Come into our empire said the spider to the fly...

Pauline Mellon with a piece on the arrest of Gerry Adams. It initially appeared on her blog The Diary of a Derry Mother.

Over the recent days the arrest of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has remained prominent in the news headlines. Adams made himself available to the PSNI for questioning in the presence of his lawyer and was subsequently arrested in connection with the notorious murder of widowed mother of ten, Jean McConville.

The McConville murder in my opinion was one of cruellest events of the troubles. Being the oldest of twelve children myself I can only imagine the hardship placed on the McConville children particularly the oldest siblings in terms of comforting, reassuring and caring for the younger children before the intervention of social services which saw the family divided. This situation was exacerbated by the secret burial of Jean McConville's remains.

Since Gerry Adams turned up at Antrim PSNI station, by appointment, Sinn Fein have continuously voiced their disgust and opposition to what they define as political policing. This has included threats of withdrawing their support for policing. This would suggest Sinn Fein not only see themselves as being above the law but being above due process despite them pledging their support to the PSNI time and time again, and calling on the wider public to follow their lead.

A question many are asking is how Sinn Fein can expect people to have confidence in policing when they refer to it having a dark-side? When concerns have been raised about the conduct of the PSNI Sinn Fein have released statements saying the PSNI are only doing their job. In all their statements calling for people to support the PSNI I don't remember one single statement Sinn Fein made saying the PSNI has a dark side, well until now.

The fact is these 'politically motivated' assertions by Sinn Fein are only made in cases that involve Sinn Fein members or supporters. If you cast your mind back to when he was released after the 'politically motivated' Stormontgate allegations Denis Donaldson said, "It was political policing and political charges and the fact that we were acquitted today proves that.” Shortly after that Donaldson was exposed as an informer for the British security services, and had been for 20 years.

But the politically motivated allegations aren't just limited to Denis Donaldson or Sinn Fein. When Gerry Kelly went land rover surfing and wasn't charged Unionists said it was a politically motivated decision. When Sinn Fein's Padraig Wilson was arrested it was political and when former Derry Sinn Fein Mayor Kevin Campbell's home was raided Sinn Fein demanded an apology because surprise surprise that was political policing too.

And on the subject of Kevin Campbell, I doubt Mr Campbell has been reprimanded for his comment involving Boston College researcher Anthony McIntyre, when he accused the Boston Tapes project of being a 'touting programme'. I would actually question the appropriateness of the language used by this civic leader and former first citizen of Derry.

When I arrived home from the Mayday parade yesterday I received a phone call from a friend in Belfast who told me of how Sinn Fein held a rally in support of Gerry Adams which including the unveiling of a mural in his honour.

My first thought was “aww come on, all this for a three day detention.” I for one would question Sinn Fein's lack of consistency, hypocrisy and absence, outside of reactionary lip-service, in the following cases:

Martin Corey was held in prison for over three years with no charge. Where is their protest over his release conditions which effectively make him a mute internal exile?

Where was Sinn Fein's public opposition when Gerry McGeough was taken from his wife and four young children in one of the most blatant acts of political policing? It was said that McGeough's standing in opposition to Sinn Fein electorally was damaging to them and this was cited by some as the political motivation for his arrest.

Where was the Sinn Fein opposition to the brutal searching of republican prisoner Thomas McWilliams before being taken for medical treatment having suffered a heart attack? Or indeed after undergoing surgery, and despite being under prison guard supervision 24/7 Thomas McWilliams was still brutally and forcibly strip searched on his return to Maghaberry, yet Sinn Fein have remained silent.

Where is Sinn Fein's opposition to the continued use of lengthy pre-trial detention known as remand and draconian bail conditions? After all in cases were people get bail, these are not convicted prisoners, as in the case of Gerry Adams, these people are innocent until proven otherwise.

What I would further question is, when Gerry Adams is released either on bail or without charge will Sinn Fein revert back to their old policy of supporting the police or will they amend their policies in accordance with their current stance?

And finally, in light of all this, is the dark side of the force answerable to the District Policing Partnerships?

Maybe Sinn Fein can clarify their new position.


  1. I think MMcG and whoever else in SF handled the whole crisis badly. Adams seems to have got them back on more level track on his release. I thought he showed his skill in leadership tonight.

    But, yeah big difference when one of their own fall victim to political policing and god knows what would have happened if Adams was to face a non-jury court. But even at all their double standards and hypocrisy running into the arms of dissidents is not an option.

  2. best title for article ever.

  3. Would you buy a car from those bastards. cracking post Pauline

  4. Quisling $inn £ein means quislings alone this is borne out by that party,s response to political policing here and their selective condemnation of the antics of the po-lice force here,had I had an onion I,d have shed a few tears for that waster Adams but truth be told I couldnt give two fucks about him or his cronies,does that couple of days get him a gold star in the Felons club.

  5. Many people ponder on just what makes the quisling $inn £eind president for life tick,well many moons ago when he and I were closer he would often quote me his favourite passage from the bible. hope it helps you to understand his mindset,"Yeah even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death .I shall fear no evil. why ? because I,m the biggest bastard in the valley " amen.

  6. Tiarna

    really can't agree Adams press conference performance was a good one. Not so much him putting the party back on track as a bunch of clueless kiddies grasping out for his apron strings. They all looked so relieved and elated to see him at that table it was like my wee dog when I get home from the groceries/survival kit shopping on dole day!! Makes ye wonder what they'd do without their Roland Rat.

  7. Larry

    yes I have to admit you are right about the glee around that table, it was a bit funny. Adams seemed a bit disorientated momentarily, and in fairness, he didn't eat everyday I think and it seems to have been pretty intense interrogation sessions (33 tapes worth) I think 17 hours per day.

    I think his children messed up a bit while he was away but I thought he got back into his stride pretty well, all considering.

    I think the kid made that interview though.

  8. If the big lig couldnt handle the grub in Antrim then why didnt he get his other innocent mate stakeknife to rustle him up something like surf and turf, a good choice as it would remind the quisling president for life of his favourite co Louth beach

  9. That press conference was held in the aptly named Balmoral Hotel,owned by none other than P O Neills bro,

  10. I think the kid made that interview though.

    I couldn't hear the questions only Geraldo's answers. What did the 'kid' say?

  11. Tiarna a cara you say that Gerrybroy handled the press conference well, and why wouldnt he after all going by past performances he was just delivering a script written either by Jonathan Powell or someone else from the Downing st staff.

  12. I just watched the quisling $inn £einds own video of the rally on the falls in support of their president for life Gerry Itwasntme, they said the road was blocked but in the video it clearly wasnt,they described the turnout as huge,from what I could see that was a bit like describing Max Clifford,s penis as huge, it certainly looks like Martybroy Mc Gutless may be throwing a leg over the Derry wannn ie the jaws standin Martinabroy I,m a model Anderson by the way he was holding on to her, and in broad daylight to tut tut.

  13. Was it not said here in another post that the cult of Adams is the shinners/provos.

    The cult of Adams pervades the whole movement. They are like drone bees all acting to the pheromones omitted by the queen not in this case the Banquet man McGuinness, but cult leader Adams.

    Now to mix metaphors. The shinner/provo collective were shown to be like lost children without their dear parent. And when he gets back the lost children sit like adoring children at their parents side taking the public scolding via the propaganda meeting in a west Belfast hotel. They were all sitting there like good little children listening to the cult daddy before being sent to bed without any dinner.

    If it was never apparent before then it became overwhelmingly obvious that the cult of Adams is the shinners/provos. Not so much as themselves alone, more like Gerry alone.

  14. what a prat to be giving out about standard of food coming up to bobby anniversary. what was he expecting, a fuc*ing banquet.

  15. 36th says "the shinner/provo collective were shown to be like lost children without their dear parent, "its just possible that they then know how the Mc Conville family felt, but I dont think those cunts would have the sense to feel anything,other than greed.

  16. On the eve of Bobby Sands death, cult leader Adams at his propaganda meeting yesterday, said that the food when he was in psni custody was poor quality. Who's laughing now Bobby. Gerry gets crap food but still supports the psni, what was the point of the hunger strike???

  17. Where are all the republican and shinner/provo events for Bobby Sands. He and the other 9 died so the shinners/provos Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, could surrender to the British, decommission their weapons, support the rule of law and the police, and take their seats in a British, assembly the Northern Ireland regional assembly in Stormont. Become British ministers, who's laws are signed by the Queen and so Martin McGuinness the British deputy first minister in the British administration in Northern Ireland, can get an invite to a Banquet with the Queen in Windsor Castle. Toast her good heath and stand for his national anthem God Save the Queen.

    Sands and the other 9 died so the shinners/provos could sell their electorate all of the above dressed up as working toward a united Ireland. However the reality is this, with every job and success their ministers make of Northern Ireland they push the aspiration of a united Ireland further and further away. Who's laughing now Bobby.

    The shinners/provos have turned everything they said they stood and stand for so they could get payed at the tit of the British establishment, and to add insult to injury the Unionists are stringing them along at Stormont on all sorts of issues playing the long game.

  18. Ulster division,
    Twice you have written "who's laughing now Bobby" show a bit of decorum. If you can't show basic decency at least post under your own name.

  19. David

    I think 36th Ulster is referring to the SF horsehit of quoting Bobby saying our revenge will be the laughter of our children. I think you're missing his 'target'.

  20. David, I thought this was a place where people were allowed to express their views, freely and in a way that reflected their political views.

    I as a Unionist have no sympathy for the aims or plight of the hunger strikers. In my view they were used (and still are) by the shinner/provos as stooges, to forward the political careers of Adams, McGuinness and a cabal of shinner/provos.

    Therefore I have no issues with referring to him as I do or what he allegedly said. He is just a tool to be used in the same way by me as he is by republicans collectively and the shinners/provos specifically.

    So if you will allow me the courtesy I will refer to Sands and his alleged quote as I see fit.

    Just in the same way republicans use terms that I as a Unionist dislike but have never complained about. Sands maybe a hero to you and other republicans, but his is not to me. He is a political tool to be referred to and used as I see fit, just in the same way how republicans and the shinner/provos have used him.

    I will therefore refer to him as I see fit. It is your right to disagree with my post or sections of my post but do not allow your par•ti pris to determine how I express my views.

    As for my name, when everyone on here gives their full name or its a requirement of the site moderator I will do the same.

  21. 36th Ulster division

    You are of course entitled to say what you wish - However if someone is asking for decorum is there any need to continue to be an asshole ?
    how does that enable dialogue and communication ?

    All that does is show you up as an arrogant fuck who thinks that being respectful or courteous is too much to ask.

  22. Aine, thanks for the profanities.

    Asshole in the same sentence, as asking for decorum.

    Respectful and courteous in the same sentence as arrogant f***.

    I now consider myself told off.

    Good to see that the main points of the argument are not questioned just the way they were delivered.

  23. 36th diversion

    the 'tools' had the flegs outside Antrim barracks yesterday. That was really enjoyable!

  24. Cracker piece Pauline and surely the point about Denis Donaldson strikes home in that he too cried political policing...

    Could that in fact have been his ultimate downfall?

    As for Gerry's press conference, clearly he seen that Marty and company had almost shit in the nest by making threats they clearly could never back up, because to pull the plug on support for the PSNI would also entail pulling the plug on the money flowing in from both British funding and the cash from the US...

    The Little Dutch Boy and the Dyke would be an apt description of Adams' press conference.

  25. Larry, Your quite right they were fools and as you say tools.

    As for the flag thing, I could not care less if the flag never flies above the city hall ever again. It does not define me as a Unionist.

    However it not flying does not change this indisputable fact. Every shinner/provo who lives in Northern Ireland when they go to bed they still wake up in the UK and will do so for a very long long time, with their current partitionist workings of Stormont.

    With the shinners/provos help in making what goes for a partitionist government in Stormont exist, and to all intents and purposes work, the shinners/provos are copper fastening Northern Ireland's existence within the UK

    So one has to ask who are the real tools and fools.

  26. 36th Diversion

    Hard to disagree with your SF analysis, in which case why are you unionists so anti provo? Or is it just a natural born hatred of all things deemed Irish/RC?

  27. 36th

    Every shinner/provo who lives in Northern Ireland when they go to bed they still wake up in the UK and will do so for a very long long time, with their current partitionist workings of Stormont.

    Billy Hutchinson doesn't think like that. he classes the six counties as a very different place from the UK. he recently talked about the brain drain in the north and his words went something like this....

    "off course if they (youth of today) can't find any work they'll go to the UK"..

    So I know Billy doesn't believe he is waking up in the UK.

    Why are you proud to be a Unionist? What is there to be proud about...? What benefits do you get from being part of the 'Union'.

    So one has to ask who are the real tools and fools.

    Tools...Basically the whole of the PSF leadership. They are the tools the UK gov. need to drive home their reforms to take money out of your pocket. They're also used to keep sectarianism alive.

    Fools... People who buy into the line PSF are a party for the people etc. It's a load of balls.

    Same on your-side of the oxymoron's. The people at the 'peace camp' on Twaddell fools.WTF is that really about. Don't tell me it's about their right to march, viable routes etc. There is a perfectly viable alternative through Fourth River.

    And they are being used as tools to keep the DUP, TUV and the rest of the alphabet soup of PUL-ers in comfort. I bet Billy H. Or Peter Robinson don't worry about paying bills, going without, feeding kids.

    Whats makes you proud to be a Unionist. Do youthink Lizzie, harry and the rest really give to flying fucks about the Shankill Road, East Belfast, Mount Veron??

    Can you explain to me what are PUL-ers doing about the race crimes in protestant/loyalist areas. What have the Polish people done to PUL-ers to deserve being forced out of their homes? We both know the attacks are organised by both the UVF & UDA (depends who is stronger in what area)...

  28. Fair play Pauline your piece certainly removes the SF drama and hypocrisy now that Adams is still siding with the crown forces he needs to tug on the leash and call the dogs off.
    I suppose it is difficult to understand the strange relationship SF have with the crown and unless you don’t blindly follow without question it is completely confusing.

    The charade was well orchestrated but the panic was genuine. I wonder what the party would do if Adams popped his clogs and was no longer I suppose they would find something to blame for that.
    Instead of looking like a well oiled machine they were an embarrassing spectacle.

    Perhaps with age my memory is faulty but I could swear once upon a time republicanism was strong and proud now with SF in control it is weak and embarrassing.

  29. Tain Bo

    what would SF do without Adams is the question that has really been emblazoned on a lot of peoples minds after seeing the party debacle at the press conference. The ugly side of the Provos wasn't far from the surface when Gerry Idol was removed. That might be something everyone wants to take note of. Although I think they are so riddled and infested by the police they espouse loyalty to (Raymond McCartney justice spokesman!!)the threat of a return to violence is a non-starter, a total joke, but they could be a nasty bunch in the local community.

    There was political policing from start to finish with everyone accusing everyone else of interfering. In the end Ian Hayne former Secretary of State intervened on Sky News on behalf of Adams. End result the British establishment are Gerry's best friend, and he theirs. SF are only going where the British government decides they can go. If you believe that's a united Ireland you need to be a stand up comedian or a SF dreamer.

  30. Larry without Gerry Adams at the helm..PSF are fcuked.

    There are elections coming up soon and if people vote for PSF to sit on councils at a local level you'll be fcuked. next year when the MLA's are up for re-election, Westminster, Lenister House..You'll be fcuked.

    I know my voice will fall on deaf ears but anyone today who votes for PSF is simply making a rod for their own back.

    Alternatively, you could vote in independent republicans, RNU members etc.. It'll be fresh minds, not people locked into the past. Prepared to ask the questions others shy away from.

    Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has said " he made no threat to Michael McConville during their conversations.

    Mr Adams said:

    “My sole purpose in meeting with Michael McConville was and is to help the family.

    I can understand the antipathy they feel toward republicans given the abduction and killing of their mother and the life they subsequently had.

    However, I made no threat against Michael McConville and neither did I warn of backlash.

    The family have the right to seek redress in whatever way they chose and through whatever avenue is open to them.

    This case raises in a very stark way the need for the legacy issues of the past to be addressed in a way that brings closure for victims and their families." )

    Gerry for once tell the fcuking truth and stop hiding behind words...

  31. Frankie

    Adams needs to give the family the green light to give the information they have to the PSNI as the Stormont deputy 1st minister has called upon people to do in the past. Enough Little Britain antics,

    'yeagh but no but yeagh but no'.
    my 'computer says no'

    FFS enough already!!!!

  32. 36th,
    You can say what you want as and when you see fit, the fact is i've no time for people who make snide comments under aliases and on the net, but if that is the strength of you so be it.

  33. Larry,

    are we to believe the great party is only as great as their leader and their leader is only as great as the British decide they want him to be?

    The wonder wall Provo parade was embarrassing and I hope they were bit players acting out a staged drama yet to be picked up for a B Hollywood flick entitled Get Adams.

    In a surprising twist I find myself in the unusual spot of agreeing with SF as it was all about “getting Adams” sounds legit until you read the fine print “Get Adams Massive Amounts of Publicity.”

    Any political party would be in publicity heaven if they received half of the attention Adams got.
    And of course the ungrateful bastards have yet to thank those who give the party a much needed “victims” boast. Life is more tolerable when the death party is not the non-stop news.
    I am fairly convinced nothing else happened anywhere in the world whilst Adams was being held as a political prisoner by his own crown forces.

    Let’s just hope and pray that the victims of this intentional trauma can pick up the pieces and “move on” the shock of their political leader arresting himself has to be the worst single event of our troubled past.

    I would ask all to question the British government’s response to this disaster and their failure to open country wide fully staffed crisis centre’s to aid SF and supporters in the wake of this terrible tragedy.

  34. Tan Bo

    my mrs was and still is in shock at four days blanket coverage of Adams arrest. Bright side, we got an X-Ray of SF top brass and their 'master-plan'.

    2 days in Antrim, just decideing the food isn't awful after all

    takes the stage in front of SF and their relatives bussed in and roars (almost without a stammer) we haven't gone away you know!!