Friends in High Places

Guest writer Tain Bo with some reflections on the Sinn Fein hate campaign being ratcheted up in the wake of the arrest of Gerry Adams.

I think we are paying too much attention to the SF soap-opera as they are acting as if it is the end of the world. Was Mc Guinness boasting or did he make a blunder when he spoke of his new "friends in very high places." Is it possible that those people might be MI5 and not just high ranking cops? The Brits inviting him to toast their Queen might be a good indicator that they are grooming him for a new role.

I am curious as to why SF supporters don't question this confusing relationship the party have with the higher echelons of the British occupation. Mc Guinness is not a head of state he is 2nd fiddle in a puppet government. They excuse it as being part of peace and reconciliation and their followers don't question anything.

I remain indifferent to Adams’ voluntary detention as SF has been extremely consistent with their unconcerned policy of other republicans being arrested. Now their leader handed himself over to the cops the apologist Mc Guinness is not condemning the cops instead he has deliberately hyped his star wars theory that a "minority of the dark forces" are behind Adams arrest. Instead of saying the truth that the British crown forces are behind his arrest.

Placing minimal blame on the law makes absolutely no sense. he is suggesting that a rogue element within the crown forces are out to get SF. So his friends in high places within the crowns security forces are the good cops and those who Adams handed himself over to are the bad cops. Is he saying that the policing they agreed to is somehow faulty when it comes to high ranking shins?

More importantly than the drama of SF is the vile hate campaign they have orchestrated against Anthony and "others." They can't condemn the law for persecuting republicans (not that Adams falls under that category) so they incite mob mentality and use Paramilitary language which is extremely threatening as we all know the Paramilitary rules for "touts" is a bullet in the head.

I would ask from McGuinness down why they are encouraging these not so veiled threats as it runs contrary to their own hype of being a peaceful party.

Why are they not condemning the SF vandals scrolling paramilitary graffiti on walls or is it a case of society has a place for militant threats from SF?

I would ask Danny Morrison is he happy that his not so veiled threat in his bitter article The Making of a Tout is now being used by SF vandals to incite fear in the "others" just because he and the other "peaceful" members can't come out and directly say what they mean doesn't mean they don't discuss it privately.

These threats coming from all quarters of SF should not be taken lightly and should be challenged and condemned. As they are busy promoting Adams as a "peacemaker" I fail to see how they see the use of violent threatening language as peacemaking.

Obviously the party of hypocrisy has moved on and refuses to challenge the legitimacy of British rule but they apparently have stayed in the past when it comes down to threatening fellow Irish men and women.

Adams handed himself in if SF see this as a pre-election nightmare then they should ask the leader what vision he had. I would ask all to challenge and condemn the Sinn Fein policy of threat and intimidation of fellow republicans.


  1. Big Bobby Storey shouting his lungs out. That is as good as it gets for Gerry these days. There is no way a couple of 'bad' peelers orchestrated the arrest. It would have to go right to the top. McGuinness is merely trying to deflect attention from the fact SF dropped their trousers, bent over and lubed-up and are now 'stunned' that the RUC shafted them hard!! The fact Gerry presented himself is interesting. Wonder did Super-Intendant 'Max Clifford' promise him he'd be released to make an heroic speech at the barracks gate? Liam will be keeping a bunk warm for him.

  2. Totallly agree TB. SF have been targeting Mackers for some time now. Today at the rally again they made reference to, "the discredited Boston college tapes". Discredited because they say

    The only touts are those touts in SF who have been begging people to squeal to a paramilitary police force RUC/PSNI.

    It should be a concern to all unionists and nationalists, that the SF tone and narrative can change so quickly.

    I would endorse what Michael Mc Conville said, "they have nt gone away you know. As most of us already know.

    Wonder will Spike be next after the gun running from Florida.

    Mackers I hope you are keeping a record of all the inflammatory remarks being made by SF against you.

  3. Good peelers lift ivor.Bad peelers lift gerry.WTF.

  4. If this is the level of articulation the pro-GA side can muster, then the truth tellers have little to fear. Get Adams project. Le dea-mhéin agaibh.

  5. Blessed are he peacemakers for they shall inherit the waivers, the immunities, and the glamour. Is God really a two headed monster, half British and half American.

  6. I too condemn the language being directed at Anthony McIntyre. I believe he was genuine with these boston tapes project. However the vibe i get from his 'friends' on this forum of glib satisfaction at adams situation do not do him any favours.
    There are plenty of republicans who have no time for the shinners;plenty who dont know who to trust or who is right or who is wrong but i do know they dont like to see the brits arresting any republicans. Whether you are a republican who supports the GFA or not we are two cheeks of the same ass as george galloway would say. Opponents of the GFA shouldnt be stooping to the same level as some shinners have done and ignoring or welcoming the arrest of any body who happens to disagree with their point of view.
    If the shinners believe they can achieve their objectives by embracing constitutional politics then let them go on. Other republicans who oppose this policy should rise above the bitching and do their own thing too ie being a republican and promoting Irish unity.

  7. Given that the membership of PSF in Belfast alone must number in the hundreds and that McGuinness said from the platform that people had come from Derry, Louth and Dublin the very low turn out today at the 'Love Gerry Rally' must have worried even the staunchest Adamsite.

    It seems that not is all that they claim and perhaps even among their own membership doubts are beginning to creep in that they've been playing along with one very big lie?

  8. the adams faction took over the movement. they got rid of eire nua. they got ira to decommission. they got republicans to accept partition. they got republicans to accept the pigs. the pigs then arrest adams over something happened over 40 years ago as ballymurphy massacre soldiers let off hook. why are the shinners pissed with anthony. seems like hes a scapegoat for their own COLLOSSAL FAILURE. wonder what ur average pul who was planking themselves as cars blew their horns up and down the falls road in 1994 makes of things now. sad days for irish republicans lately. we were well and truly shafted from inside and outside. tiocfaidh ar la. not.

  9. wolf tone

    I don't look at SF as republican. More like a norn iron green UKIP. They are so hypocritical and ruthless in their dealings, not to mention habitual liars. There's no reason to empathise with Adams or any SF top brass. They made their bed, let them get on with it. It's good comedy value. However I am more concerned about the front page of the Sunday Life tomorrow. That seems to be taking things to a different level, beyond amusing. No knowing where things could be heading if that shit snowballs..

  10. interesting rumour doing the rounds, Gerry is to be charged with membership, proof being offered is his own writings!! not the boston tapes.

    if true will we witness a campaign alleging mackers was really Brownie and set Gerry up?

  11. I see McGuinness was accompanied by at least one of his secret gun totters on the Falls yesterday.

    Rotten to the core!

  12. His own writings and the fact he was taken from jail to participate in secret talks in London in the early 70s should convince any jury. It convinces me and I'm certain a Diplock judge will be loving it. Big question is why only now?


    solid post, nails it completely.

  13. Feel te love,

    it is the targeting that should be taken serious and highlighted for what it is.
    Why don’t the media ask SF about their militant language as they fly the peace flag and contradict it with threats?

    It is fact SF endorse the law as long as they are not subject to the system.
    Now they spoof they are going to review their support of the law which in turn traps them in their own snare again if they stop supporting the cops that makes them anti-establishment and would have to admit they were wrong in their policy of endorsing the law which now would contradict their commitment to the GFA.

    They are supposed to be a political party but why should I support them when they threaten and make scapegoats out of Irish republicans and at the same time put minimal blame on the “political policing” or as Mc Guinness now refers to as a small cabal of the old RUC that are anti SF and anti peace.

    This spin is ridiculous as it means a few of the old RUC call the shots so this rogue element is not the same as his high ranking friends.
    The fact is there are no good cop’s bad cop’s they are all part of her majesties security forces and will always hound republicans.

    If Adams had not turned himself in SF would still be praising the law.
    I doubt they will adopt an anti police stance as that would put them in a dissident position.

    Let’s face it Mc Guinness wouldn’t make shite up it is the small cabal that run the cops and unlike his high ranking friends the small group wield all the power.
    Which is convenient as SF can still back the good majority.

  14. John “Fionnchú",

    selling it as the “get Adams project” is a far stretch of imagination weaving the implausible into the plausible should be left for the writers of poor fiction.

    O’Dowd’s piece would be readable if he put fact before fiction and using Morrison as an endorsement only highlights the fiction.

    Like all conspiracy theories the stars never quite seem to align and with the BC case if we believe the 0’Dowd’s then we should acknowledge the ingenious, highly elaborate, and sophisticated “plan” to get Adams. As conspiracy theories go then this would be up there in the top 3.

    And that is not even the interesting part in order for the theory to work that would mean one or more of those involved would have to be psychic with an unheard of level of accuracy foreseeing future events.

    Let us avoid the Academic value and narrow down a lengthy detailed project and make it about one man.

    O’ Dowd and anyone reading that believes the get Adams spin why did Anthony after gathering the tapes not just head for the nearest cop shop and hand them over?
    Why did Anthony put up a legal fight which would have protected the tapes and Adams if they had been successful in court?

    The facts override the fiction but don’t let the truth stand in your way of a poor spoof.

  15. Tain Bo,
    It's the hypocrisy that is getting to people.

    Adams handed himself in for questioning. A lot of people believe the move was orchestrated by his party and possibly backed up with legal advise.

    We have read high level party members freely tweeting, 'keep him in! it's getting us the sympathy vote.'

    The mural was up in less that three days. Mass rally . Adams pictured with Madella and Castro on show.

    It's as if he is being reinvented, refurbished, resold.
    A second coming with just one thing missing the cell door should have flung open and he should have ascended to the top of Divis mountain after three days.

    Would have proved a shock for the Gael force people the messiah reappearing mid script.

  16. Tain Bo

    The shinners are reverting to kind in attempting to 'unleash the mob' in a pathetic attempt to camouflage the party's complete impotence in the face of the RUC regularly outing and shafting SF top brass. They are left with nowhere to go. Having put their head in the noose to show the RUC they were fully quarantined, neutered and toothless their eyes are now bulging for the world to see as the RUC top brass in turn take delight in pulling the noose ever tighter in response. The fools the fools. (not the RUC!)

    Academics are not the problem for SF. The bedfellows they dumped their own to join in indecent haste are their problem. Let no one be under any illusion about that. If Martin McGuinness wants to spout tripe about good cop bad cops creating this situation then I'll run with that shall I?. Like SF I will take the stance of giving the RUC the benefit of the doubt and say there are good cops within the ranks who pride themselves in providing a police service to the entire community. They also are horrified that the name of 'their' force is being sullied by the rumours and suspicion that the RUC refused to act on knowledge of Liam Adams antics AND Gerry Adams own activities and whilst the dogs in the street are convinced of his guilt and perpetual lying the RUC could no longer stand idly by and be accused of facilitating paedos and disappearing specialists. So they had to act for the good name of law and order. Shinners may not agree with that, but it's my take on their party 'rationale'.

  17. I've heard everything now....Gerry Kelly got to visit his leader. You'd think by this interview that he was in hospital and the 'custody staff' were treating him well...

    However!! According to Kelly he's being asked questions on what is termed open source material...Photographs that might be 40 years old...His own book which is out 20 years... Newspaper articles which are decades old.

    Last of all Kelly sticks in that they asked him about the Boston Tapes as well...

    Firstly if they were questioning him on the basis of his own book does this mean he touted on himself?

    And secondly he presents himself in regards to Jean McConville and by the looks of things they are 'nicely' more concerned with IRA membership...

  18. Max Headroom said...
    "I see McGuinness was accompanied by at least one of his secret gun totters on the Falls yesterday..."

    LO-Fecking-L Max, you're not serious are you? I mean if you are referring to the big boyo holding people back while trying to look like some secret service agent, then you don't know him like we do.

    If they gave him a gun he'd more than likely shot McGuinness in the foot then shoot himself while trying to figure out how it works...

    "Feck me! Help! Howdya turn this gun off!"

    He has only been a member of PSF a few years and must certainly was never in the IRA.

  19. I've heard everything now....Gerry Kelly got to visit his leader. You'd think by this interview that he was in hospital and the 'custody staff' were treating him well...

    The last person Gerry Kelly mentions was Bobby Sands who's anniversary is tomorrow.


  20. Have to say the family of Jean McConville looked totally betrayed on tv this evening. It is impossible not to feel heartfelt sympathy for them. Ex N. Ireland Secretary of State on sky news giving Gerry a reference probably told them all they needed to know. Regardless of Adams guilt or innocence, the fact those kids have known some of the people who took their mom away and killed her all these years is astonishing. God help them.

  21. f perry, that was a gud one! and fellow marxist-lennonists see if u can find son of tom gilmartin with christy moore and frank connolly on ryan tubridy (friday nite) on rte real player. its not to do with this story but it is worth watching for many reasons. its actually very distressing. u can see why i established saordonia after watching it. this is a mafia statelet down here, big time. disgusting fuc*ing cesspit run by scary gangsters who have the garda sioch-croney backing them up! no exagerration. watch and weep.

  22. Dixie

    The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing everyone he didn't exist.

  23. agreed larry, God help them is right.

  24. Dixie,

    decommissioned for the Brits and rearmed by the Brits. It makes sense somewhere in a galaxy far away that the peace party of SF need to be armed and protected.
    Is that the official vote of confidence of how stable the peace-process is?
    I would imagine Bangers to go along with his cowboy hat would have a Colt peacemaker and loves to tell the tale of how west Belfast was won.

  25. Frankie,

    obviously Commandant Kelly has friends in high places that granted him access to the leader.
    He praises the cops for the great treatment Adams received which I assume since it was Adams it was more kid glove and not the standard treatment.

    The nauseating part is when he described the injustice the Mc McConville family suffered and not still suffer was he trying to equate the preferential treatment Adams received as equally unjust as the murder of Jean Mc McConville.

    Then in equally bad taste is he implying that Adams detention somehow is equal to the sacrifice Vol. Bobby Sands and his comrades made.

    Callously and shamefully exploiting both Vol. Bobby Sands and Jean McConville in order to make the leader sound like the victim and an Irish republican hero promoting Adams the man who can’t deny his past enough it would be nice to think we have heard it all but with SF on a gut feeling we are bound to hear more.

  26. Nuala,

    the “keep him in” comments might be an indicator that the infallible leader is expendable and with his alleged past becoming a political embarrassment it might be a sign that they want to put him out to pasture but at the same time turn him into a mythological hero.

    Very touching and endearing sediment from his comrades “political policing” keep him in, Sinn Fein displaying loyalty and solidarity as Adams spiked an interest in the party.
    They should be thanking a lot of people including the dark forces!

    I assume they are in computer site heaven counting all the hits on web pages as support for them and not just curiosity.
    What will they do now that the hype is fading into yesterday’s news?
    Will the “keep him in” thinkers be eyeing up the next dodgy past member and pass on info to the dark forces.

    Judging by those who want him kept in I assume they will be happy if the leader gets charged what nice friends they are.

    I agree it was staged and the timing was perfect Mc Guinness didn’t sound remotely convincing and looked more frustrated as he had to read the prepared statement.
    I am convinced that 2nd fiddle Marty is being groomed as he appears to be more than willing to distance himself from republicanism and more importantly from a Brit standpoint he is not exactly the brightest.

    The “keep him in” logic is ridiculous how much lower can they sink it is despicable they threaten people and in the next breath want their own leader in jail because of the media attention it brought to the party.
    I think because a large number of media people were at the wonder wall and interviewing them they had been floating on a cloud.

    Adams seemed happy enough to contradict the spin of “political policing” announcing he supports the policing or more to the point he is still in charge, well, at least for the time being.
    Agreed, some bright spark needs to come up with a stronger word than hypocrisy.

  27. Larry,

    I have seriously attempted to study the SF form without bias it becomes very problematic not that it should be.
    Pre 98 SF and today’s SF seem to suffer from some sort of undiagnosed personality disorder.

    Is it possible to separate the past when the SF leadership is made up of former combatants the party didn’t evolve out of political necessity but out of the political violence?

    Pre 98 as they were working out the deal in private they were still flying the PIRA flag in public.
    After 98 they put on the suits and spruced the place up and entered in the shady corridors’ of the establishment.
    Long story short since then they have basically been attempting to push the line of peace and move on from the past.

    Not necessarily in an open and honest interest but as a way of avoiding the past but nothing is as simple as saying move on and nothing is honest in the dark bastions of the British establishment.
    Where SF like to believe and drip feed to their supporters that they are out witting the British and on the road to an UI.

    Was the arrest of Adams in the interest of justice or was it the Brits polite way of forcing SF to toe their line as we all know the Brits made SF what they are today and with SFs connection with our violent past the Brits can break them as a political force.

    I don’t view SF as being master thinkers or even decent negotiators we only need to look at the hunger strike and the tragedy that 10 men died which is a sorry indicator of the lack of skill in negotiation.
    Have they improved since then that is debatable as the struggle then was supposed to be for liberation and now it is not about the people but all about the party?

    SF shows a persona of strength but still have yet to present opposition to British rule they depend heavily on the protection of the British establishment with their only honest and clear objective to grow the party.

    The spectacle of the past few days shows that the mob mentality is still with them. It appears they are helpless without Adams are we to believe they have moved on when they threaten and blame everything but the crown.

    Not everyone can be deviating from the truth SF made Adams the “victim” of his own past or alleged past and ignored the actual victim he was being quizzed about.

    If SF had “moved on” then they missed an opportunity to show the people of Ireland just that.
    Instead they sounded like they were about to take the old Provo flag out of storage only to look like fools when Adams was released saying he supports the police.
    For now all is quiet on the SF front.

    As for academics ‘and future historians they will be able to put the pieces together hopefully without intimidation.
    We can move on and still examine the Brits dirty war but we should not neglect the need to examine our own republican dirty war.

    I suppose it all boils down to who is believable with SFs duplicity and double dealings and worst of all the party before the people agenda.
    I think it is safe to side with those who had nothing to gain when speaking their truth.

  28. Tain Bo

    it's time the SF loyalty to the new dispensation was truly put to the test.

  29. Tain Bo
    Adams appears at times to take great joy in undermining those around him, it lets them know irrespective where they are what rank they hold he'll always be boss.

    In case of Mc Guinness, if you have been rumbled then your penance is perpetual allegiance, irrespective of how silly your made to look.

  30. Nuala,

    In retrospect one of the greatest failures of the RM was and is the leaders for life.
    Adams & Co. continue to direct republicanism away from its principle core value, reducing it to the leadership of the party, herding the people into any political barn that suits their purpose.

    Free thinking republicans should abandon any lingering hope that SF will return to the traditional republican ideology.
    It is free thinking republicans that will stand by our past and not be herded into the SF policy of eroding and dismantling Irish republicanism.

    They have proven how underhanded they have been in the past in secret dirty dealings with the British and continue making dirty deals aiding the British occupation.