IRSP “furious” at Ivor Bell's Detention.

IRSP statement on the political imprisonment of Ivor Bell.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party condemn the politically motivated arrest and detention of 77 year old veteran republican Ivor Bell as another injustice, in a long line human rights abuses, being carried out against republicans who politically oppose the British agenda in Ireland.

Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP continues:

The fact that the will exists within the British establishment in Ireland to arrest and imprison a 77 year old pensioner who has suffered two heart attacks and wears a Pacemaker for a 42 year old political offence is cause for serious concern.

No attempts have been made to deal with the legacy of the conflict other than arresting, charging and detaining ex-combatants criminalising individual participants of the war. The establishment is trying to create a culture of condemnation in which people see the conditions of the conflict as circumstance of individual’s actions while completely ignoring the key source of the conflict, the occupation. British intelligence agencies are in total control of policing and justice their dirty finger prints are all over Ivor Bell's imprisonment.

Mr McLaughlin finishes:

There is a real feeling of fury within republicanism that the British establishment uses human rights abuse and imprisonment as a tactic against political opposition we are furious at the arrest of Ivor Bell .The fact that Jean McConvilles tragic death is being used as a political football by the British establishment is nothing short of a disgrace.

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  1. It's the old 'pound of flesh' logic that seems to be inherent in how the British respond to anything irish and Republican.