Keep politics out of our Big Day: Paddy would be sickened!

John Coulter with an Irish Daily Star column. It initially featured on Newshound on 18 March 2014.

Everyone Irish should take my St Paddy's Day Pledge – take politics away from our patron saint and put the Bible back into Ireland.

The sad reality is that St Patrick's Day has become politicised and polarised by republicans, who have rebranded him across the globe as a nationalist, anti-British saint.

This has prompted knee-jerk reactions from Unionists as they try to introduce Orange marches to combat the legions of Irish tricolours on display at parades across the island.

The advance of the Godless secular and pluralist society has also seen a dilution of the real Christian meaning of today.

St Patrick brought Christianity to the Emerald Isle, not British imperialism or militant republicanism, so get with the programme, Ireland!

Our patron saint is credited with the following wisdom: "Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me."

The true meaning of St Patrick's Christian crusade to Ireland has been pulled apart by centuries of sectarian infighting between the religious denominations and the scandals which have rocked the Christian Church on the island like an Old Testament Biblical plague.

The credibility of the Irish Catholic Church has been rocked to the core with all the clerical sexual and physical abuse scandals.

If Jesus and Patrick came back today, on reading many of the abuse inquiry findings, they would jointly issue the famous Christian maxim – Get thee behind me, satan!

The Protestant community is not far behind as it is split into so many denominations and cliques within churches that it is almost impossible to determine who actually speaks for the so-called Reformed Faith.

Many Protestant churches are locked in wars of words over issues such as forms of worship, translations of the Bible to read, women wearing hats, and men with loud ties with their suits!

Tomorrow is my silver wedding anniversary. Yet I was refused membership of the church I was married in because my wife won't wear a hat to worship.

So with pervert priests preying on children on one hand, and nutball militant fundamentalists on the other, is it any wonder Ireland has turned its back on the Biblical principles of Patrick?

The homosexual community, as a minority, has shouted about its beliefs to such an extent that pride marches are now a part of many town and city calendars.

While thousands will be on parade today to commemorate Patrick as a saint, I wonder how many people would march if there was a Christian Pride event instead? Is St Patrick's Day becoming like Christmas Day – another commercial event without the true meaning?

If Patrick did come back to look at modern Ireland, he'd probably cry at the spiritual state of the island, and get back on his boat and bog off back to Britain.

But that would be a cry of defeat. Knowing the real spirit of St Patrick, he would stay in Ireland and rid the nation of all the snakes.

What Ireland needs is a new spiritual champion to campaign for the Biblical standards which Patrick instilled.

How many young people have been put off joining the priesthood for fear of being branded a paedophile?

How many people don't want to admit they have a strong Christian faith for fear of being branded a Bible-basher?

Have Hell fire preachers spoiled it for a generation of new evangelists?

Is a time really coming in Ireland where being a follower of the beliefs of St Patrick will get you banned from a job or refused entrance to a restaurant?

As we walk in honour of Patrick today, as Irish people, let's take the pledge to continue his spiritual legacy by putting the Bible back into Ireland.

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  1. is there no such thing as a prod paedo. the last time i checked out the monarchy and ruling elite of ur beloved britain on this fabulous tool the net they are riddled with them, in fact its been known long before the net that they are colossal paedos. also how come nothing about the nutball militant fundamentalists of ur beloved britain who slaughter people all over the globe since ira ceasefire 20 years ago. over a million in iraq over lies about WMD and recently 50,000 in libya which has same population as ireland. could you be called a nutball militant fundamentalist for wanting to nuke countries lately, nuke - as in drop nuclear bombs, lovely stuff altogether. also, whatever about politics of st patricks day parades, at least those feet are welcome to parade on the roads they march on, unlike other big orange spogs.