Always look on the bright side of life de do...

Thomas Dixie Elliott with a piece of satire on a conversation between two dictators.

Big Bob: "It's your disposable phone Gerry."

Kim Jong-un: "Halo Jelly that you Jelly Adims?"

Gerry Adams: "Ta sé myself mo chara, bout ye?"

Kim Jong-un: "You get big murial like me Jelly?" You new dictator people's Republic of Norn Eyeland. Yes?"

Gerry Adams: "Well actually no Kim mo chara, That would be Marty and he'd be Deputy Dictator of the New Republic of The North of Ireland."

Kim Jong-un: "Where you Dictate then Jelly?"

Gerry Adams: "I'm down in Louth mo chara."

Kim Jong-un: "You make the fun of me Jelly Adims? I no speak like that, I say South like South Korea. You in Peoples Republic of South Ireland smart cunty bills!"

Line goes dead....

Big Bob: "Who was that Gerry?"

Gerry Adams: "That Kim Jong boyo. Do you remember I sent you over to give him lessons in public speaking?"


  1. More than likely he would have sent someone over to get their hands on the plates for printing perfect $100 bills ,just like the sticks ..

  2. Funny bit that bloke who impersonates Adams should get a hold of this piece and fire up a video of Adams yarning with other despots.

    Marty I seen a show a while back were the FBI done a sting and funny enough they found out that counterfeit 100 dollar bills were well made in North Korea.
    They rounded up a whole squad of people in a smuggling ring from dodgy money to arms.
    I don’t think that got the printing plates maybe Bob Doh will be making a peace trip to see the other great leader.