The Squalor of Peace

Guest writer Antaine Mac Dhomhnaill, a South Fermanagh republican, with a piece on Sinn Fein's dirty peace.

Certainly the most energetic proponents of the alleged Peace Process were POW's and On the Runs. Why would they not be?

A war they had proven their commitment to complete at all and any cost had been concluded by a leadership they were loyal to. It had ended on the pretext of impending victory for the Republican aspiration.

What they did not know was that the leadership they obeyed were less than loyal to them and had sold their futures to the whims of Unionists and the British establishment for petty parochial power and a potential power sharing position in a distant future Free State assembly.

The prisoners who were released early along with all of the thousands who served their full sentences? Their employment prospects thwarted because Sinn Féin had failed to secure the wiping of "criminal Records" (sic). This determines that for many roles they are deemed unemployable; outside quangos, private special interest groups or companies that are controlled by the Sinn Féin network and funded by the British Government.

Prisoners on Licence? We have learned that should they express their Nationhood outside the terms of fascist Stormont they will be systematically removed from society like Martin Corey and interned by a Viceroy; in this instance there is nothing anyone can do, the Viceroy is superior in authority than all of Stormont and it's various agreements. Loyalty to Stormont is maintained on a threat of return to prison.

On the Runs? On the Runs have been betrayed the most. Gerry Adams conceded on Saturday that there was never any agreement at Weston Park to liberate OTR's from the threat of prosecution and their exile. There was of course talk of some commitment by the Free State and Britain to resolve the issue but no agreement that could be implemented ; a "pledge" to end pursuance of OTR's.

So what of these letters? A list was given to the British and the British sent letters to those on that list who were not wanted. A basic legal right any solicitor can secure for anyone pondering their legal status.

Those who are wanted? Well they will be pursued as they always have been and for all the promises and hope that the decommissioning of the IRA and standing down of the Nations aspirations would liberate them from exile and allow them to return home? Gone.

Perhaps now there will be something agreed for OTR's but not before inquiries in to the massacring of our people in Ballymurphy or Derry cease along with inquiries into Collusion.

It was a dirty war - but compared to the squalor of this so-called peace it stands almost cleansed.


  1. I think you're spot on in regards to Ballymurphy & Derry and i can feel a 'dear john' coming on for the victims.

    btw, Sinn £ein's new party song has just been released on youtube...

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  3. No wonder quisling $inn £eind micro minister Martybroy Mc Guinness wanted people to inform on republicans he and his cronies had we now know informed on at least 200 people and thats what we know of,Martin Corey has to live in isolation from his home and be selective in who he associates with in other words any freedom he has in dependant on those bastards in suits who at the same time have made a selfish dirty deal with quisling $inn £eind and their cronies, fuck the inla and the rest is their motto,it comes as no surprise to those with their eyes open to the machinations of the few individuals who run that party, an island of equals they said my fucking arse I say.

  4. Sorry mackers,

    my 'doggytary' messed up my typing on that previous post.

    I was stating I posted an article on here some time ago stating my belief that the Ballymurphy families like the Batang Kali families of Malaya wouldn't want to hold their breath waiting on an inquiry. I had the audacity to suggest Adams time might be better spent with the Ballymurphy families than in Dublin. My insolence towards the great 'leader for life' gained me the accusation of being a tout by the last poster on that thread. But, today we see the reality don't we??

    That is a good, concise, to the point and no bull-crap article and it's impossible to refute.

  5. yes, the whole thing is embarassing now, i just cant understand how they have taken so many people with them, henryjoy was getting stick on another page for telling people to vote sdlp, at least they are honest and u know where u stand with them. sf are doublespeaking snakes.

    larry, i would pay to see ur comment a chara!

  6. Antaine, I love that phrase ‘dirty peace’, captures it perfectly. The issue has left me highly confused, every turn of events since 1982 (at least) seemed a gift from her majesty to Adams. This one had left him looking a right eejit, at least as of today it does. As you say,its hard to see how the OTR issue wont be used to barricade the Bloody Sunday/Ballymurphy Massacre legal avenues. Its hard to see how this can play out to his benefit.

  7. Grouch

    the article is on here type in 'Batang Kali' in the search engine on the Quill here. It will come up for you.

  8. Grouch
    here ya go

  9. fine article larry, embarased to say i never even heard of that country, i think solidarity and just communicating with those people from a few decent irish people like yourself means something to those villagers. fairplay. is there one small part of this big world our neighbours have not brutalised. its mind boggling. im not a fan of tribunals and all that though i hav to say, the creeps behind the scenes will never see a court room, some liverpool or newcastle or glasgow soldier takes the rap if ever. i think the net is wonderful at exposing and setting things straight about things MSM hav kept lid on for years. it is some consolation for these people their loved ones will never be forgotten or slandered.

  10. Grouch

    As this thread of Antaine's highlights the SF leadership ABUSED the trust and faith of it's activists for nothing more than council jobs in the UK. This was available since partition. Everything they have engaged in since 1981 has been to careerist ends. All they do is posture and the best of all hypocritical examples was calling the SDLP career politicians whilst coveting their jobs! They don't wear the uniform but they have the queens shilling in their pockets, that's for certain.

  11. As far as England could be concerned OTR's and POWs serving long sentences for bombings in England and killings represented the most potent threat to British intent in Ireland. People known to have an effective military capacity and people who commanded respect enough to lead opinion.

    Ex POWs were granted conditional release, providing they accepted conditional Terms. These terms would alter and change over the years and they have to accept the alterations for how ever long it takes and no matter what they entail because if they do not they will be interned by MI5 through a Viceroy diktat.

    As is employment in many cases the "freedom" of these Republican Ex-Pow's is dependent on their support of Sinn Féin. Gerry McGeough is an example

    OTR's the hope, the promises of an agreement which collapsed last week, well their liberty is conditional on their support of Sinn Féin too.

    A squalid, rancid dirty little deal that has exploded to affect those who do support Sinn Féin (if genuinely the case) and to lead the way for the granting of a full amnesty; such an amnesty excuses 1 Para and FRU and should have been obtained prior to concessions of weapons and policing.

  12. When is it going to dawn on all of us that the Republican movement that Adams and his cronies took control of belongs to's ours not why don't we take it back?

  13. agreed niall, and id love eire nua to be there, or let us develop something we can all believe in and most importantly get wide to the changed and increasingly techno totalitaran state of the world. sovereignty or bust a cara. and armed struggle is a millstone now. we will defend ourselves but that is all we shud be considerin at mo. the lads are riddled with u know who and hav to get wide.

  14. Antaine-

    Sinn Fein got Martin Corey and mrs Price out and we have their thanks-

    The Ballymurphy inquiry starts today despite your last minute calls that it will be called of- the family's will never forgive you when the truth comes -

    Nobody is Barrack Busting or killing Brits or cops in South Fermananagh now a days-not since the days of the Provos has these events happened there-every man woman and child supports the peace process in South Fermanagh-the most peaceful place in the 32-

  15. "Wait till you read my reply to your good self on TPQ"

    This is the maturity of Michael Henry stalking people around the internet for no apparant reason other than loneliness perhaps, but alas the reply, as usual, isn't very good, totally off topic it is not anything to gloat about and most unfortunate at all considering the agenda it isn't even leading Michael.

    You must refrain from speaking of "Mrs Price" considering what you have said about her deceased Sister, a dear friend to South Fermanagh Republicans, in the last week.

    Mr Corey is not out, he cannot even go home, as has been outlined to you many, many times.

    Inquiries? OTR's will still be pursued as always, no deal, Ex-POWs will be threatend with a return to prison should they oppose Sinn Féin on any meaningful terms, as always and there is to be an announcement regarding the pursuit of Loyalist and British murderers soon. Your party has betrayed the worker, the Republican and now its own most ardent supporters and for a nothing. Adams reduced to grovelling last saturday in a pathetic statement totaling "If you are wanted your wanted"

    You speak of South Fermanagh as if you understand the area, you don't: but you don't car either this is just another failed attempt to goad people who are smarter than you but its sad as it comes following a week were you have disgraced your self mocking former POW's like Dolorus Price, where you have been banned of Republican debate forums for using the worst racist terminology imaginable and been forced to publicly call Gerry Adams a liar to defend the lies that he told to OTR's.

    Your own party have rejected your ridiculous attempts to regain favour following the suicide scandal, after the last few days I suggest you seek help or find a new pass time. This has gotten beyond a joke and I would be concerned for you to be honest.

    I wish you well in the future but you will understand why normal people have to distance themselves from what ever it is making you behave this way. You will pull through.

  16. Antaine nobody can see your pain-

    No cop will touch a OTR after that embarresment of a trail they went through in London-

    Last week Liam Averil went to a Derry court on a drink driving charge and no one said boo to him about escaping out of the H-Blocks-and he got his fine reduced when he told the judge he could not afford to pay that amount-talk about bending over backwards-

    Then there's the talk of the OTRs getting some cash because of the amount of years the Brits chased them so they could not get a days work in peace-it all adds up-

  17. Antaine McDhomhnaill said...

    "This is the maturity of Michael Henry stalking people around the internet for no apparant reason..."

    Antaine that clown McIvor still lives with his Ma and Da so it's no surprise to hear he's engaged in stalking...