For the Green, not the Queen

Gerard Hodgins with an unpublished letter to the Irish News written on 4 April 2014 clarifying the status of Maghaberry republican political prisoner, Seamus Scotchy Kearney

The content of Sean O Fiach’s letter Former SF supporters fair game to British rule of law was spot on in content and tone except for one genuine mistake: Seamus “Scotchy” Kearney is not a Sinn Fein supporter. And Scotchy has asked me to highlight this to restore his credentials and credibility as an unrepentant Fenian of the old school – definitely not in the Adams camp.

At no time during his recent trial and sentencing for offences going back to 1981 did he receive any support or assistance from his former Commanders and constitutional comrades.

Is mise le meas,
Gerard Hodgins,

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