higgins,

    I agree entirely with your point. If McConville was a tout then she got what was coming to her. To let her simply leave the country would have sent a message to others that the consequences of informing might not always be so harsh. If an exception was made to this case, it soon may have been applied to others. Having said that they should have let the family bury her body rather than disappearing.

    Boyne Rover,

    We may never have definitive information as to whether or not McConville was actually an informer. Whether David Higgins has first hand information or not I wouldn't know. I certainly don't as i wasn't even born. However, I do believe that she was an informer based on accounts from Brendan Hughes and Dolourus Price. These accounts are surely the closest we have on record as the truth. Both had absolutely no incentive to falsely claim that she was an informer. In fact, if it was their sole intention to damage Adams or SF it would surely have been more advantageous to say that she was not an informer but a complete innocent. Both seem to have made immense sacrifices and stuck to their beliefs throughout.

    Such a shame that the Boston College project has been attacked by various players, maliciously taken advantage by other actors and it's information not strenuously protected by Boston College. Probably the only route to a more truthful and more accurate historical record has been lost to all involved in the conflict, the present and future generations.

  13. AnBuachaill,
    The Provisional leadership allowed Denis Donaldson to retire to Donegal and allowed Scap to walk away with (assuming reports are right) at least 2million green backs. He was paid, if reports are right 80k a yr for 25yrs. The leadership knew he was tout...

    What kinda of message did that send out?

  14. Frank,
    The Donaldson and Scap cases are somewhat different to McConvilles. They were found out (at least publicly) in a completely different context and at a time when the PIRA had already left, or were in the process of leaving the stage. Not as easy to treat such high profile informers in the manner of McConville in such a context.

    Nevertheless Donaldson and Scap were informers. Donaldson got what he deserved, I hope Scap does one day too.
    I would argue though that you are a bit generous with your comment that "The Provisional leadership allowed Denis Donaldson to retire to Donegal". Although it was seemingly the RIRA that did the job, it was always fairly obvious what fate would become him. Living in a cottage with no running water or electricity waiting to get blown apart by a shotgun, he was hardly given that much grace!

    As for Scap I dont know when, or perhaps more importantly who, in the leadership realised he was an informer. Those who discovered he was an informer were probably informers themselves and at the end of the day Scap was to valuable an asset for the British, unlike McConville.

  15. Anbhuachail

    I get the notion you feel low level touts are execution material and high level/high grade informants like those running the SF/Provo project are to be given due consideration.

    It's the peace process now so it doesn't really count!? Considering Donaldson/Scap/Adams and Co. have all been at it 20 years +++?? Thanks for clearing up the mind-set and we all know now how SF supporters/members 'rationalise'.

    What a heap of shite!!

  16. Larry Hughes,

    You may have a notion, but that is all it is. you draw far to many assumptions from my comments.

    I never once drew any distinctions between low level informers and high grade ones, apart from stating that McConville was not as valuable to the Brits as Scap and that is why she was so easily disposed of in contrast to Scap. That's pretty much stating the obvious!

    "It's the peace process now so it doesn't really count!? Considering Donaldson/Scap/Adams and Co. have all been at it 20 years +++??"
    I have no clue where you drew this assumption from! I stated clearly my belief that McConville should have been killed but not disppeared, that Donaldson got his just deserts in the end, and that I hope Scap will meet the same faith. Not once did i draw distinction between those running SF project and McCOnville so if you want to make and argument that has any form of validity get your facts straight.

    It would serve you much better to read what I actually said rather than in between the lines.
    And for the record I am not a member/supporter of SF, though I, like many others, once was. It is not something I am ashamed of. Regrettable that I did not come to specific realisations sooner but when you are born into a certain background and fed certain information such relisations can be slow until you get too an age where you can educate yourself on these matters. But don't dare try to tar me with any stick.

  17. Larry,
    That's not the case. This whole Jean Mc Conville scenario has been revised and revised and revised.
    No one is disputing the fact that this family deserves sympathy but Mrs Mc Conville was an informer and one who had been warned.
    What I find despicable is , those by their very calibre who would have protested outside her home are now making inferences that Republicans should be imprisoned for this!

  18. AnBuachaill

    There was a massive difference between Jean McConville and the likes of Scap. To the British Jean McConville was cattle fodder, Frank Hegarty,Aidan Starrs, John Dignam and Gregory Burns expendable. Scap and Denis were in a very different league. That's why they weren't exposed sooner.

    The Donaldson and Scap cases are somewhat different to McConvilles. They were found out (at least publicly) in a completely different context and at a time when the PIRA had already left, or were in the process of leaving the stage

    At the same time when the provisionals were on ceasefire and leaving the stage they killed Joe O'Connor, Paul Quinn, Ray McCartney, carried out the Northern Bank....forced Anthony out of his home. AnBuachaill we both could rattle off loads more dirty deeds carried out by the provisionals while they were winding up.

    Those who discovered he was an informer were probably informers themselves and at the end of the day Scap was to valuable an asset for the British, unlike McConville.

    That's as clear as day light. Scap was outted to protect a higher informer/s. Danny Morrision basically admitted it..

    If If Stakeknife was such a senior figure, sabotaging the IRA, then throughout the past ten years he or she did not do such a great job when one recalls the mortar attack on 10 Downing Street in 1991 and the bombings in Bishopsgate and Canary Wharf or on the British army’s HQ in Lisburn in 1997 when a soldier lost his life. It is alleged that last year the IRA broke into the Special Branch HQ at Castlereagh and stole intelligence files and had a spy ring at the heart of government. If so, where was Stakeknife to stop them? Had he been retired or come under suspicion and been frozen out?

    Scap (who is a sadist & serial killer) had left the scene when Bishopsgate, Canary Wharf, Lisburn etc took place and Danny knows that. I'll try to find the link but Scap was arrested by the RUC after he was outted but Mi5 stepped in and told the RUC to release him..He then went into hiding never to be seen again. I'm also dubious of the claim brian Nelson died of cancer when people said he did..

  19. "She was a tout and she was executed. It is pretty black and white for me"


    If the above was all that occurred you might have an argument.But it is not, is it?

    Disappearing people is not only punishing those who have broken the rules the military power dictates, and in the area of West Belfast/Divis Flats that was PIRA, but also their families, and in many ways more so.

    When it happens in a religious country like Ireland, the human cost and pain is often immense. No body, no lying over, no wake, no religious service.

    As a non believer even I can understand this!

    It is a sad fact that this brouhaha is yet another example of the peace process having put the cart before the horse.

    By the way, I feel that Michael McConville is one of the very few men who come out of this sorry tale with their dignity intact.

  20. Inference was probably the wrong word to use in the context above, as most of what is being applied in this scenario is actually illogical.
    Republicans are now being referred to as criminals in relation to this. David Higgins is right where does the line stop?

  21. Fionnuala,
    Where does the line stop. That's easy to answer. It stops when former republican & loyalist combatants are dead (through natural causes or other) or jailed for 2yrs. That's how everything from the GFA onwards was negotiated and signed off on by the PRM leadership.

    Why aren't the Glennane Gang, The Committee, former British soliders, Mi5, RUC getting arrested and charged with murder. Because histroy is being re-written before our very eyes and they'll come out smelling like roses and everyone else guilty as sin.

  22. Whatever sympathy i had for the mc conville clan is reducing by the day. By all accounts their mother was a brit agent and paid the price that that entails. The republican movement had the right to punish her that shouldnt be forgotten. Alas her burial was wrong sin e.
    When the initial disappeared campaign started the family only wanted to give their mother a christian burial and that plea had my sympathy. However last week their masked slipped and members of the family were lining up to almost show satisfaction in adams being punished for their mothers death. And i will say it again, people need to not let their animosity for adams cloud the fact that this is an attack on republicanism full stop.
    Selfishly the mc conville family have jeopardised the chances of other 'disappeared' families from ever getting their loved ones remains found as anyone who may now know of their whereabouts would be alarmed at the going ons of last week ie it would be better to say nothing as the clan would want 'justice' after they got the body returned.
    I am no lover of adams but after last week i felt from all reports that the republican movement was in the dock yet again. And i for one am proud of the genuine volunteers who took participated in the struggle for the genuine aims of irish republicanism. Bad decisions were made within that movement but the fog of war can have that effect i believe. We can argue till we are blue in the face if adams etc are 'genuine republicans' but to people outside republicanism the shinners are viewed as the face of republicanism. So an attack on them by outsiders is an attack on all republicanism i believe.
    We can also argue that touts took over the army etc but i also do believe there are genuine people in the sinn fein movement as well. There are career people in it as well no doubt but there are also people in it who genuinely believe they can achieve their aims via real politik. I may not agree but i dont claim to know everything, but if these people want to pursue this road then so be it. Me calling them names and shouting at them isnt going to improve my position and win over the doubters.
    Lets not kid ourselves here, the other groups who are republican will have touts among them too of that there can be no doubt. Personally i know of several republicans who despise sinn fein and to people who dont know them, they view them as 'hardliners'. But the reality is very different. Some of these people have had personal disputes locally within the movement eg they werent selected for one of the wee paid office jobs they thought they were going to get and stormed off in a huff. These people are not republican in my opinion and are just selfish individuals.
    Although it may fall on deaf ears i would urge those republicans who oppose the sinn fein policy to ignore the bitching and go back to basics ie help your community,help the old pensioner who is being tormented by the local hood;help the people who may be being tormented by a bailiff,bank etc;help tidy up a neighbourhood that is possibly being over run by anti social behaviour. Simply become more aware of the everyday social issues that effect the bread and butter supporter and try and improve their situation. Do that and you will win over the doubters. Shouting at the shinners for not doing these things isnt going to cut it i am sorry to say.

  23. Fionnuala

    If SF are calling for people to support the PSNI then they should follow their own policies. They should also make it clear publicly that no one will be under threat for following those same policies. It is not for the public at large to have to endlessly decipher SF 'tactical' utterings.

    That's where I draw the line. If they don't mean it, don't say it.

  24. AnBuachaill

    'But don't dare try to tar me with any stick'.

    You sound like Bobby Storeys 'wee lawd' to me.

  25. Larry Hughes,

    It's great to see you resort to smart comments rather than back up or take back your silly statements.

    I'll move on from this conversation!

  26. AnBuachaill

    Only pulling your leg. You'll have to forgive me for having no interest in the support the PSNI or not debate endlessly going on. SF either support them or don't. Frankly I care not what problems they've created for themselves.

  27. Frankie,
    To be honest it just makes me despair to read what you have written.

    I'm not talking about Sinn Fein. I am speaking about people calling for people to go to prison over the case.
    It's disgraceful. What Sinn Fein do or say is a matter for them I was raised thinking Sinn Fein, I did got to gaol for Sinn Fein I think as a Republican not as a Sinn Fein.

  28. Fionnuala,
    Sorry for ruining your weekend. But that's my reading of the situ. Maybe I'm wrong but the way things are panning out I honestly don't see any other out come. I don't know how former loyalist's can get around it. For republicans who are 'out of the loop' I guess they could sell there soul and rejoin PSF and ask for a get out jail card...

  29. Fionnuala

    Your position is both dignified and honourable. I do understand it. I however am talking solely about SF who negotiated a deal for its people and not nationalists in general. I am not hoping anyone goes to prison, far from it, but the fact the PSNI beastie is coming for SF too (THE PRESIDENT NO LESS) and they are horrified, causes me no stress at all.

  30. Larry,
    Sorry for the lateness of my reply, i have been on the drink. I am not getting irate with you, It's just you keep banging on about s.f this isn't about s.f for me it is about the republican struggle. I don't care what mcguiness said, in my eyes he is a traitor, so his actions have no relevance for true republicanism. What has relevance is republicans on this site screaming and shouting for prosecutions it is disgusting in my opinion.
    Marty you right the leadership was littered with touts, but that wasn't known to the volunteers who took action in 1972.
    Frankie, to be fair i criticized the disappearing tactic, just not the execution.
    Boyne rover,
    I believe she was a tout and the actions were justified, again you talk about s.f i don't give a fuck about s.f i am a republican.
    Organized rage,
    It is that black and white to me she was a tout and got the only logical punishment. As for micheal mc i think he is a heartless bastard if he wants prosecutions then have the balls to do your own squealing.
    To finish this point i think a lot of people are obsessed with s.f to the point that they are betraying their principles and using the fact that s.f are traitors to justify the same kind treachery. Oglaigh in the country were beyond brave and we should never mark their memory just to score points politically.
    Fionnuala, thanks for the comments, appreciate it.
    anBuachaill same to yourself i know on some issues it is easier to be quiet, but for me the integrity of selfless volunteers should always be protected.

  31. People need to be aware that the Repressive State Apparatuses monitor this site. No one should say anything that might hand their freedom on a plate to the RSAs. If they want to jail you make them work for it.

    Itis not TPQ's task to protect people from their own discourse, merely to alert them to the consequences. Just bear in mind how little it took to jail Stephen Murney.

  32. Frankie,
    You did not ruin my weekend . I actually had a very good week end.
    I think comparing Republicans wit Loyalists is wrong, even the Long Kesh governor could make the distinction.

    Larry my position might be more honourable if I got shot of the typos, I meant to write, I was not raised Sinn Fein!
    I agree entirely with David, treachery cannot be allowed to breed incitement for more treachery.
    We need to move on from Sinn Fein and their mess.
    That doesn't mean I don't understand people's anger, it means I don't think it's right to go down that road.

  33. Fionnuala

    I totally agree with you. I am just being honest in that it's hard for me to have empathy with people who were taking care of themselves and to hell with everyone else. But of course your position is the correct one. In terms of the Boston Tapes, I think it is degenerating into farce the whole 'totu' label. I mean are Ernie O'Mallie, Tom Barry and David Nelligan all 'touts' now for writing books and naming people involved in historical events? The PSNI which SF fully supports have gone after research material and undermined Gerry and Martin's precious peace - process. No one else created this situation. Also, as for touts, for the love of Christ isn't SF ran by them...PROFESSIONAL LONG TERM ONES TOO!! It might be best to try and get away from that cesspit of a mind-set and consider what is really going on here. Is it to be the SF story or no history at all?

    Personally I'm looking forward to the elections now so I can vote for a string of independents who I know bugger-all about just to see if it will have an impact upon the ever so boring and corrupt political status quo.

  34. Larry,
    They will call anyone anything to deflect from themselves.
    There was only ever going to be one history here and the victors were going to write it, that's why the Brits pulled the plug on Boston.
    Hopefully in these elections they will get a run for their money.
    If not we can live in hope that they will finish themselves.

  35. I think for most of us here its irrelevant whether Gerrybroy goes to jail or not,no matter how many trouble related deaths could be attributed to him he would serve no more than two years,you get more for shoplifting ffs,so revenge if its a dish best served cold is exposing this man as the lying toerag that he really is,as a prime definition of what a politician really is, someone who would gladly lay down your life for the love of his country (PAD),Thatcher like Gerrybroy the cunt thought she was indestructible also yet her cronies made sure that her political career ended as they all do in failure,so to will the quisling $inn £eind president for life,the players are in the wings just waiting their opportunity, his denial and betrayal of friends and comrades has left a bitter taste in many peoples mouths,he has used and abused to many people to advance himself on the political stage ,only for Gerrybroy there should be no final curtain his future should be his past what a fucking nightmare .

  36. Fionnuala,

    I think comparing Republicans wit Loyalists is wrong, even the Long Kesh governor could make the distinction.

    You are probably right but some loyalist's agreed with republicans.....

    Loyalists and the hunger stike.. Not my words but theirs...

    We also know that Republicans & Loyalists did work together at times to eradicate common problems (Lenny Murphy being a classic case). They also carved up Belfast between them to fund themselves. That alone tells me that both sides can work together when it suits (suited)them.

    What I'd like to see is former Republican & Loyalist prisioners forming a lobby group to becme a flea in everyones ear to sort out the legacy of what to to with pre '98 murders. Both are facing the same problem (the real chance of the PSNI paying them a visit and ending up in prison again). Then concentrate in getting ALL polictical prisoners in Maghaberry or other out. There is a wealth of knowledge and very intelligent people on both sides of the oxymorons who have the same 'gripes' on how things are panning out.

    Maybe the saying "The enemy of my enemy is my friend' could come into play.. I can't see much (if any) real difference between a 60yr old republican or a 60yr old loyalist geeting jailed for something that happened 20,30 + yrs ago. When state forces gulity of the same get fat on over inflated pensions..

  37. What about The Brits role in McConville's death? When is that going to be focused on? Well said DH...totally agree....she was an informer, exploited by the Brits who walked away afterwards and washed their hands of the whole affair...

  38. Frankie,
    I would have no interest in speaking to ex Loyalist prisoners. Of course they availed of the 'Provos ' efforts! When McKee won special category status it benefited them also.

    I appreciate what you are saying Frankie. I just can't go along with the idea of inciting that Adams or anyone involved on the Mc Conville case should end up in prison.
    I couldn't careless about the man. I just think we can't stoop as low as them.
    It doesn't mean either of us are right or wrong it just means we come to this from different thinking.

  39. Fionnual

    Do you have a letter giving you 'sanctuary' from prosecution? I don't. So for all the righteousness you will have to forgive ME for being unmoved that those who thought they had engineered themselves a special place with the PSNI are in the same shite as the rest of us, mere mortals. Who cares, I can do 2 years on my head, what's your problem? You didn't make the deal. Why are you upset?

  40. Larry,
    I didn't realise I was upset?
    Why would I need sanctuary?
    I didn't renege on my principles they did.

  41. Fionnual

    Delighted your neither upset nor in need of sanctuary and that your principles are intact. Way to go, keep er lit!!

  42. Larry,
    Numbed and crashed today under the burden of a good weekend. Thank God it's bedtime, there's only one sanctuary right now, principles could float on the breeze and I wont be chasing after them. Good night.

  43. Niall I totally agree with you. Republicans pointing fingers at one another achieves nothing in my mind while the real perpetrators are sitting back enjoying the spectacle. They picked a very vulnerable person to exploit knowing that in that climate there wouldn't become outcome and they didn't care. Even when warned they still persued and rewarded and probably promised safety and santuary to her. Maybe there should be an enquiry is to who decided to recruit a mother of 10 and even when compromised continued. There are more questions to this than the ones being asked.

  44. Fionnuala,

    Maybe if I had of experienced some of the same things that you and other posters/readers have seen and gone through my opinions would be different. I have no idea what it's like to hear a cell door slam, get sexually abused (strip searched), spat upon, beaten on daily basis. I know parts of Ardoyne went up in flames like Bombay Street but I was too young to remember. I was born in 1968.

    Why people don't take the easy solution is beyond me. Anything that happened between 1968-1998 a line is drawn and what Anthony first floated in 2005 and leave it to academics, historians, investigative journalists etc. to take care of unravelling the past. No one trusts the PSNI to investigate the past. If it was left up to the folks on the hill, they'd end up bickering even more than they are now. It's a non brainer. Leave it to the 'bookworms' and by the time they have completed their work, the thirty year rule times out and the rest of the jigsaw falls into place.

  45. Frankie,
    People are experiencing imprisonment now without hearing cell doors slam.
    I didn't experience abuse on that scale either!
    I just have a thing, as do most people around betrayal, whether it's friendship or comradeship.
    I also do not believe Adams or anyone else should be in the dock for this. That's not what Brendan would have wanted, expose him yes! Let future generations know what underpinned those who sold an entire struggle and it's people but lock them up? No,that's not what lay behind Boston.

    Frankie I was bordering slightly on the drama Queen with the despair comments.
    People have to be guided by what they believe and that's the best we can do.