Adams Speaks to Faithful from Antrim PSNI Custody Suite


  1. AM
    I'm unable to access the video

  2. Joe,

    If you go to here. You'll find it (should be PSF FB page..)

  3. Joe,

    Someone took down the video (and several post's I made on PSF FB page)...

    I'll just re post them. Anyhow it's back up..

  4. "I have never ever ever had a beard. Never in my life. I never had a beard in 1982, '83, '84, right through to today. I've never had a beard, and I've no intention of having a beard. Never ever will I ever have a beard. Let's get that straight.

    "The way I've been treated by the PSNI in here today, and over the last couple of days and nights has been terrible. I was kicked in the leg. I was punched in the face; you can't see it because of the, ah, sideburns."


  5. "The PSNI hurt my feelings and the feelings of my party, especially Martina who is now recovering at my side."


  6. Is it true that who ever painted Gerry on the wall last week removed the 'Oppression Breeds Resistance' mural...?

  7. Meanwhile...

    Thousands failed to turn out to cheer Gerry Adams in Galway.

    As Gerry, Martin and Martina stood on a platform waving to bemused passersby in Eyre Square, Bobby Storey finally arrived to tell them that one of the two buses carrying the thousands had broke down outside Tubbercurry.

    When Martina heard this she broke down as well.

  8. frankie

    Fear An Phobail now occupies that space

  9. Yes Frankie.That snout ervine[return the serves]breed was in the middle of it.and they expect people to clap like seals.