Cló Saoirse publish History of Cumann na mBan

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To mark the centenary of the Republican women’s organisation Cumann na mBan, the Dublin-based publisher Cló Saoirse/Irish Freedom Press recently published a history of the organisation. The book ‘Cumann na mBan: 100 Years Defending the Republic’ (ISBN 978-0-9545791-2-8) is written by Cumann na mBan Veteran and Republican Sinn Féin General Secretary Líta Ní Cathmhaoil and Dieter Reinisch, Historian at the University of Vienna, Austria.

On April 5, 1914 over 100 women attended a meeting in Wynn’s Hotel, Dublin, presided over by Agnes O’Farrelly, of what was to be Cumann na mBan. One hundred years later, Cumann na mBan has influenced the course of Irish History like no other women’s organisation has done it in the 20th Century. In these one hundred years, Cumann na mBan was the only Republican organisation which stood firmly to the All-Ireland Republic proclaimed in 1916. ‘Cumann na mBan: 100 Years Defending the Republic’ is the first full account of the one hundred years history of this remarkable women’s organisation.

The book includes 120 pages with previously unpublished documents and photos of Cumann na mBan. It is sold for €12/£10. Bookshops may ask Cló Saoirse/Irish Freedom Press for cost price. Special rates are available for public libraries and universities.

The book is available at from Cló Saoirse/Irish Freedom Press, 223 Parnell Street, Dublin 1 and the Ulster Office of Republican Sinn Féin on 229 Falls Road, Belfast.

To order and for any further information send an e-mail to:

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  • Líta Ní Chathmhaoil & Dieter Reinisch
    Cumann na mBan: 100 Years Defending the Republic
    Cló Saoirse/Irish Freedom Press
    Dublin, March 2014
    120 pages,
    ISBN 0-9545791-2-7

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  1. Great to see Dieter has got published. I will certainly be ordering a copy of this book. GREAT STUFF!!