Duplicitous and treacherous ... and the Brits are just as bad.

Guest writer Marty Flynn with his view on the incorporation of Provisional Sinn Fein into the British establishment.

I think most people now accept that quisling $inn £ein are/were a protected species. The OTR debacle has outed that myth into reality. Feted like spoilt children and pandered to by successive Brit and Irish governments, they have played the "peace process" to the limit and milked it for what it’s worth.
However as there is always payback. They have had to abandon any semblance of republicanism never mind socialism. We witnessed that a couple of nights back tonight with deputy dog Martybroy Mc Guinness dressed as ordered, toasting his new boss Liz the Brit and happy to do so. Fuck Bobby Sands and the rest, I’ve moved on.

The Spotlight programme the same evening shone the light on "Spike "Murray and accused him of being the mastermind behind the importation of large quantities of guns while the PRM were in and out of ceasefire mode. The programme went as far as implicating him in the murder of two policemen in Lurgan and the murder of Vol. Joe O Connor. I am of the opinion that when "Spike" and other republicans and loyalists were taken to South Africa at the start of this so called "Peace process" the Brits showed "Spike" and the boys their cards and in true tarot fashion predicted their future. it was a choice of either roll over or go down.

Murray and the boys have been rewarded with the kudos of statesmen and women and as we know the good life that has followed: freedom of movement without harassment, unlimited travel, positions of power and privilege, holiday homes here and abroad and expense accounts to keep them in the fashion that they have now become accustomed to.

These wonderful things have instilled a sense of superiority in these minions of the state, their egos boosted to such a degree that with an arrogance resembling the fascists of Hitler’s Germany they have literally got away with murder. But as all stories go the piper always needs paying, I believe the next payment will be the implementation of the welfare benefit cuts on behalf of Cameron’s millionaire cabinet. Failure to comply could see their little empire pulled down. They had their usefulness in bringing republicanism to its knees, the job is done.

Those who are king makers can now dispense with them whenever they choose. That’s why quisling $inn £ein will obey Cameron’s wishes. They may huff and puff but they will obey, caught like rats in a trap of their own making. I hope those who they have betrayed, harassed, intimidated and the families of those they have murdered like Vol Joe O Connor just so that they could sit at the table of Queen Elizabrit get to see their humiliation when it comes for as sure as there is shit on Adams shirttail that day is coming. Ther can never be truth or justice while scumbags like these have any say in our or our children’s future.


  1. Yes. Very true.

    I watched the spotlight programme and immediately thought CIA sponsorship written all over it.

    One thing is for certain, we have entered into another phase of the dirty war over here.

    Now bear in mind the whole programme according to Spike Murray is simply allegations only. He certainly is candid and confident enough to state no-one has questioned me about it. Maybe, he already knows he has a get out of jail free card, amnesty like the gun runner and the OTR.

    Food for thought.

    Why then has the gun runner been given amnesty by the head of the USA court. It happened alright, make no doubt about that.

    Another example, clean guns to police the peace process, in the form of dealing with dissidents, or anyone which opposes SF or the USA/British/NIO peace agenda.

    Why we ask ourselves has it only come to light now? These things in my opinion do not just spring out of thin air they are carefully managed at particular times in line for maximum exposure.

    Now you wouldnt think it, they way the media has kept it a low slow burner here at the minute. Maybe the confession of the gun runner was an act of remorse.

    CIA sponsored maybe, now it is certainly within their remit, to either entrap senior PIRA figures and "give them a offer they couldnt refuse" to go along with the peace process at all costs.

    The British and the NIO have their hand to play I beleive.

    Maybe it is the old skeptic in me, but something is at play here, sure it would not be the oul elites to keep us poor minions on our toes.....

  2. fair play marty, u tell it like it is. that is first i heard of south africa though, can you fill me in a bit a cara.

  3. Grouch...

    Scap being talked about in an interview by Ian Hurst (Martin Ingram......) and Sir John Wisley..

    Brain Nelson a license to murder <--South Africa arms shipment..

  4. What i fail to understand is why aren't the welfare cuts uniting the working class on both sides of the oxymornons.

    As marty has said countless times (basically every week<--rightly so), in the not to near distant future they will be implemented and people are going to be quids out. Very soon you wont be able to go to the DHSS or whoever and say "Excuse me but I'm in shit and need money to feed my kids, pay my rent, heat my house, can I apply for a crisis loan-budgeting loan-grant" and the repsonse you'll get is "Sorry, fcuk off we can't help"........ You may not even get a "sorry" simply "fcuk off"..And the Gov. will dip into your benefits to pay any outstanding bills you have/CCJ's etc.. leaving 'you' with even less money..

    It would be cheaper in the short/medium & long term (instead of quantitive easing or cut backs) to simply pay off everyones debt and start from square one.

  5. Diplomatic as ever Marty.

    Recon if they took Denis and Scap along the 'path' for 20+ years a few handguns to get Spike at the table beside Denis and the others touting away all the while the 'negotiations'(yer aving a farf!!) is hardly beyond belief.

    Also the added possibility of several dozen shorts in exchange for 3 Lybian boatloads out down the line!!

    Knowing what we do now about the dirty games played it's all hardly beyond the bounds of probability. Who's to say Claxton wasn't the innocent dupe sent over to close the scheme down?

    I get the impression the yank was miffed at being 'hung out to dry' with a storage unit full of weapons. Where have I seen that 'hung out to dry' routine before lol.

    Just a thought in fairness, long gone are the days you'd say, 'fuck it was going really well too before yer man flew over' LONG GONE!!

    There are possibly several permutations, FOR EACH HANDGUN! lol

  6. Grouch watch this

    There is a book called End game in Ireland

    Both will tell you about SF and Unionists going to SA to see how they made 'peace' and to see if they could learn any thing..

    Long story short..Both sides wouldn't sit in the same room so Mandela and his cohorts had to give separate talks. nelson Mandela said after the talks.."The Irish are very nice people, they just aren't nice with each other"

  7. Bringing them to s/africa and putting it to them about a couple of shorts..Now imangine the buzz went through mi5 when they found out liam was a NONCE and was being protected.Would this chance be missed to turn someone.

  8. Marty you have a brilliant way with words. Very succinct, you hit the nail on the head every time

  9. Marty you have a brilliant way with words. Very succinct, you hit the nail on the head every time

  10. Is there a pass given for those living who admit on television ?

    It seems to me those who open their histories in front of a camera catch very few, if any, repurcusions.. I certainly do not mean to be flippant, but it just seems odd.

    Then those that do not take such a route are locked, and then told to never talk to media..

  11. Marty, regarding the condition of Adams’ shirt tails, I thought Bill Flynn paid for this to be sorted?

  12. thanks frankie
    just listened to the scap vid there, he corrects journalist at 27 mins who infers goc was in charge and says fru worked for mi5 and ruc. lovely stuff altogether. well done to the boys and girls underground in their bunker outside belfast. underground is where they belong. permanently.

  13. Marty,

    it would be nice to think that SF are finished milking the peace process cow.
    Far from it as it is one of their only lines and by hyping it they have excuse to pull off stunts like visiting the Queen and flogging it to their followers as progress.

    The only thing honest about SF is their dishonesty which is about as much praise and credit I can give them.
    The only use the working class and the unemployed are to SF is a vote that comes with their superfluous promise of change which is true in a sense as there will be drastic change which will leave people looking for spare change.

    SF will continue to lie and when the working class and unemployed fools vote for them we have no one else to blame but ourselves for voting for a party that will agree and implement any policy the Brits force upon the people who struggle to get by with little and will end up with even less.

    As I said it would be nice to think they are finished milking it but it looks more like they haven’t even scratched the surface of their duplicity!
    And why not as they have no republican opposition SF and those who turned are a gift to the British who figured out it was easier to buy them off for a fraction of the price it cost to fight the RM.

    I would say that Martin McGuiness assured the Brits republicanism is officially broken as he bowed to the Queen even though SF and their supporters will still say the RM is unbowed and unbroken.