Unlawful Religious Discrimination in Louisiana

A letter from Scott and Sharon Lane highlighting the discrimination their son has experienced at school in Louisiana because he does not subscribe to the Christian faith. The couple has been working with the American Civil LIberties Union in a bid to bring pressure to bear on those behind the discrimination.

Dear Anthony,

The response from the ACLU community to our last email has been astounding, and we are so grateful. More than 45,000 compassionate ACLU supporters have signed their name to our petition to the Department of Justice demanding an immediate investigation into unlawful religious discrimination against our son by his school in Louisiana.

We're going to deliver the petition this week to the DOJ, but unless we turn up the public pressure, they may not take action. So we're asking for the full power of tens of thousands of ACLU supporters behind us.

If we can reach 60,000 signatures before we deliver the petition, we think we have a good chance of pushing the DOJ to launch an investigation.

We were shocked when we learned how extreme the religious indoctrination was at Negreet High: school-sponsored prayer at nearly every event, Bible-based study in science class, and Christian iconography all over the school. And through it all, our son, a Buddhist of Thai descent, was mocked by his teachers for his non-conforming faith.

If you believe, as we do, that acceptance, not religious intolerance, should be the foundation of our nation's public schools, please help us win this important fight.

It's not just a fight for our son, but for the right of all students to be free from religious discrimination and indoctrination.

Thank you for your support,

Scott and Sharon Lane, for ACLU Action

Here's our original email from February 5th:

Dear Anthony,

Like any parents, we were deeply concerned when our son C.C. began getting sick to his stomach on the way to school each morning.

At first, we thought he had fallen ill. But we soon found out a far more disturbing truth--that our son, a Buddhist of Thai descent, was afraid to go to school because his teacher was chastising him in front of his peers for his Buddhist faith.

As we dug deeper, we discovered that our son's sixth-grade curriculum at Negreet High included extreme religious indoctrination. The school itself was covered in religious icons. Christian prayer was incorporated into nearly every school event. And our son's teacher routinely preached her biblical beliefs to students and tested the children on their piety with exam questions such as this one: "ISN'T IT AMAZING WHAT THE _____________ HAS MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

When our son failed to answer religious questions like this correctly (the answer was "LORD"), his teacher mocked him for his beliefs.

No child should be subjected to the type of humiliation that our son has endured. The Department of Justice has the power to end this unlawful religious discrimination at schools in Sabine Parish and set an example for the rest of Louisiana--but we have to make sure they take the case.

Will you sign our urgent petition calling on the Department of Justice to launch an immediate investigation of unlawful religious discrimination at Negreet?

When we brought our concerns to the school superintendent, expecting compassion for our son's treatment, we found none. She informed us that we live in the "Bible Belt" and suggested that we transfer our son to another district school 25 miles away where, she claimed, there were "more Asians."

We did move our son to another school in Sabine Parish, but there, too, school officials regularly promote Christianity and we're concerned our son will again become a target for his faith.

Can you take one minute to sign our petition to the Department of Justice so that religious discrimination in Sabine Parish is put to an end?

Our public schools should be educating and preparing our children for success. But instead of learning basic skills, like science, teachers at Negreet High told students that the Bible is "100 percent true," that the earth was created by God 6,000 years ago and that evolution is a "stupid theory made up by stupid people who don't want to believe in God."

We don't begrudge anyone's right to their Christian faith. But we also don't believe that any child should be subjected to this type of discrimination. And we know that if thousands of ACLU supporters stand with us, we can push the Department of Justice to investigate and bring to an end the religious discrimination and indoctrination that forced our son to leave his school.

Please join us in calling on the Department of Justice to launch an immediate investigation into this unlawful religious discrimination so that no other child has to go through the harassment that our son has endured.

Religious freedom is a pillar of our country's democracy. Forcing your beliefs on another is not freedom; it is oppression.

Thank you for taking action with us

Scott and Sharon Lane, for ACLU Action


  1. You'd think that the teachers would jump at the chance to have debates or other about different religions and cultures. Instead they slate a kid for having a different belief..

  2. i wudnt sign that petition in a fit. next thing they'll be wanting pictures of jesus out of hospitals and cribs at christmas banned. 'christian iconography all over the school', i never heard such shite in my life, has anybody seen the inside of a school in thailand. gimme a break. theres plenty of schools where that child wud not face that hassle, god love him, send him there and get real.

  3. Grouch,

    Christians are meant to be about forgiveness, reconciliation, love, peace and understanding.

    What love or understanding was (or has been) shown to 'CC'?

    For a school to teach that this rock is only 6,000 years old. What planet are they living on.

    The Louisiana Public School Cramming Christianity Down Students’ Throats

    Thing is Grouch it's a public school paid b tax payers. It's not privately funded school.. I could rant for ages but in short the school are wrong on every level.

  4. if the majority of the public in that area are that kind of christian thats going to be reflected in schools. it shudnt and i dont like that type of culture but i think there is more to this story than meets the eye.

    i dont believe in darwinian evolution which is taught nearly everywhere now, in fact science is having serious doubts about evolution as we were all taught was the way. in fact some scientists see it in the same light as flat earth now. i think there are forces that want an end to any christianity in public places and highlight easy to ridicule places like that school to further their agenda. i bet you they are not all bastards to cc there too. i know im in the minority on this one and u cud go to town on me. the school are wrong i do agree frankie but i dont think on every level.

  5. Grouch,

    Part of the problem with religion in schools is they only preach one faith be it Christian, Islam..Judaism or other. In a maths class they'll teach calculus, algebra, trigonometry etc.. Science classes the same they teach a host of subjects under that umbrella. Keep religion in school but teach other faiths.

    I don't think there is anymore to the story than a kid being laughed at because they worship a different deity. After going into Google and looking around everyone seems to be saying the same..Simple religious discrimination. There are still parts of the rural southern states where racism is still rife, white power still rules. A quick look at how George Bush Jr took the reins of power and how blacks couldn't vote in Dade County. . You don't have to go that far back in Irish history to see that Catholics couldn't apply for jobs, housing, vote......

    Some scientists today are revaluing the big bang-big bounce theories..That's the beauty about science, it's open to change. In fact it allows for change. Religion is a closed book.

  6. fair points frankie and i wont argue with you, but there are forces who want jesus out of hospitals, that freaks me out and maybe i over reacted to cc story because of this. i do feel for the kid. most definitely.

  7. Grouch,

    Here are some of ten commandments

    1....I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other God before me.

    Genesis 1 Verse 26: "Then god said, 'Let us make a man --Someone like ourselves, to be the master of all life upon earth and in the skies and in the seas."

    Which God is God talking about?

    2.....Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing in heaven above, or things which are in the earth beneath.

    And walk into any christian place of worship (especially Catholic ones) and you'll find statues & painting of God left right and center..And people praying in front of it. Exactly what 'God' is meant to have said not to do.....

    3.....Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

    So when I make a mistake or I'm angry at myself for making a mistake..I can't say 'In the name of sweet fcuking Jesus' or 'Holy shit Batman'...?

    4.....Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.

    Which day of the weekend is the holy day? Muslims like Fridays off, Jews prefer Saturdays and Christians go for Sundays..

    I'll take all three and have a long weekend every weekend doing sweet fcuk all.

    If Jesus was meant to be for the under dog..Why can't I find anything about him speaking out against slavery? Which was rife then under the Romans..

    Grouch, this new non conformist state our are getting off the ground..No religion. And can I still smoke Amazonian coconut leaf<--better than banana skins anyday of the week?

    If someone wants to believe in a man on the moon or other. I wont stop you. I wont let anyone force it down me.

  8. frankie, all i'll say is i hate it when people who have another agenda (and i dont mean u) fu*kers like that dawkins elitist prick want religion banned and diss it constantly. i wud hate it if all vestiges , iconography etc were removed from public places to keep the pc brigade happy. imagine going to a beautiful country like thailand but finding out all their religious spiritual iconography was removed from public to keep the thai p.c.ers happy. same for india. imagine going to india and all their awesome iconography was removed from public places. they teach their faith in schools too. some over the top some not depending on what part of those countries ur in. same as here america etcetc. look what happened in countries that went marxist and banned religion. monstrous. the way i look at it is this frankie, god absolutely loves atheists. i am off the funny tobacco a while now and am getting a lot more done, but yes u can smoke the weed in saordonia but if u start goin a bit paranoid or lazy (i did) we will try and help u to cut down. and i hav to be honest here, my first school principal was a nun as was my last, i had a few christian bros for a few years in dub too. they were mostly very decent. they wudnt say the same about me maybe but i hate the fact they are all slandered now because of a small percentage of sickos. the hierarchy who covered for them are scum, but look i am goin on now. im no holy joe in case ur thinking, im tryin my best though and i wud never force anythin i believe in on anyone except the principles of o'marxism.

  9. While no children should be ostracised in school. I think Grouch has a point and not just because he makes me laugh. These people who talk about freedoms and stopping religious indoctrination end up trying to indoctrinate you with their beliefs. In an ideal world it would be each to their own, but I am wary of these people who rally against religions only to replace it with their own version of utopia.
    While this campaign seems fair on face value I wouldn't be surprised if there was somebody running it/hijacking it for their own purposes. In this day and age when you have the music industry sexualisation of children what's wrong with Christian values at school?

  10. david, lets not forget some kids are being stuffed with vaccines UNKNOWN to their parents in some schools in america. yes the sexualisation is frightening, i saw a thing on youtube about a katy perry music video and it made me wonder what the fu*k is going on its like paedo stuff, very very scary. btw ive still no job, any luck urself bro?

  11. Grouch, I am getting wee bits here and there nothing to shout about still it gives me more time to come on here and do a bit of ranting! fuck it. Regarding they vaccines a cara I watched a documentary on this issue. In a school in America they were going to expel a pupil and prosecute his parents because they didn't believe vaccines were healthy. Land of the free eh.

  12. yes its scary and its comin this way i fear, the techno scientific superstate, i hav to get a job soon or i will o.d. on ranting bro!

  13. In this day and age when you have the music industry sexualisation of children what's wrong with Christian values at school?

    David the short answer goes like this . Led Zepplin called it Rock and Roll

  14. Grouch,..,

    i saw a thing on youtube about a katy perry music video and it made me wonder what the fu*k is going on its like paedo stuff

    If you travelled back in time and asked the right Reverend Jimmy Snow he'd warn about the beat. While The Executive Secretary of the Alabama White Citizens Council would blame at the blacks saying... The obscenity and vulgarity of the rock'n'roll music is obviously a means to which the white man, his children, can be driven to the level of the niggerOthers would blame Communists

  15. frankie, i'll try and find the katy perry thing for you, i'll look later .

  16. Frankie,
    I get your point, I would have agreed with you at one time, if you've the time a cara look up Allan Dulles c.i.a director and his views on this he openly admits using the music industry as mind control and subversion. A technocratic society is not that far away.

  17. frankie, that vid is called - Katy Perry Pimping Pedophilia, on youtube, very disturbing , i hope u see where we coming from.

  18. Grouch,

    Is this the Katey Perry video. She is a pussy cat compared to the people who set the bench marks.

    Back in the day Sonny Boy Williamson was singing good morning little school girl while Huddie leadbetter was wondering .. where did she sleep last night. . ...

    A few years later in Ferriday Lousiana Jerry Lee Lewis who is Jimmy Swaggarts first cousin was playing in honky tonks and running amok

    After he'd impregnated and married a teenage sweetheart he entered a Bible College in Texas but quickly managed to get kicked out by "goosing up" the hymn "My God Is Real" on the church piano. He took a job as a vacuum cleaner salesman, failed at it miserably and re-married without bothering to divorce his first wife and by time Lewis was 21, he was twice married, barely educated, flat broke, totally unknown, quite possibly mentally unhinged, and arguably the best piano player in the world.

    Over in Georgia Little Richard was laying down rock'n'roll bench marks of his own wiki

    In 1956, Penniman began a romantic relationship with Audrey Robinson, a 16-year-old college student, originally from Savannah, Georgia.According to Penniman, he would invite other men to have sex with her in groups and once invited Buddy Holly to have sex with her; Robinson denied those claims.The relationship ended after Penniman's religious conversion in 1957. Robinson later became a stripper using the name Lee Angel..

    In an interview with The Guardian Little Richard had this to say

    "I love gay people. I believe I was the founder of gay. I'm the one who started to be so bold tellin' the world! You got to remember my dad put me out of the house because of that. I used to take my mother's curtains and put them on my shoulders. And I used to call myself at the time the Magnificent One.

    Chuck Berry

    On December 23, 1959, Chuck Berry is arrested in St. Louis, Missouri, on charges relating to his transportation of a 14-year-old girl across state lines for allegedly "immoral purposes."

    Bill Wyman & Mandy Smith

    I DID sleep with Bill Wyman when I was 14... but now the only man in my life is God

    Religion, rock'n'roll, sex. The three have always went hand in hand...And probably always will..

  19. Frankie,
    Its not a new problem, Dulles made his comments in the 40s. My point was the culture is more advanced now and maybe Christian culture would be a counter balance

  20. What part, branch, sect or other of christian culture David? The part where they (Christians) raped and pillaged their way through countries, thought that slavery was a good thing, covered up child abuse...?

    As for the CIA using music and the media to control how people think. Governments and religious institutions have been doing that since day 1.. That's nothing new. And they'll continue to use any means they deem fit to control how people think.

    Where is the difference between Gary Glitter having a sex with under age kids, Bill Wyman or Jerry Lee Lewis...? The world calls Glitter and evil scum bag etc..But Bill & Jerry rock'n'roll legends.... I don't see any difference.

  21. frankie, i see what u say but the difference is this, children (and evryone else) are saturated by it now - all the time, there is no escaping it now, they carry it around with them in their pockets. its on everywhere now, frankie, im not joking u, i hear american accents from students in galway now, they are media saturated and that is relatively recent.forget saving the irish language, i'll be happy if there is still irish accents in 20 years. the reason why i get upset about it is i saw and heard the effect on young irish people for last 7 years taxiing (nearly 20,000 third level students here), we are the most media addicted country on earth and we are not as nice as we used to be, and its not just me saying that frankie, i am a cranky bastard but i wudnt lie about it, the media is completely corrupt now, beyond toxic, people can slag me as a mary whitehouse but frankie i am going to do this, i told larry on another page ( he used to taxi too) that i am going to take video camera out one wed or thurs nite here in gal (student nites) and just record what happens and the state of them, god love them, but the place looks like a hoor convention they are lost little people and very rude. its because they are brainwashed by a completely corrupted media that they hav access to 24-7. we had top of the pops for haf hour a week. god be with the days! a friend of mine who came here in the 80's from new york and fell in love with the place and ended up staying here heard me givin out one night and told me i was turnin into an old stick in the mud cranky taxi driver. i took her around the town the following wednesday night for haf an hour. she was shocked. she cud not believe what she saw, heard and felt. you can feel a weird energy out there now with a lot of young people and it is , i believe, down to the dehumanizing (deliberate) affect of modern media. frankie, im not askin u to go all christian or anything, but i dont think u are taking into account the saturation of our young with corrupt modern media. i want the humans back! they were nice and a bit of craic. another thing - in my years taxiing these corporate student kids went on two marches. over college fees. viva la revolucion.

  22. Frankie,
    Your right. Christian history is a shambles, there is a paedophile ring within the church, just as there is one in the bbc, the current labour scandal, the tory peers, the franklin scandal in America, the list is endless.
    My point was in today society, when you have this modern culture where sex is introduced to younger people, particularly the music industry, would traditional christian values not be a counter balance. I am not for a minute a cara saying that if we were all religious these things wouldn't happen. Just thinking out loud about how we combat this heinous crime, the sexualization of children.

  23. Gotta do a bit of a Wolfsbane on you Grouch..

    children (and everyone else) are saturated by it now - all the time, there is no escaping it now, they carry it around with them in their pockets. its on everywhere now, frankie,

    Almost blame the parents for letting their kids have the devices that allow them to connect to the internet..And if parents were abit more 'puter savy they could easily block and filter their kids devices. They (parents) can easily remotely control what their kids are watching.

    im not joking u, i hear american accents from students in galway....a friend of mine who came here in the 80's from new york and fell in love with the place and ended up staying here

    So you have an American friend who arrived in Ireland 20 odd years ago and loved the place and never went home. Imagine that multiplied by 1,000 Irish people or 10,000.....And you have to throw into the mix the open door policy that allowed Tom, Dick and Harriot in. A few years ago in the leafy suburbs of Paris I was talking to a friend who is from the RDC in Africa. His brother paid him a vist and his brother squared ball me and said "I am Irish too"..and threw an Irish passport on the table...

    i took her around the town the following wednesday night for haf an hour. she was shocked. she cud not believe what she saw, heard and felt. you can feel a weird energy out there now

    Again it's called Rock 'n' Roll... Bill Haley was singing a re-worded version Jimmy Prestons hit 'Rock the Joint' in the 50's.. . Bill's version opens like this Tear down the mailbox, rip up the floor, Smash out the windows and knock down the door . Some of Haleys early concerts ended up in riots

    " For rebellious youngsters who were speaking out against their parents' generation, rock 'n' roll and new fashions were an expression of their own feelings about life. As mass events, rock 'n' roll concerts therefore became crystallization points for young people's rebellion against the bourgeois-patriarchal society of the Adenauer era.

    Same happened in France a few years later with Johnny Hallyday..

    Its follow-up, "Souvenirs, Souvenirs," became his first major hit, and when he performed at France's first rock festival at the Palais de Sport in early 1961, he set off a near-riot that led to a ban on rock & roll shows for several months.

    The Carter Family 1940...(based on an old gypsy song at least 200 yrs old)..

    How old are you my pretty little miss
    How old are you my honey?"
    She answered him with a silly little smile
    "I'll be sixteen next Sunday".
    (<----Means she is still only 15rs old...)

    Last night I lay on a warm feather bed
    Beside my husband and baby
    Tonight I lay on the cold, cold ground
    By the side of Black Jack David.

    So here we have a song by the 'First Family' in country music singing about a 15 year old girl being asked by an older man to leave her husband and baby...

    i believe, down to the dehumanizing (deliberate) affect of modern media. frankie, im not askin u to go all christian or anything, but i dont think u are taking into account the saturation of our young with corrupt modern media.

    Keep the faith Grouch, that's not going to happen.. The youth today may be more in your face about what they are doing, maybe the internet has played a role. But looking back on the history of music, it's always been there.

  24. My point was in today society, when you have this modern culture where sex is introduced to younger people, particularly the music industry

    Just seen your post.. Listen to The Carter Family Black Jack David that I put in my last post. It's always been there. Start listening to the Blues and you'll find underage sex, drugs, getting drunk..God.......

  25. frankie u thief, i came up with the 'do a wolfsbane' phrase! ok we'll agree to differ. i know i'm going to repeat myself here but its just i met a blast of relatives last few days at family funeral - scousers, mancs, londoners with irish roots. absolute fuc*ing diamonds. also dubs, mayo heads, clare and galway mostly. some of my gorgeous scouser cousins who moved to ireland 20 years ago to raise their kids are half sorry they did. we were all talking about this subject (not all the time, but its not just me im glad and sad to say) there is something going on here frankie and its very depressing. i worked on a rank for last 7 years with guys from congo nigeria and ghana etc. and trust me - they are more irish than the vile celtic tiger cubs who abuse us nite in nite out as we take them home. I'm not going to go on about it, im going to make that home movie. the irish are slobs now, it is a shit hole we are getting a bad rep EVERYWHERE now.(of course there are sound legends but they getting harder to find) frankie, u are not dealing with the media saturation from infancy, psychological targetting, the parents are worse if you ask me, i cant imagine what we will be like in another 20 years. it is new. it is dehumanizing and this media obsessed little isle is a tragic 'work in progress'. It is the new colonialism psychological terrorism, and i am not just talking about sex and rock and roll frankie, it is everything. u are right it was always there but not ALL THE TIME in ur face. People are stunted now because they cant function without a moving image in the same room. and another thing i was a ska head first, morphed into a mod for a summer and have been a rocker ever since. i also belt out the ballads. Im no square frankie but ive had efuckingnough now of rude bastards. rock on bro.

  26. frankie u thief, i came up with the 'do a wolfsbane' phrase!

    I'll give you fair dues Grouch on coining the phrase 'Doing a Wolfsbane'. But to my credit I was doing Wolfie on Wolfsbane before I knew it..It's a bit like Rock'n'Roll..Everyone (history) credits Alan Freed for coining the phrase when Blues Men when were Rockin' & Rollin' 20/30yrs before...

    This media saturation that people talk about..Thats only down to the simple reason technology has ballooned in the last 20 odd yrs. No other reason. It has always been there. The media has been a tool of governments since by gone days..A simple look at any religion (most) and you'll find child sacrifices through out history. Greeks & Roman mosaics depict all sorts of sexual activity..Some including animals..The Marquis de Sade..His books make penthouse & playboy seem tame. The blame could also be leveled at people like Clive Sinclair, Bad Billy Boy Gates or Steve Jobs for bringing 'puters into people homes..

    i worked on a rank for last 7 years with guys from congo nigeria and ghana etc. and trust me - they are more irish than the vile celtic tiger cubs who abuse us nite in nite out as we take them home.

    These are the same Nigerians, RDC's, Ghanians etc who sent home at least 635million green backs last yr.

    Seems they are getting rich and sending the spoils back home. Why don't they keep the money in Ireland if they are that patriotic about Ireland and help rebuild the economy? Probably cause they'll leave when the time is right with Irish money...I'm all for anyone living anywhere but Ireland is still being raped today..Only this time with smiles......
    As for the 'vile Celtic tiger cubs'... They are simply following by example.... Brian Cowen Drunk in Galway. It was people like Brian who thought it was a good idea to lower prices. Greedy bar owners plying young adults with cheap booze...All for profit.

    People are stunted now because they cant function without a moving image in the same room. and another thing i was a ska head first, morphed into a mod for a summer and have been a rocker ever since

    I blame weak willed parents for a lot the crap that goes on today. It's easier for them to give 'Wee Johnny' an ipad to occupy himself..And at least 50 +1 % of the parents haven't a clue as to what 'Wee Johnny' is actually up to. Even though he is less than 5ft away.

    Keep the Mod piece under wraps, I'm still a Belfast Rockabilly...Out of interest did you have the Brit Mod image or Irish Mod image on your parker??

  27. Just found this on yahoo answer/question thingy..

    I'm a 17 year old female and I am a Senior in High School in Southeastern Louisiana. I was raised Catholic but now I would consider myself to be agnostic..............Anyways, the main point is that every Thursday at my school a non-denominational church called Harvest sends their youth ministers to invite children to religious meetings during lunch (non-curricular time) in the home ec. classroom and invites students to come worship God. Personally, I would not see anything wrong with this if it were advertised via flyers or announcements. BUT, these people from this church call themselves "disciples" and they come to the public tables in the lunch room and personally ask students if they want to come meet in the room and learn about what God did for them through Jesus Christ. First off, I'm not quite sure if it is legal for an adult to come into a school and go up to any child that they wish to in a lunch room. (I would hope and think that this should be illegal) Secondly, I do not believe it is right for these people to be asking this to 14-17 yeat old kids because most of the kids at my school do not fully understand what they are getting into by agreeing to meet with these crazy people about religion. Finally, if the child denies wanting to participate the "disciple" will shake their head in a displeased manner and then walk away, making the kid feel guilty and fearful just for saying "No, thanks" to a bunch of lunatics.

    Here is a video from a few yrs back.....

  28. frankie, i was a brit mod in dublin 1983ish, i was only following my older sisters though, thats my excuse, as for the lads on the rank i wasnt meaning that literally i was highlighting how unirish a lot of natives are (also how much millions hav the gombeen croney insiders in foreign accounts!) but saying that i hav met some diamonds there no two ways about it, i have great time for ghanaians. anyway yes square christians are a bit annoying but listen, schools are fuc&kin corporate controlled mind sweat shops now, square christians arent too bad at end of day( in my book). and wolfsbane is an aul ledge in his own right even though i disagree with him on everything i hav to respect the way he gets back to everybody with the frankie said fionnuala said grouch said larry said craic. and i hope i dont sound patronising to him there. u and me wud disagree on lots of things too but i like the way you roll bro.

  29. I don't think we are hearing the whole story here. All this for one child and nothing from any of the other children. What a child see as mockery could be seen as some thing else by another. I believe the 6,000 years is God's time as he Created in 7 days is in God's time which is not the same as ours. We have been in the last few seconds for years.

  30. well said datrebor, and great moustache too brother

  31. Dartrebor,
    What's god time? I think that's the problem with some Christians while there is a lot to be said for certain christian values and ithe world would be a whole lot peaceful if we followed the Christ i was taught about, i don't understand some Christians reluctance to disagree with the bible. I mean you always get somebody quoting the bible to justify their claim as if the bible is infallible. The bible was wrote by men for their own purposes mostly and can't stand up to modern science in respect to dating the birth of the universe. They just didn't have the technology or carbon dating techniques back then.
    I am not saying that science has all the answers i am just saying that you've got to go with the times sticking to a book written two thousand years ago wont help anybodies advancement. I am also not saying that there is no god because i don't know i just feel you can be religious without ignoring scientific developments, bear in mind a priest is credited with the big bang theory if memory serves me right Lemaire or something. I don't understand why people feel the need to stick rigidly to their beliefs regardless.
    Having said that don't listen to me i never miss mass yet don't believe in a supreme being, i am typing here sober because i am off it for lent while everyone else is on it for st paddys so what do i know.

  32. im off it too david, for a few weeks now and the funny cigarettes as well and the normal cigarettes also (miss them more than anything), 2,000 years ago is two days to God, and two days ago for us is two thousand years for God too. (im not speakin for God there, thats what i think sometimes though). saint patricks day was 1000 years ago now and saint patrick walked the earth a day and a half ago. that dusnt make sense but it does too. we have linear perception of time, whereas maybe its spiral - spiral etchings on stones in newgrange, i think the old tribes had different perception of time and that has been lost. the scientists want everything in straight lines. they are missing out. and messing with our heads. heres my favourite quote from the bible. it is why i love the bible.

    Luke 10:21:
    "Then Jesus was filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit and said, "O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding the truth from those who think themselves so wise and clever, and for revealing it to the childlike. Yes, Father, it pleased you to do it this way. "