Lost Girl

John Coulter with a TV review that initially featured in the Irish Daily Star.

Roll on thong-tastic Thursday because they you’ll have found the sexist sci-fi action with the latest series
of Lost Girl.

It’s the raunchy tale of Bo, an amorous alien dubbed a ‘succubus’ who feeds on the sexual energy of humans.

Babe Bo is played by Anna Silk from the action thriller Assassins Tale, who will need all her skills to combat the baddie aliens.

This fourth series oozes with super sexy babes, with the drop-dead gorgeous Ksenia Solo from the ballet thriller, Black Swan, leading the way.

And this supernatural drama because really super-sexy with horror actresses Zoie Palmer from the chiller Devil, and Rachel Skarsten from the zombie slasher, Awakening.

Next time you get a smacker on the lips from your loved one, just ask – might they be a succubus? You have been warned!

1 comment:

  1. John-

    " who feeds of the sexual energy of Humans "-

    It will be well starved then- better to search another Galaxy for better pickings-

    " next time you get a smacker on the lips "

    Could be a while- she's of it for Lent-