We won in Louisiana!

A statement from the American Civil Liberties Union regarding the important outcome in the Lousiana school discrimination case.

Scott and Sharon's son won't face discrimination or indoctrination from his school teachers any longer.

A federal district court has ordered Sabine Parish School Board to stop unconstitutionally imposing religion on students at Negreet High and other parish public schools.
Last month, Scott and Sharon Lane asked us for help defending the rights of their son C.C.—a Buddhist of Thai descent who was the victim of harassment and religious indoctrination by his teachers at Negreet High. So we filed a lawsuit and 70,000 ACLU supporters signed the petition asking the Department of Justice to launch an investigation.

That effort paid off in a crucial victory that upholds the separation of church and state. Scott, Sharon and I all thank you for taking action so quickly.

Our fight isn’t over though. Can you help us continue to defend the constitutional rights of people like C.C. by pitching in $5 or $10 right now?

Every day, people from across the country ask for our help in fighting discrimination in their schools, in their workplaces, and in their daily lives.

This work is critical, but we can’t do it without your support. Help us continue to stand guard and protect the rights of all people, young and old, of every race and creed.

You contribution of just $5 or $10 will help ensure that we’re ready the next time we need to take rapid action to defend civil liberties.


  1. next they'll be teaching the children the founding fathers of america were terrorists. this is a joke. indoctrination, give me a break, theres mass indoctrination going on in america and its nothing to do with this. truly sickened at this farce and then they go lookin for money. irish people - are you ready for your sacred symbols and myths to be taken out to keep a few whinging blow-ins happy (who no doubt will hav the pagan mass media behind them). discrimination my eye. young children spend hours and hours watching sexed up violent mind bendingly evil crap day in day out that is completely dehumanizing them but its those bad old christians who are indoctrinating them into dangerous things like sacred scripture, morality and values that are the culprits. what a shitbox that once great republic is rapidly becoming.

  2. Surely 'grouch' this is freedom to choose versus imposition of will?

    Give me freedom of choice every time.

  3. enjoy ur freedom while u hav it henry.

  4. Grouch a secular state is the only guarentee of religious freedom. I agree that those who try and argue this need to do better in explaining why this is necessary, because it can come across as liberal dogma.But the other side of the coin, is outrages such as “A Protestant State for a Protestant people” , and this is no longer possible under that framework of thinking.

  5. this is about america first and foremost daithi. those kids are and have been indoctrinated for decades. they sit in front of sexed up violent maniacal programmes and wiigamestations from day one and are dehumanized by the time they ten now. their schools are corporate mental sweat shops now. they are getting that way here. Getting rid of God is part of agenda and they will highlight rednecks and bible belters to push it thru the media. im with the paisley prods on this one, sure henry joy has me votin for dup on yesterdays bloody sunday blog anyway.

  6. grouch I appreciate this is about America, but the reason this court case won is because their constitution has designed such a separation.

    I agree TV is over sexualised, but this is a separate issue and you arent forced to watch it, hit the advertisers where it hurts and bin it. You will miss out on the propaganda too if you do.(I haven't owned a TV for 15 years!)

    As for voting DUP, finally, now I know you are on a windup.

  7. they had a great smash sinn fein poster years ago daithi dya remember the two boyos with sledge hammers, id pay for one now

  8. grouch Ive seen the slogan, and Paisley with the hammer if that’s what you mean?
    If only the republican movement had a leader as implacable as he was. We had slickly articulate people, but they used this linguistic dexterity to sell out the movement in plain sight. Paisley spoke in simple terms that left no room for compromising his movements position.

  9. on the money there daithi, yeah slick doublespeakin snakeoilers, ive said this before on this site - watch ruairi at 86 ard fheis and then watch pubehead mcguinness after, that ard fheis was 'gerry'mandered too, full to the rafters with goons who were never at an ardfheis before or since, they really are a stalinist mafia. god be with ruairi, i love the head on him after adams shakes his hand and pats him. priceless.